10 Signs You Are An INTJ Personality Type

Signs INTJ Personality Type

INTJ is the four-letter code of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The INTJ (The Architect) personality type includes the traits, Introversion (I), iNtuitive (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J). People who have the INTJ personality type tend to exhibit a very strategic, practical, and logical way of thinking and doing things.

What does INTJ mean?

Anyone who has the INTJ personality type tends to love solitude and alone time (Introverted), gravitates towards concepts and ideas a lot more than details and facts (Intuitive), bases their decisions on reason, pragmatism, and logic (Thinking), and has a more organized and planned approach towards everything, rather than being impulsive and inflexible (Judging).

They are known as Architects and Masterminds due to their calculated and tactical approach towards everything.

10 Signs You Are An INTJ Personality Type

Signs INTJ Personality Type infographic
10 Signs You Are An INTJ Personality Type

1. Knowledgeable and sensible.

INTJs are famous for having a rational, sensible, and logical bend of mind, as they never make the mistake of just assuming something based on conjecture or rumors. Whatever step or decision they might take, they always make sure to base it on logic, and correct information.

For them, their mind is their biggest weapon, and they always make sure to use it for coming to the right conclusion, smell lucrative opportunities from far away, and come up with creative solutions to problems.

INTJ Personality Type
INTJ Personality Type

2. Strong and self-reliant.

Their ambitious and determined nature makes them give their best in everything. The moment any idea takes over their imagination, they drop everything and work towards making that a reality. They always have a very clear and impeccable vision of their goals.

On top of this, INTJs are also very independent, and self-motivated, and seldom rely on others to do their work. They don’t always conform to set rules and notions and prefer to forge their own path.

3. Exceptionally critical and opinionated.

INTJs might be very intelligent, but that does not mean they never make mistakes. The problem is, when they do, they refuse to accept it, and try to hold other people responsible for it. At times, their arrogance blinds them to other people’s opinions and inputs, because INTJs feel they are always the smartest ones in the room.

Since INTJs consider themselves to be intellectually superior to others, they can also be quite condescending and overly harsh. They normally have a good hold over their feelings, but when someone else doesn’t show the same restraint, they insult them to no end.

4. Versatile and inquisitive.

One of the biggest strengths of the INTJ personality type is that they are extremely adaptable and can take up any challenge, without batting an eyelid. Their hardworking and determined nature helps them win at every challenge they face.

Their inherent curiosity makes them open and receptive to new ideas and concepts, but as long as they are logical, analytical, and backed by evidence. An INTJs curiosity makes them who they are, and is one of the biggest reasons behind their intelligence.

5. Unromantic and disdainful of emotions.

Because INTJs are so practical, they tend to fall short when it comes to matters of love and romance. Especially when they get into a new relationship, they fail to understand how to behave and what to think. Most of the time they have a very distant demeanor, because of which many of their relationships don’t work out, which in turn makes them cynical about matters of love.

Due to their practical nature, they tend to dismiss off emotions very quickly without sparing a second thought to them. They feel uncomfortable when feelings are given more priority than facts and tend to harshly judge people who do that. For them, it is always reason that should fly high.

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