What Is Your Greatest Internal Struggle? QUIZ


Greatest Internal Struggle

Are you always worried and anxious? Is your mind constantly battling with your heart? Yet you feel unsure about what exactly you struggle with? Take this internal struggle quiz now to find out.

Is there always a war waging inside that you just can’t stop? All of us struggle with something internally and this can lead to stress, anxiety, fear and depression. Some of these internal struggles stay with us for a long time, affecting our mindset, behavior, attitude, emotions and even actions.

What is an internal struggle?

When you have two conflicting, yet coexisting psychological thoughts, beliefs, impulses, feelings, or desires, it leads to an internal conflict. Known as cognitive dissonance in psychology, it can make you feel stuck and believe that you are unable to overcome the situation successfully. This can lead to a lot of mental struggle, resulting in stress and anxiety. The internal struggle can occur in any aspect of your life like career, relationships, social ideologies, existential issues, interpersonal matters, moral principles or even religious beliefs. However, it is usually a misunderstanding of your desires and can be effectively resolved once you understand the conflict. This where the internal conflict quiz comes in.

When we are struggling with something within us, it can often be hard to identify what exactly we are trying to figure out. Although we may be aware of the topic, we can be oblivious to what exactly we are conflicted about. A lot of the things that comprise internal conflict are usually subconscious which makes it even harder to realize. This internal conflict quiz can help you understand what you are struggling with from a psychological and emotional perspective.

Why internal struggle happens

Internal conflicts are your battles between what you think and what you feel. It is the worst disagreement between your mind and your heart. According to a study by HeartMath Institute, the heart has a it’s own intelligence, energy and intuition. However, as we are programmed to use our minds, we are often disconnected from our hearts when making decisions on a daily basis. Our mind helps us live logically, but our heart adds soul and purpose to our lives. When our head and heart disagrees, it creates absolute chaos inside us.

However, by bringing balance between our heart and head we can resolve our internal conflict and experience equanimity. This internal conflict quiz is specifically created to help you identify your biggest internal struggle.

Acknowledge your inner voice

If you wish to resolve your inner struggles, then you must stop ignoring your inner voice. Unless you start to accept and acknowledge that you are struggling internally, you cannot find balance. Most of the time we either avoid our internal dialogue or try hard to shut it out. By muting the conversation between our mind and heart, we try to save our time, resources, energy and mental peace. However, it only creates chaos and cripples our ability to make crucial life decisions. We don’t want to face the complications that we know are brewing inside. 

However, we must honor and acknowledge the inner conversation as it is our self-awareness which is trying to communicate something important with us. By treating ourselves, our heart and mind with love and care, we can truly resolve our internal struggles. Taking this internal conflict quiz is the first step towards accepting and acknowledging your inner conversation.

Take the internal struggle quiz

This internal conflict quiz has been carefully developed by psychology experts to help you understand what your greatest internal struggle is. Take your time answering the questions in this quiz as some of the questions may put you in an uncomfortable or serious scenario. However, it is crucial that you answer the questions honestly and sincerely to find out how you may emotionally react in such stressful circumstances.

Once you have answered all the questions truthfully, we will provide you with the most accurate results for your internal conflict quiz. However, it is important to remember that this test is purely intended as a fun exercise. It is by no means a medical or psychological diagnosis. If you think you are unable to cope with your internal struggles, make sure to visit a mental health professional immediately.

So go ahead and take this intriguing quiz right now to find out about your greatest internal conflict. You might be surprised by the answers you get.

Share your results with your friends and family and make sure to comment below.

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