9 Signs You Are An INFJ: The World’s Rarest Personality Type

Signs You Are An INFJ

INFJ is one of the 16 types of personalities as dictated by Myers and Briggs, and is the rarest kind with only 2% of the global population having this. Here are signs you are an INFJ.

People of this band are referred to as “The Advocate,” exhibiting an aura of mystery and emotional intelligence which also makes the common folk misunderstand them.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test was designed in the 1940’s by the mother-daughter duo of Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs and is based on the theories propagated by Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst of great acclaim.

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The test analyses a subject using 4 basic criteria: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs.

Perceiving, and based on the results, classifies the personality of the individual under consideration. Now the INFJs are the ones showing reticence and intuition on one hand while being emotional and judgemental on the other hand.

Having said that, INFJs are hard to spot since they are few in number and chose to stay away from the spotlight. They make the best of friends, most enthusiastic and undefeated champions once they are determined to do things which concern the greater good.

So, here are quick tips to identify if any acquaintance or maybe you yourself belong to this “pack” of rare people.

1. INFJs take an alpha- approach!

They either want everything or nothing at ll…

Being an uncanny mix of reason and sentiments, these people value quality over quantity. So if you are faking it, they will recognize it right away and walk out of the game. They just don’t have time to put up with fraudulent stuff!

2. INFJs often sulk at the corner feeling lonely and “different”!

For the reason, they expect the best from their peers. Moreover, these people are so low in number that it’s practically impossible to find someone of their type in most places. Hence, they feel left-out and alone in most situations.

3. INFJs are somewhat empathic and keen observers

So they will instantly figure you out!

Recollect the one-liner by the Game of Thrones where Tyrion Lannister says, “I drink and I know things”. That’s exactly what happens to INFJs. They are blessed with a surreal sense of intuition which they have sharpened for all their lives. So if they see you, then they know you.


4. INFJs simply ooze out warmth and comfort by just being there.

Blessed with an innate capacity to make others feel comfortable, INFJs provide the shoulder you would like to rest your head on! They will surely gain your confidence and treat you in the most humane way. Hence they tend to forgive the people they are close to because they know what might have possibly gone wrong!

5. INFJs seek the deep truth and just can’t stand small talk!

Their purpose in life is to seek the deeper meaning of all that happens in the universe! They want to talk about atoms, life, social issues, emotions and all about birds and bees! But what they can’t stand is something like “Hey there! Wassup? “

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6. INFJs stick to convictions and would rather be around people who understand that, or else work alone!

They have a steady idea about the world and what they wish to see in it. So if you can’t agree with them, they would rather jump ship than try to compromise. That’s why they prefer small groups or fly solo.

7. INFJs are typically the “man for the job”!

If you want a job done at the right time and with finesse, then hand it over to an INFJ! They will meticulously plan out every detail and get you glowing results!

8. INFJs always see the big picture, and will obviously invest in the long-term!

These people belong to the ‘Oracle’ category! They can fathom the viability of an idea, a relationship or even a person. So they always weigh their options before giving it their all, and guess what they will do if they figure out it’s not good enough…..

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9. INFJs focus on their “gut feeling” and get things “fixed”…

INFJs are intellectuals, readers, and thinkers! So they rarely refer to performance records or background history before diving into something. They ponder deep, choose well and successfully rescue people or situations in bad shape!

These are signs you are an INFJ.

Now Let’s Find out Whether you are the rare one or not.

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INFJ - The Worlds Rarest Personality Type. Signs You Are ONE Of Them.
INFJ: The World’s Rarest Personality Type. Signs You Are One Of Them
Signs You Are An INFJ Pin

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