25 Genuine Signs of an INFJ Personality Type


Genuine Signs Of An INFJ Personality Type

INFJ is one of the 16 personality types categorized by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. INFJs are reserved and highly sensitive individuals who are idealistic and have a strong focus on the future.

Who is an INFJ?

Out of the 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, INFJ is the rarest type of personality with only 2% of the entire global population. 

Each letter in the INFJ code depicts an important trait of this personality. INFJ is an acronym for the personality traits Introversion (I), iNtuition (N), Feeling (F), and Judging (J). 

INFJs are creative healers with high moral standards and a remarkable sense of personal integrity. They can not only intuit the intentions and motivations of others, but they can also feel when someone needs help. Being sensitive, compassionate, and idealistic, they are often known as “The Advocate” or “The Counselor” or “The Idealist”. 

INFJs are warm, charming, and mysterious people. They are emotionally intelligent, logical, introverted, and interesting personalities who are difficult to understand. Due to these contradictory traits, they are often misunderstood and misrepresented.

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The rarest personality type

INFJs have the ability to transform their idealistic thoughts into realistic action. They are not philosophers or daydreamers. They are compassionate and successful leaders who have the strength to bring meaningful change into their communities. They are loyal friends and empathetic human beings who strive to help those around them. 

INFJs can see people beyond their masks and trust their instincts & ability to read people. However, they often have a hard time understanding their own selves. They are private individuals who are very selective about who they let into their lives and are deep thinkers who enjoy contemplating the meaning of life. 

So are you an INFJ? This article will help you learn more about the INFJ personality and find out if you belong to this rare personality type.

25 Signs Of An INFJ Personality

Let’s explore some of the most common traits and characteristics of the INFJ personality type to know if you are one.

1. They have a mysterious aura

INFJs have a peaceful yet mystifying aura. They are usually polite and calm in the way they speak and behave with others. Due to their calming demeanor, most people feel comfortable and relaxed around them.

2. Their sixth sense guides them

INFJs have a strong sense of intuition that helps them to perceive others’ feelings. They can sense when someone is sad or if someone is being fake. They know why someone acts and behaves in a certain way. Being very intuitive, INFJs can detect suffering in people and help those in need.

3. They are empowered by compassion and empathy

INFJs can not only read people, they can sense others’ feelings without any visual cue. Due to their compassionate and empathetic nature, they can gain deeper awareness about the situation. 

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4. They always look for deeper meaning in everything 

INFJs seek to understand the deeper meaning underlying everything in life. Whether it’s their career, relationships, friendships, or personal goals, they look at life more profoundly to know what lies beneath the surface.

5. They make others feel safe and comfortable

Most people gravitate towards INFJs due to their warm, optimistic and positive nature. As they have a calming aura, people feel comfortable around INFJs. Moreover, INFJs are good listeners and loyal friends who always stand by the people they care about during rough times.

6. They are value-driven 

INFJs are called “The Idealist” for a reason. Their strong sense of idealism originates from their values and principles. They are very protective of their values and beliefs and tend to be highly opinionated.

7. They are complicated people and are hard to read

Although INFJs can read others easily, it can be difficult to read them. INFJs are complicated and have different layers which they reveal gradually. Although they are compassionate, they can be difficult to understand or connect with. They are highly private individuals who will only reveal their complicated selves if there is no judgment or negativity.

8. They have a strong need to be alone 

They love being alone and are happy about it. Being introverts, they value their personal space and time as it allows them to recharge & enjoy their own company. They often withdraw from crowds to assess their relationships and friendships.

infj personality type

9. Curiosity drives their intellect

INFJs are curious about new ideas and concepts. They like to learn, talk and discuss various topics like science, religion, psychology, psychics, and philosophy. Learning is their drug of choice.

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10. They prefer meaningful close bonds over causal connections

INFJs are reserved people who seek meaningful bonds and strong connections in life. Although shy, they build intimate relationships and close friendships that last a lifetime.

11. They know how to stand their ground

Being polite and empathetic, many people misunderstand them as push-overs. But INFJs are assertive and decisive individuals with strong beliefs who are always focused on their goals.

12. Their charisma makes them super attractive

INFJs are naturally smart and charismatic people who know exactly what to say to make people feel happy and at ease. Their natural charm, impressive wit, and sense of humor make them appear attractive and desirable.

13. They are are motivated by ideas, not money

Individuals with the INFJ personality prefer careers that are inspiring and add value to their personal goals. Money is rarely a motivator for INFJs. They love creative and idea-centric careers that allow them to contribute to the community.

14. They wear their heart on their sleeves

INFJs are emotional individuals who can be hilarious or cry their hearts out based on their feelings at the moment. They can be calm or overactive depending on who they are with. INFJs are filled with emotions.

15. Passion dominates their world

People belonging to this personality type are extremely passionate about everything they do. They are always focused on achieving the desired outcome irrespective of the effort required. Their passion often makes them ignore their own well being which leaves them exhausted. However, their passion is inspiring for others.

16. They are creative 

This rare personality type thrives on creative self-expression. For INFJs, art is a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. Creativity, whether through painting, writing, or dancing, makes them feel happy and fulfilled.

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17. They can be the best counselors

Due to their warm, compassionate, and intuitive nature, people find it easy to share their problems and secrets with INFJs. Being empathic, they not only give helpful advice and guidance but also protect the secrets shared by others. 

18. They have a rich inner world

Although they may seem shy or reserved, INFJs can be rather humorous, mischievous, daring, and even controversial. They have a playful and imaginative inner world that allows them to explore new ideas, theories, possibilities, and connections.

19. They often feel they don’t belong in this world

As they are unique and rare, people with INFJ personalities often have a hard time adjusting to others. Most people tend to misunderstand them due to their unique traits. This is why they often feel like outsiders who are different from everyone around them. And this makes INFJs feel lonely.

20. Helping others is an instinct

INFJs are drawn towards people who need help and protection. Being extremely empathetic souls, they gravitate towards people who need to be rescued. They love to compassionately help and heal others as they only see the good in people. But this makes INFJs the favorite targets of narcissists and sociopaths.

25 Genuine Signs of an INFJ Personality Type

21. They work best when alone

Although INFJs can easily connect with others, they like to work alone without any interference. Working alone allows them to tap into their creativity and do their best work. They are also very analytical who may work with a small group of trusted people.

22. They are grounded 

INFJs do not get easily influenced by others’ opinions. They know how they should behave and act based on their own beliefs and core values. They know how to lead their lives and what to expect from others. No one can hold an INFJ back when they are determined to get something.

23. They look at the bigger picture

Individuals with INFJ personalities are aware of the greater things in life. Instead of seeking immediate gratification, they look at the bigger picture in every situation. They accept whatever life gives them as they believe it will lead them to their life’s purpose. However, this can make them more future-oriented and miss out on the beauty of the present moment.

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24. They have a great understanding of language

INFJs are gifted in language. Writing is their preferred mode of communication as a lot of things are often left unsaid when speaking. Writing allows them to creatively express themselves without being negative. They often become successful writers due to their flair for writing. INFJs tend to avoid talking unless it’s absolutely necessary.

25. They despise conflict 

INFJs are calm and peaceful individuals who avoid interpersonal conflict. They find conflict personally disturbing and stressful. They can often be affected by the conflict even hours after it is over. Thinking about conflict can even affect their mental and physical health. But that doesn’t mean an INFJ will not take their stand simply to avoid conflict. They know how to set healthy boundaries and stand up for themselves.

How many of these signs can you relate to? Do you think you’re an INFJ? These traits will help you identify your own uniqueness, understand yourself better and shine. People with INFJ personality types are complicated, compassionate, and intuitive individuals who have their own unique strengths and shortcomings. If you are an INFJ, then you are rare. Appreciate yourself and stay beautiful. Because you make the world a better place.

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Genuine Signs Of An INFJ Personality Type pin
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