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In Search of Inner Well-Being, Bliss, and Success

In Search of Inner Well-Being, Bliss, and Success

In Search of Inner Well-Being, Bliss, and Success

We live in an era in which many people are obsessed with social media, smart phones, physical appearance, money, status, fame, and sex. Our culture is overwhelmed with work, emails, errands, phone calls, and projects. The world is bombarded with wars, terrorist attacks, waste, cruelty toward animals, and injustice. Our relationships with others and ourselves may include heartbreak, depression, neuroses, psychoses, divorces, conflicts, disasters, and anxiety. 

Here are a few simple yet empowering tips that you can easily put into practice in your life right now, and immediately experience a blossoming of your inner divinity. 

Simple yet empowering tips:

1.  If you are not on the spiritual path yet, go out and explore the many opportunities and paths in order to delve deeper into the magnificence of your genuine ultimate nature. The path of Self-realization (Enlightenment) is for everyone, regardless of man made identifications. 

2. Get into the habit of keeping your spine straight at all times. Train yourself by becoming aware of your posture. In the spiritual yogic tradition, the spine is called the “merudanda.” It is considered the bridge between earth and infinity. Yoga is the science of the spine; the word “yoga” means union. This healthy habit will provide you with tremendous benefits at all levels, especially energetically in your subtle body.  

3. Become aware when you inhale and exhale throughout the day. Check in periodically by practicing mindful breathing, which is putting your awareness on your breath asit goes up and down your spine. Make sure your breath is long, smooth, and easy, and that each inhale and exhale are equal. If they are not, then you are holding back your breathing process. If your breath is shallow, short, and difficult, this indicates you’re stressed out and not breathing properly. Everything is in the breath. As we inhale, life force energy (prana) enters our being and infuses it with intelligent, sustaining energy. As we exhale, carbon dioxide is expelled. It is so simple, yet most people forget how to breathe properly. 

4. Become a witness by distancing yourself from your thought processes and identifications. Check in mindfully and regularly to see if certain thought patterns are holding back your inner well-being and joy. Limiting mindsets are often consciously or unconsciously self-imposed. Often they are so subtle that they’re hard to detect unless you practice mindfulness, meditate regularly, and are humble enough to recognize them. 

5. Cultivate a grateful and loving, compassionate attitude toward all living beings, especially in the midst of crisis and chaos. Please realize that when Divine love and gratitude grow in your heart, the whole universe dances with you. Focus on your blessings and on what you want, and remember to freely express your gratitude.

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6. Always remain in a state of receptivity and wonderment, like a child who discovers everything anew for the first time. Be willing to explore this world, including new places, different cultures, spiritual paths, and people—without judging, making assumptions, or coming to prompt conclusions.

7. Watch for any compulsive reactions in you. Learn to recognize them by doing regular self-introspection. See that you maintain your mindful breathing and mindful walking practices by remaining calm and centered. This becomes easier and easier with the regular practices of Yogic Kriyas and daily meditation sessions.   

8. Be willing, open, and receptive to phenomenal transformations within your being by remaining as open as the clear blue sky. Say“YES” to life!

9. Be mindful not to identify yourself with societal boundaries. Do not believe that you are  a certain religion, come from a specific socio-economic or ethnic background, or identify with your gender or gender-sex orientation. Such identifications keep you locked up within your own tiny,self-fabricated cage. 

Train yourself with the healthy habit of practicing these simple tips, and watch your life undergo a blossoming metamorphosis that can manifest as a phenomenal transformation. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. You have the inner power . . . go for it! 

In Search of Inner Well-Being, Bliss, and Success
In Search of Inner Well-Being, Bliss, and Success

Vivianne Nantel

Vivianne Nantel (“Devi”) is a modern-day mystic and the author of Becoming the Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature (Greenleaf, 2018). A devotee or disciple under such renowned masters as the Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Thich Naht Hanh, she has overcome grave life trials—an abusive childhood, major depression, advanced breast cancer, and several near-death experiences—and today is a celebrated yogini, spiritual guide, visionary, vocalist, and inspirational speaker. Learn more at <a href=""></a>.View Author posts

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