30+ Hysterical And Funny Halloween Riddles That Will Make You LOL


30+ Hysterical And Funny Halloween Riddles That Will Make You LOL

With Halloween almost knocking on our doors, it’s finally time to decide what our costumes are going to be and what goodies we are planning to score while trick-or-treating. Now whilst you do that, why not let some funny Halloween riddles give you some belly laughs, eh?

These Halloween jokes and riddles are going to make you groan and laugh in the same breath, I can assure you of that. The best part is that these are perfect for kids, and even more perfect for adults.

We have compiled for you some of the best Halloween riddles WITH answers, and we hope they make you laugh as much as they made us roll on the floor laughing.

Here are 30+ funny Halloween riddles and jokes.

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30+ Hysterical And Funny Halloween Riddles That Will Make You LOL

1. Why don’t skeletons play music in church?
Answer: Because they have no organs.

2. What do you call a nervous witch?
Answer: A twitch.

Funny Halloween Riddles

3. Why don’t angry witches ride their brooms?
Answer: Because they’re afraid of flying off the handle!

Funny Halloween Riddles

4. When do werewolves go trick or treating?
Answer: Howl-oween!

5. Why don’t skeletons watch horror movies?
Answer: Because they don’t have the guts.

Funny Halloween Riddles

6. Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive Halloween!

7. What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
Answer: A hobblin’ goblin.

8. When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?
Answer: When you’re a mouse!

9. How do you fix a damaged jack-o’-lantern?
Answer: You use a pumpkin patch.

10. How are vampires like false teeth?
Answer: They both come out at night.

Funny Halloween Riddles

11. The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it. The person who used it never saw it. What is it?
Answer: A coffin!

Funny Halloween Riddles

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12. I am a body with a leg, an arm, and a head, but I don’t have flesh or eyeballs. How is that possible?
Answer: I’m a skeleton!

13. Why don’t mummies take vacations?
Answer: They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind.

14. Why are graveyards noisy?
Answer: Because of all the coffin!

Funny Halloween Riddles

15. What does a witch order when she goes to a hotel?
Answer: Broom service.

16. Why is a cemetery a great place to write a story?
Answer: It’s filled with plots.

17. Why don’t skeletons watch horror movies?
Answer: They don’t have the guts.

18. I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween, I stand up inside jack-o’-lanterns. What am I?
Answer: A candle.

19. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
Answer: Pumpkin pi!

20. What did the ghost teacher say to her class?
Answer: “Watch the board and I’ll go through it again.”

Funny Halloween Riddles

21. What kind of boat does a vampire travel in?
Answer: A blood vessel.

Funny Halloween Riddles

22. Why did the witch refuse to wear a flat hat?
Answer: There was no point to it.

23. What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?
Answer: Spelling.

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24. What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?
Answer: The trombone.

25. Why didn’t the zombie go trick or treating?
Answer: He felt rotten.

Funny Halloween Riddles

26. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?
Answer: Rap music.

Funny Halloween Riddles

27. Why didn’t the skeleton have fun at the party?
Answer: He didn’t have any body to dance with.

28. How do you make a skeleton laugh?
Answer: Tickle his funny bone.

29. What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?
Answer: I-scream.

30. What’s the problem with twin witches?
Answer: You never know which witch is which.

31. Where does the zombie live?
Answer: On a dead-end street.

32. What do you call a witch at the beach?
Answer: A sand-witch.

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Which of these funny Halloween riddles were your absolute favourites? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and have an amazing and spooky Halloween night. Happy Halloween!

Want to know more Halloween jokes and riddles that will make you rack your brains? Check this video out below!

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Funny Halloween Riddles pin
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