Choose Your BROOM and DISCOVER The Kind Of WITCH You Are


Choose Your BROOM

Every woman has her own inherent power, which makes her a strong individual. While some might deny this, some proudly embrace this without any fear in their hearts. Some hide their magical brooms, while some flaunt them proudly. Take this choose a broom quiz, and find out what kind of witch are you.

Maybe this will serve as inspiration for your costume this Halloween! In the spirit of Halloween, let’s start.

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Choose Your BROOM and DISCOVER What Kind Of WITCH Are You

Choose Your BROOM and DISCOVER The Kind Of WITCH You Are

1. Broom #1

What kind of witch are you broom 1
What kind of witch are you: Witch broomstick

The Devil’s Broom

You are someone who knows your potential very well and never hesitates when it comes to exploring new and interesting things. In your work life, you always like to sprinkle a little bit of your ‘witchy flair’, into whatever you do, in order to stay away from losses and risks.

You are an active person, who hates just sitting around or lazing around doing nothing. Flying on your broomstick and taking part in sports is what you like to do best.

2. Broom #2

What kind of witch are you broom 2
What kind of witch are you

Skull Temptress

If you chose this broom, you are someone who has a very eye-catching, and attractive face, to whom people are automatically drawn to. You are someone who possesses the power of knowing something is going to happen, even before it is going to happen and be prepared in advance.

A beauty with brains, it is difficult to fool you or deceive you in any way. You are good at understanding how other people actually are, and what are their true intentions. That is why people always come to you for good advice and guidance.

3. Broom #3

What kind of witch are you broom 3
What kind of witch are you

Twisted Destiny

If you are attracted to this broom, then you are adept at manipulating and influencing people by putting emotional pressure on them, all the while maintaining normal relationships with them.

You know how to get people to do things that you want them to do, and you never hesitate to boss people around.

Despite your fierce and feisty nature and self-preservation skills, you can sacrifice your wants and needs for the people you truly love. Once you consider someone close to you, you can do anything for them.

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4. Broom #4

What kind of witch are you broom 4
What kind of witch are you

Mother of Snakes

You are someone who seems intimidating to everyone, but at the same time, they have a profound sense of respect toward you. Since people are normally scared of you, they would always try to either steer clear of your path or try to stay in your good books.

Even though you seem cold, and scary from the outside, in reality, you like to be left alone and are never interested in harming anyone. Unless they try to play smart with you or wrong you in any way.

5. Broom #5

What kind of witch are you broom 5
What kind of witch are you

The Truth Teller

You are someone who is very good at gauging people, and you never trust that easily, especially when you are in a relationship. You always sleep with one eye open and are always ready to spring into action whenever something goes south. This makes you a dependable person who is always an asset to every team.

Because you of your intelligence, and wisdom, you love to mentor young children and teach them everything you know. You are nothing short of a role model, and everyone you come across always looks up to you as a source of inspiration.

6. Broom #6

What kind of witch are you broom 6
What kind of witch are you

The Silver Needle

If you chose this broom, then you are someone who does not have too much difficulty adjusting to new and unfamiliar situations. Extremely open-minded, your flexible nature makes you popular amongst people, and everyone always looks forward to seeing you.

Your inherent coolness makes you the life of the party, and the most fun-loving person to be around.

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7. Broom #7

What kind of witch are you broom 7
What kind of witch are you

The Straight Shooter

If you chose this broom then you are someone who is always brutally honest and does not stand for any kind of falsehood at all. You hate people who trick other people for their benefit and stay far away from them. Truth, honesty, and integrity are the values you always live by.

Your values, morals, and principles are what attract people to you, and wherever you go and no matter what you do, you never compromise with them.

8. Broom #8

What kind of witch are you broom 8
What kind of witch are you

The Frightful Flyer

Choosing this broom means you love adventure and excitement in your life, and routine is just not for you. You are a born explorer and adventurer, who is always on the lookout for the next great adventure. Following strict rules is something you have a hard time with, and your spontaneity makes you who you are.

You don’t get bogged down very easily, and in case you fall down, you don’t believe in crying over spilled milk. You will get back up with a bang, and run toward your dreams.

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So, which broom did you choose? Let us know in the comments down below, and have a very, very happy and fun Halloween holiday!

What kind of witch are you
Which witch are you quiz
What kind of witch are you Choose broom Kind Of witch Pin
Which witch are you
What kind of witch are you Choose Your BROOM pin
What kind of witch am I test
Choose Your BROOM and DISCOVER The Kind Of WITCH You Are

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