Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!


Are You A White Witch? 11 Positive Signs Say Yes You Are!

Do you think witchcraft is a dark art? Then learning about the White Witch before the Beltane festival will settle the haunting question of “Are you a White Witch?”

What Is A White Witch?

For many, Witch is a scary term, but have you ever heard about the powerful white witch? White Witches are the ones who practice magic with kindness, and for the good of others.

It might seem strange to you in this ‘modern’ era, but witches do exist. Of course, they are misrepresented all over our popular media. And due to their negative portrayal, not many even try to understand the true witchcraft meaning.

But not every witch has a hooked nose or warts all over her face. Plus, not every witch is evil, and no witchcraft is not Satan worshipping!

In fact, witches are actually ‘Earth Angels’. Angels try to act as a mediator between you and the world of the gods, which is the heavens. But witches are a bit different. They try to mediate between you and your elemental being.

Our inner self and our elements are very important but not all of us have the power to connect with them. So, witches, who are spiritually more evolved than others, play a major role in helping our spiritual side grow.

But then, the question is: are you a White Witch or not?

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Are You A White Witch? 11 Signs Of Being A White Witch

If you ever have felt that you know or understand certain things that are impossible for others to comprehend, chances are, You are White Witch!

11 Signs settle the haunting question of Are you a white witch or not
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!

1. You Can Intuitively Feel The Atmosphere

You can feel the energy of any atmosphere and how it is turning. You can understand who are friends and who are only pretending to be friends from their vibrations.

If there was a fight between two people, then you can feel the tension hanging in the air even though you may not have been present during the fight.

This is because, as Witches, you are clairsentient. You sense many things without even consciously knowing because you are closer to Earth and human emotions.

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2. You Love Being Outdoors

The outside world attracts you. Nature has a healing, soothing, and calming effect on your mind. You love the smell of grass or watching the dew fall on the ground.

You can feel the changes in the weather and it just reenergizes you! As you are children of nature, you love to be in nature and act as if you are a part of it.

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3. You Dream Of Prophecies

Do you often dream of events that inevitably happen in the future? Are your dreams apocalyptic at times? Maybe, there are moments when you find certain shapes in your dreams, like:

  • A triangle or a star with five-pointed ends.
  • It might appear to you like a leaf or a flower with five petals.
  • You might even dream of a circle.

Circles signify our world and eternity as a whole. If this circular shape appears like a Moon, then you can be sure that you are a White Witch. The Moon Goddess is Diana and witches are her offspring – she is trying to contact you through your dreams.

4. You Have A Connection With Certain Animals

Looking back, do you remember any animal? The animal may have captured your senses in a strange way and you used to follow it all around. Maybe it was a crow or any other bird. Also, you may have had stray dogs follow you without meaning any harm.

This is quite natural for people who are born white witches. The animals are attracted to your energy and they come to you as a Witch’s Familiar. They are protecting you and are your friends even though you may not know how that is possible.

5. You Choose Homemade Remedies Over Chemical Products

Being close to the earth, you would rather go for homemade remedies than chemical products that are abrasive. They are too powerful for your body. That’s why you go for homeopathy which is much lighter and suits your body.

Even better is naturopathy, with lavender oil and a bit of peppermint tea to cool you down. Witches used to be midwives and engaged in apothecaries.

6. You Have Trust In The Greater Good

You have intrinsic goodness in your heart and that is what runs you every day. You believe in magic and in fairies. You believe that ghosts exist too. You know that negative energies are present as well, but good always prevails over evil.

You are aware that there is a positive force that is much greater than everything and this power is present everywhere. You place your unshakable trust in that power.

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7. Animals And Children Are Drawn Toward You

Animals and children generally love you and would like to stay close to you. You become their favorite one quite quickly. This is because both animals and children are pure and they have a specific way of sensing things.

Both of them understand the magic that is present within you and they are not willing to give it away that easily. As a result, they would naturally want to bask in your energy and be a part of you.

They feel protected by your positive aura and they know that you do not mean any harm. Quite naturally, they build a trusting connection with you.

8. You Are Intrigued By The Solar System And Our Universe

You engage with studies of the cosmos. You love to watch documentaries about the grand universe and our connection to it.

Somehow, you believe that there are other lives out there and we are not alone. You can feel a distant connection with faraway galaxies and star systems. It just goes on to prove that we are all somehow connected.

9. You Are Sensitive

As a witch, you are so connected to human emotions that you can feel every little turn of sadness. People like talking to you because they find your understanding.

You can channel their emotions in a way that no one can and that has become your specialty. History has it that White Witches are the ones who used to counsel people when they were feeling down. They could help anyone sort out their emotions.

10. You Love Arts

Creativity flows through you and you do not shy away from creating something new and unusual. You might love to make your own dresses or cook with a special recipe that has not been tried before.

You may write, sing, dance, or be involved in any type of artistic and creative endeavor. Experimenting and inventing run in your veins and come naturally to you.

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11. You Like To Recycle The Wastes

You are connected to the planet and you do not want it to go to waste. So, you would rather recycle the wastes that are forming all around you.

You know how essential recycling is in this current world of overproduction. So, you play your own part in caring for the world.

Claim Your Power

Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!

So, are you a White Witch? If you find eight of these White Witch signs match your traits, then you are definitely a White Witch!! Your witchcraft is your strength, and so you should start embracing it. Happy Beltane!!

If you want to know more about the traits of a white witch, then check this video:

White Witch

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a rift mean spiritually?

A spiritual rift might signify the gap between you and the source aka the Great Spirit. The rift appears when you are not aligned with your higher self.

What are some good things to do with your spirit animal on a shamanic journey?

Pay attention to the animals appearing in your life and in your dreams. Think about how their traits are reflected in you and you can decode the messages they’re sending to you.

What is the spiritual meaning of headache during a full moon?

Headaches during full moon nights are common. Although scientifically no link has been established yet, disruptive sleep and hormonal levels can be the reason behind headaches.

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White Witch Signs
Positive Signs You Are White Witch
White Witch Signs
Signs You Are White Witch
White Witch Signs
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
White Witch Signs
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Signs You Are White Witch pin
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Positive Signs You Are White Witch pin
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!
Are You a White Witch? 11 Signs to Identify the Lighter Side of the Dark Craft Within You!

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