4 Ways To Strengthen A Resilient Mindset Amidst Adversity

Ways To Strengthen A Resilient Mindset Amidst Adversity

How to navigate the challenges of your life? If I had to sum up in one sentence what I have learned from sitting with so many patients in my office over the course of 25 years, it would be this: More than anything, the human spirit is remarkably resilient. Pandemic year has only reinforced that realization for me.

Resilience is “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.” What research has shown us about resilience is that it isn’t an extraordinary quality but one that is accessible to all of us,* and in fact it can be learned and strengthened.

One of the things that we know about facing stress is that the mindset we adopt and our reflection on what we can learn from a difficult situation can help us cope more effectively. In fact, even in the face of significant trauma, research shows that many people experience something referred to as post-traumatic growth*—positive growth that involves new ways that they view themselves, their lives, and the relationships around them.

4 Ways To Strengthen A Resilient Mindset Amidst Adversity

This has been a year of extraordinary challenge, stress, adversity, and for many, even trauma—from losing loved ones, to separation and not being able to see those we love, to loss of our “normal” life as we knew it, to loss of jobs and financial hardships that so many have endured. We have had to adjust—have been thrown into coping with circumstances that would have, prior to this, seemed unfathomable.

While there is hope on the horizon with vaccines starting to be administered, I realize some of the most challenging months still lie ahead.

Here are 4 things to reflect on that might help you strengthen a resilient mindset in the midst of challenges

1. Focus on what you can nurture, not what you “need” to change.

While the new year is typically a time for resolutions, goal-setting, and considering changes we want to make, this year feels markedly different to me. Many people are exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious with the ongoing uncertainty of things, and the idea of focusing on change feels for many like one more thing that there isn’t energy for. Instead, a more helpful approach at this time might be to focus on what you want to nurture, that is already here. How might you nurture yourself, connections with those you care about, and/or engagement in meaningful activities?

if you want to change, then change .
4 Ways To Strengthen A Resilient Mindset Amidst Adversity

Questions to Consider:

What is it that you are already doing to take care of yourself? Make a point to take notice—do you feel best on days when you go to sleep earlier, go for a walk, call a friend, etc.? How might you invite more of that into your life?

What helps bring you into connection with others that feels most nourishing for you (e.g., Zoom calls, phone calls, outdoor walks, online groups), and how might you make a point to check in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure you are getting enough of this?

What activities do you already engage in that give you a sense of meaning, and how might you continue bringing this into your life? (For example, my friend, who gets great pleasure from gardening, is looking into indoor gardening during these long, winter months in New England.)

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2. Increased clarity of values.

I have heard from many people that this pandemic has been an opportunity to consider, re-evaluate, and clarify values and what is most important to them. For some people, having to be at home for extended periods of time has been a chance to reflect on ways they might want to slow down more (commute less, run around less frenetically), or spend more family time together (such as making it a point to eat together more often), even after the pandemic.

One of the things I have found so comforting during these difficult months has been spending more time in nature—realizing how deeply restorative it is for me.

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