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How To Overcome Expectation

how to overcome expectation

When you want to overcome expectations from others, sometimes all you need to do is look within yourself, know yourself, and most importantly understand who you are.

A short soul reading for a joyful and more fulfilling relationship with ourselves, and others. The fire and ice, the wonderful inner journey of life.

In this journey, I can understand the following and, on this occasion, not as the observer of myself, but the observer of the “whole”. If we possess the tools and dispose of the correct use of them, we learn how to handle them properly and we can coordinate. This is like when we dispose of how to operate an industrial tool or handle the equipment.

No matter how much we aim to facilitate our work, if we do not possess the knowledge on how to use it correctly and properly, we can easily lose an arm, our legs, or even die. Our abilities are the same. We discover them, but we do not know what to do with them. Or, even worse, we use them incorrectly.

Discovering and accepting our true self

To know who we are, first, we have to discover our fears, the feelings that lead our behaviors. In the same way, we put up resistance and barriers to become. Everyone has a healthy picture of who they are, but they are still not able to accept that. From this to there, will form the “who I am not”, which is just our inability to accept who we are, to embrace the perfect picture created of ourselves.

Hence, this picture is just an illusion, the process of discovering who we are, as simple as this is, is more difficult through “who we are not”. The first thought people have when hearing about “who I am not” is a comparison; that we have to compare ourselves with others, being unaware. Ergo, by doing so, we judge. If we judge, one day we will have to face the same problem, as we have to experience what we judged.

As what we do not understand attempts to reveal itself, it challenges the universal powers to teach us and make us understand, unconsciously and unwilling. Not to mention, we lose our aim and self-knowledge. The more experience we gain from what we cannot understand, no teaching will be drowned as we do not understand the intention of the experiences. To know what we are not, we have to identify with our superego, the higher and the divine self.

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Embracing change

I cannot persuade others to do certain things unless they are open to it. However, in the meantime, it is completely useless to think about it. If I see the beauty, I cannot choose to have a nervous breakdown because I was unsuccessful, that I was unable to make others understand the beauty, when I was trying to share the joy.

It started a debate and I became my dark self. I cannot force anyone to possess love or understanding; it is a self-worth and self-competence task. Everyone has to grow up for this by themselves. Going forward, we are only responsible for the things we can change. Everything we can change will be a success in our life; it is our approach to our future life.

As a result, therefore, we develop our approach towards ourselves. Discipline, educate, raise and grow ourselves. But if I set impossible targets and I see them as my personal tools towards achieving my goals as mentioned above, I truncate this approach. I will have already mutilated my attitude to life, regardless of my further intentions, thoughts, and acts. Basically, my attitude to life was genuinely mutilated by myself.

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