How To Keep Going When You Want To Give Up


Solution: Prioritize your responsibilities. You can’t do everything. After I created my first podcast, called The Artist’s Suitcase, I kept it going for almost a year. It was a weekly show and it took several hours a week to produce.

However, I decided to end it after a few dozen episodes because it wasn’t helping me reach my creative goals at the time. There are times when you have to cut your losses so you can focus on the most important things.

Sometimes we are overcommitted because we’re afraid to disappoint others who request our time. You must become comfortable with saying “no” when you can’t fulfill a request. If you don’t control your time, someone else will.

5. Regret

If you are beating yourself up over mistakes you’ve made, you won’t be able to focus on the future. Regret can suck the life out of you and keep you from making forward progress.

Solution: Don’t dwell on the past because you can’t change it. Learn from your mistakes and apply those lessons to the present and the future. Focus on the one thing you can change, which is yourself.


Matthew Weiner, a creator of the hit TV series Mad Men, knows a thing or two about persistence. He said,

It took seven years from the time I wrote Mad Men until it finally got on the screen. I lived every day with that script as if it were going to happen tomorrow. That’s the faith you have to have. Hollywood is tough, but I do believe that if you are truly talented, get your material out there, can put up with rejection, and don’t set a time limit for yourself, someone will notice you.

It’s easy to get sidelined by problems on the creative journey. But you must persist and keep on doing the work you’re called to do. There’s too much at stake for you to throw in the towel.

Remember the lesson from the tortoise and the hare: slow and steady wins the race.


Written by Kent Sanders

Originally appeared on Kent

Kent Sanders is a writer, professor, and creative coach. He is also the author of The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey, and host of the Born to Create Podcast. Kent’s mission is to help others unlock their creative potential. You can find lots of resources for creative entrepreneurs at his blog,, where he writes about creativity, mindset, and productivity. 

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