20 Little Choices That Lead To A Beautiful Life

Choices Lead Beautiful Life

We all differ in our tastes, preferences, expressions, purpose, and callings but each one of us is an artist and our life is our ultimate masterpiece. What we create is entirely up to us and the quality of our lives comes down to the choices we make in our lives.

“Life, like art, is ever evolving. So take your time, make bold strokes, use brilliant colors — and make your life a masterpiece.”- Jim Rohn

Here are 20 little choices that have helped me to create a beautiful life.

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1). Commit to living a life that is true to yourself.

Stay True To Yourself. Don’t Worry About What

If we want to lead a beautiful life, we first need to define what a beautiful life means to us and then build our life around it.
If we don’t do this, we end up living our lives according to other’s standards and that life might look good on paper but it starves our soul.

A few years back I had a good corporate job, a boyfriend, weekend night outs with friends, everything that looks good on paper but something was off.I was not happy, my soul was starving.
It was only after a lot of soul-searching that I defined what a beautiful life means to me and I gathered the courage to build my life around it. I committed to living a life that is true to me and I haven’t been happier. 

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs.

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2). Enjoy more time in the lap of Nature

In this fast-paced world, we spend 8 – 10 hours in cubicles daily and rest of the time in concrete jungles. We have forgotten our connection with nature and that is only working towards our detriment.

Mother Nature has all that we need to rejuvenate and replenish.

I love to read and write and when I am not doing that, I take long walks in nature or star gaze.
You can choose your favorite nature fix, whether it is going for walks in the nearby parks or trekking in mountains or stargazing or be walking bare feet on green grass but spend more time in the lap of nature.

I bet you will start to notice the difference in your mood pretty quickly.

3). Find some quiet time

This one looks simple but it is huge. In today’s age of constant social media consumption and hustle-bustle, we have lost the art of embracing quiet time.
But no matter how busy you are, take out 10-15 minutes of your time daily to meditate or sit in silence.

The benefits will blow your mind.

4). Fuel your body with nutritional food

This is a no-brainer. We need to feed our bodies’ nutritional food to keep it functioning at optimal levels.

Stay hydrated, eat more organic food. Detoxify once in a while and cut down on sugar and processed foods.

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5). Get enough zzz’s.

However, we can ditch our beauty sleep occasionally for night outs and net flix once in a while but missing our sleep on the consistent basis is not a good idea.

Scientists and researchers suggest that an average adult needs around 7 hours of sleep every night for overall well being.

Get more ZZZssss.

6). Make love and lots of it

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”
―Gone with the Wind

Make love more often, not only it deepens the bond between you and your partner; it has incredible health benefits also. So, it’s a win-win 

7). Move your body

Our bodies are meant to be moved. Choose from your favorite form of exercise, be it yoga, pilates, cardio, swimming, running or any other kind of work out. But take out 30 minutes every day to move your body.

8). Follow your gut

Gut Feelings are actually accurate and correct.

We are trained to be more left brain inclined and rely on logic to make all our decisions. But don’t neglect your gut. Our gut is our second brain and it is a reliable source.

Silence your mind and listen to your body. If something feels wrong but you can’t pinpoint exactly why it is your intuition telling you something. Listen to what it has to say.

I have gotten myself out of a lot of sticky situations by listening to my gut feelings.Take a cue. Follow your gut 

9). Chase your wildest dreams

This one is related to living your authentic life. Be insanely passionate to follow your heart and chase your wildest dreams.
There is no limit to what we can achieve, apart from the limits we put on ourselves.

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10). Let your soul tribe find you

When you are authentic and live from your heart, you attract your soul tribe.

Stop chasing people, work on yourself and align with your authentic self, the people who are meant to be in your life will find you

11). Share your gifts

Your gifts are not yours to keep. Share what you have been blessed with in the world. Be it your time, learning, or teachings. Volunteer. Give without expecting anything in return. It will come back many folds 

12). Make time to reflect on your relationships and work on them

Make time to reflect on your relationships. Life is too short to spend with people who drain you, let them go.

Be selective with where you put your energy. Choose people who feed your soul. Make sure you show them how much they mean to you. Quality relationships are important, nourish them.

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13). Agree to disagree

You don’t have to win them all. Agree to disagree and coexist peacefully.

14). Let go of the past

Learn the lessons from the past and leave the other baggage behind. Travel light.

15). Practice gratitude

Gratitude Is A Powerful Process

While we are complaining for a bad wifi, there are people who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Take the time to count your blessings and practice gratitude, your heart will be filled with overwhelming feelings of abundance and happiness.

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16). Invite higher power into your life

Whatever you want to name it God/ your higher self/universe, make time to connect with it and invite it into your life.

17). Appreciate the little things

Life is beautiful when you take the time to slow down and enjoy it.

Appreciate the little things, smell the roses, hug the trees, kiss long and deep, compliment others, sing, dance, live in the moment.

Little things aren’t little and life is in the now.

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18). Drop comparisons/jealousy/hatred

Everyone is on their own journey. Do not waste your time in jealousy, comparisons or hatred. Instead try to pick up what is good in others and imbibe that in your life, you will grow immensely.

“I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it.” – Tyler Kent White

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19). Stretch out of your comfort zone.

While routine and familiarity give you a sense of security but you cannot grow into the person you are meant to be if you don’t stretch your comfort zone.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place

The more experiences you expose yourself to, the more you will grow and the higher the probability you will find the one you are passionate about if you haven’t found it yet. Out of many choices, this is the one that will make you successful.

20). Look within

Last but not the least. No matter how far you travel to find happiness and peace, there is only one place you can find it: within.

When you live an authentic life, learn to be appreciative of what you have, love fully, live in the present, this is when you find happiness.

Are you ready to make these choices and live a happier life?

20 Little Choices That Lead To A Beautiful Life
20 Little Choices That Lead To A Beautiful Life
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    Wonderful, very helpful advice on how to live a good life! I must read each & every morning. Thank You!

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