How To Grow Up Mentally: 15 Simple Tips

How Grow Up Mentally

Do you want to gain the ability to make tough calls? Tackle life’s challenges? Build a healthy social network? Become successful? Then it’s time to learn how to grow up mentally!

Growing up physically is inevitable, but growing up mentally is a choice. No wonder why a 40-year-old man would act immaturely. Mental growth is not as easy as hitting the gym, eating a balanced diet, and popping vitamins or protein shakes. Mental self-improvement means you have to change yourself from the inside out. You got to work on your mindset, behavior, communication skills, emotions, beliefs, thinking, and overall mental health.

If you’re dedicated to learn how to grow up mentally, then below are some reliable tips:

1. Pause for 5 seconds before replying when angry

“Shit…..I shouldn’t have said that” Isn’t that the most common reaction when we say something in anger and regret later? Anger shuts off your thinking power and makes you impulsive! Unexpected reactions lead to adverse situations and push you towards a never ending guilt trip (especially when you can’t repair the damage anymore)! With a five-hundred-pound load of guilt, pushing you towards depression, how to grow up mentally? 

Mantra: Pause, take a deep breath, think and then speak!
This helps you balance emotions and logic and do the right thing in life.

Don’t lose the chance to be happy.
How To Grow Up Mentally: 15 Simple Tips

2. Do mental exercises every day

Just like physical exercise is a key to a healthy body, mental exercise is key to grow up mentally. The good news is mental exercises are far more enjoyable and you don’t sweat at all! My favorites are Sudoku and word games. What’s yours? Chess? Jigsaw puzzle? Piano? Learning a new language?

Working on things that are new and complex on a daily basis gives you the greatest mental stimulation. Anything that involves memory, visualization, and reasoning, will train your brain! And that’s how you grow up mentally fit!

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3. Stop gossiping, blaming and judging

These are the three things most people love to do because it releases happy hormones in their body. But, sad news is these habits will never let you grow up mentally. They only give you a good ego boost, which makes you think you are the best even when you are the worst! 

Focus all of your energy on building the new.
How To Grow Up Mentally: 15 Simple Tips

If you are thinking how to grow up mentally, ask yourself-

  • Where did I go wrong?
  • How can I overcome my mistakes?
  • How can I improve as a person?
  • How can I gain better career opportunities?
  • What are my values and beliefs?

Accepting that you need to improve is the common attribute of the strong-minded. When you spend time thinking positively and generating new ideas or improving yourself, you grow up mentally stronger. 

4. Practice active listening

The Power Of Listening
How To Grow Up Mentally: 15 Simple Tips

Do you pause so that the other person can finish what he was saying? Or do you keep thinking about what to say next? When you don’t listen to what others are saying, you don’t understand their point of view. Even if you do, you fail to process it enough. So, practise listening to understand and not to prove your point!

When the other person feels understood, they are more likely to build a connection with you, trust you. You can have new experiences, achieve personal growth, identify and solve problems. Active listening makes you a good communicator as well as increases your knowledge and understanding of various topics, which is a food for mental growth!

5. Pen down your thoughts 

Leonardo Da Vinci constantly poured his drawing ideas, and inspirations into his journal. Albert Einstein always maintained a travel Journal and shared his personal insights. Thomas Edison has left over 5 million pages of journal entries that are mainly ideas, business plans, and future inventions. Write down what comes to your mind and your notes can make you a millionaire one day! You don’t trust me? Well, that’s what happened with Madam CJ walker!

Do you know the mental health benefits of journaling?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Improves mood
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Deal with negative thoughts
  • Improve your self-awareness

As you can see, journaling improves your mental health and well-being drastically!

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