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5 Ways You Can Spot A Wolf In A Sheep’s Clothing

Ways You Can Spot A Wolf In A Sheep’s Clothing?

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In our daily social interactions, we are bound to come across at least one person who we thought was our life savior while in contrast, he/she was the person sucking on our blood like a vampire. But only stealthily. You, me everyone has come across such a person. Fortunately, if you have not, you are lucky enough. These are people with a set of high functioning manipulative techniques who are consciously making advances towards their agenda.

Their agenda is never simple. It is as complicated as it gets. However, sly and clever you get, you might often miss out on their lies, manipulation, and forgery.

A wolf in a sheep’s clothing is that person, who means to steal, adulterate information and twist it around to his/her advantage at the psychological, emotional, economic and social expanses of other people around them. They are utterly fake individuals who lack honesty with themselves and with others. They believe that they are extremely smart and confident, doing the correct thing by putting themselves above everyone else. But the harsh truth is that they are ugly in the inside.

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These people might surpass the attention of others to achieve their goals but like every other con-man, they do leave behind ‘red-flags’ that are more than subtle and sometimes loud enough to unveil their true colors.


Why the wolf wears the sheep’s clothing? 

It is often easy to get the thin, almost invisible line, that separates the right from the wrong, blurred. And the wolves that the advantage of this dilemma. These wolves get the truth twisted to such an extent that we fail to look at the real danger prowling around to devour someone.

A sheep is a gullible, credulous, non-suspecting person who a wolf takes the disguise of. These wolves are sweet-mouthed, crafters who know the good words more than we thought and make use of these. They will appreciate you, be kind and helpful, be loving and understanding, and extremely charming.

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Don’t forget that this is a disguise they have carefully put on to reach your heart. Once they do, they will tear apart your flesh and demolish you in no time. Their mask is just to achieve their objectives because this mask is what you believe.

There are some precise, hair-splitting signs which give away their true intentions and you are to be aware of them so that you don’t end up being their victim. 


5 Signs That Someone Is a Wolf in Disguise

1. They empower themselves at the cost of pulling someone down

A wolf will use your decency as a stepping stone to reach where they want to. They are so self-centered that they only consider themselves and pays no heed to the collateral damage they cause to other people.
The best example is the topper in the class who steals your unique ideas and implements them in their own assignments and gets an outstanding grade. Of course, this person reaches the good books of the professor, just because of the charm he displays. And you are left blaming your fate!

2. Wolves are like sugarcoated candies.

If a wolf reveals their true persona, nobody will take their sides. They will seem to the sweetest and kindest person you have ever met. So to say, they will read you well, mix with you and get to know your needs, weaknesses, and flaws. These will serve them as weapons which will later help them manipulate you. If they know that you hanker for attention, they will provide you to befriend you. If you need love, empathy and kindness, they will shower you with affection.

They are expert at molding themselves according to their targets. But these mask does not stay put up for long as they will show their true darkness from time to time. You have to keep an eye for the phony. If you agree and work on their terms, they are your best friends but if you don’t, you will witness their bitterness in no time and will be a victim of their smear campaign.

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