How To Be A High-Value Woman: Feminine Qualities That Men Look For

How To Be A High-Value Woman

I’m going to tell you how to build your self-esteem and self-worth so you stop wasting time on losers and chasing damage cases and get the love you truly want. I talk to you guys a LOT about how important it is to be a high-value woman, so I figured it was time to talk about what that means and what it looks like and how to do it.

When you know how to show up as a high-value woman, your relationships flow, you don’t worry and stress about “losing” a guy, and you just plain feel great about yourself.

A lot of times, what keeps us in bad relationships is low self-esteem. Deep down, we don’t think we can do any better, so we stay and put up with bad treatment because we think we don’t deserve to be treated well or loved, or maybe it’s the fear that we won’t find anyone better so we have to make this work.

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Being a woman of high self-worth and embracing the strong feminine qualities in a woman is what will allow you to get the relationship you truly want and deserve. It also makes you stand out so that you’re attracting high-quality men!

1. Decide That You Are A Woman Of High Value

This is the first and most important step so really take a moment to feel into what this means. It’s as simple as declaring to yourself, “I am a woman of high value!”.

One way to get into the habit of thinking, feeling, and living this way is to watch the way you speak to yourself. Are you constantly putting yourself down? Saying that you’re worthless and needy and pathetic and you’re going to end up alone? Or that you’re not pretty enough or smart enough for a guy (or specifically the guy you want)?

Change the language! Replace it with an opposite statement. It’s ok if it feels untrue or it’s difficult to believe about yourself right now. But the reason this works with practice is that our minds are powerful.

One technique I use a lot is anytime I think to myself, “I’m so tired. I don’t want to do anything”, I will replace it and say, “I’m so energized! I’m going to be really productive today!” and all of a sudden I feel this burst of energy and I’m motivated.

This technique works for anything but self-love is a great place to start on your journey into building yourself up as that high-value woman.

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2. Have A Full Life

You can’t wait around for a man to complete you or rescue you or make you feel whole. You’re going to be waiting a long time (if not forever!). So what is a high-value woman to do?

Complete yourself! Focus on having a full life of friends, hobbies, a career, and whatever makes you happy. Be that person in your life for yourself.

I’ve told you guys before that the summer before I started dating my husband was the best time in my life because I stopped stressing about finding a guy and focused on having an amazing life.

I focused on all the things that fulfilled me like traveling, reading, working out and taking care of myself, crushing it at my job, and getting better at beauty and fashion tips. It all added up to me feeling and looking good by and for myself.

Your life needs to be full of valuable things in order to be a woman of high value.

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