The Kind Of Woman You Are: Your Birth Month Reveals Your Personality

The Kind Of Woman You Are

The position of the planets and stars can reveal a lot about our life purpose, ascension path, and provide tremendous clarity on all matters related to love, family, health, career, and spirit. Over the years scientists and astrologers believe that their position at the time of our birth affects the season, which in return affects a lot in our personality. Similarly, your birth month can reveal your personality and the kind of woman you are.

Certain personality traits tend to be associated with certain birth months. Like people born in January and February tend to be more creative and have a higher chance of being diagnosed with schizophrenia, than people born at any other time of year. And people born in odd-numbered months tend to be more extroverted than those born in even-numbered months.

In the article below we have provided astrological insights that will help a woman understand herself more, her inherent strengths and potentials that she should embrace and develop more.

Here Is What Your Birth Month Reveals Your Personality

1. January

The Kind Of Woman You Are jan

You are a born leader, with a peaceful demeanor.

Being a leader is a quality that you have inherited by birth. You are determined and have a clear mindset that helps you to take the correct decisions in life. No matter how difficult the task is, giving up on the task is something that you would not even dream of.

No matter how independent and bold you are, the soft corner in your heart helps you to understand the grievances of the people surrounding you. This understanding helps you to excel in your work life and emerge as a peaceful person.

2. February

The Kind Of Woman You Are feb

You are creative and free-spirited.

You are a creative person and you always try to enhance the beauty of practically everything with the help of your creativity. Because of your free-spirited nature, you embark on the journey of life and visit new places that infuse a sense of freedom and belongingness in your heart.

You are quite sensitive when it comes to being in a relationship and you do know how to be a loyal friend. This generous character of yours makes you the favorite one to hang out with.

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3. March

The Kind Of Woman You Are march

You are shy, but deeply love your close ones.

You are quite shy and hardly ever approach a person unless you don’t have a choice. However, despite the fact that you are that woman who avoids partying with friends, you do care a lot for the few friends that are so very close to your heart. In fact, you are the one who knows how to prize a relationship and maintain its worth.

Sometimes, you are dreamy; however, your dreams help you go a long way and achieve the topmost point in your career.

4. April

The Kind Of Woman You Are APril

You are smart and diplomatic.

You are the person in whose blood the quality of diplomacy thrives. You are an outgoing person and you have many friends as a result. You love hanging out whenever you are free and there isn’t a place you don’t like visiting.

Because of your diplomatic nature, you become successful at avoiding fights and keep on climbing the ladder of success.

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