How To Be Funny: 9 Tips To Increase Your Humor Quotient

How To Be Funny Tips To Increase Your Humor Quotient

2. Use your struggles as material.

Turn your personal tragedies into entertaining stories and parables. Forgot to zip your fly while giving a presentation? Farted during an interview? See the humor already? Once you start looking at the funny side of your embarrassing personal experiences and struggles, you can make people laugh with you, rather than at you. Laughter at your own expense is the greatest form of comedy, they say. Moreover, real-life stories are funnier than jokes.

Vanessa says “The beauty of using personal experiences as fodder for humor is that your life experience is unique, and, therefore, stories based on it are guaranteed to be original.

3. Watch comedy shows and films.

There is nothing like learning from the best when it comes to learning something new. And this goes for being funny and humorous as well. Watch as many comedy shows and films as you can. But instead of simply laughing at the funny moments, observe the pros at their game and observe what and how they deliver those jokes. Understand their timing and what exactly makes them funny. It is also a great idea to watch a live comedy show as it is raw and real. Take notes and try to imbibe their style and mannerisms until you develop your own comic style. This is one of the best ways to learn how to be funny.

Scott Weems Ph.D. writes “Studies show that simply watching a comedy, or an extended stand-up routine, increases heart health, improves immune system response, boosts creativity, and even makes you smarter… Watch funny bits from movies and ask yourself why you like them. It can’t hurt.

4. Observe the situation.

No matter how tense or difficult a situation may be, there is always a silver lining. And funny people know how to put the focus on that silver lining to make people feel better and give them hope.

So every time you find yourself in a tricky situation, try to look for the funny angle in it. Look at things from a different perspective and laugh at yourself. Looking for the absurd in a frustrating situation without being offensive is the mark of a truly funny person.

5. Learn and study.

If you want to “learn” how to be funny, then you need to start putting some effort to “learn” it. Yes, it will be a bit hard, but it will also be a lot of fun. When learning how to be funny, it is important that you learn about context as well. According to a 2013 study, there is a time and setting which makes certain things funny.

It states “Time creates a comedic sweet spot that occurs when the psychological distance from a tragedy is large enough to buffer people from threat (creating a benign violation) but not so large that the event becomes a purely benign, nonthreatening situation.” Understanding concepts like these can help you plan your jokes better without offending or hurting someone’s sentiments.

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6. Be yourself.

Although it may be a great idea to imitate your favorite comedians initially, it is important that you develop your own style when trying to be funny. Be as genuine and authentic as you can. This means using your own sense of humor, observations, and judgments when making a joke or saying something funny.

It means you should let your real personality shine without being silly or appearing foolish. It also means that you are sensible not to hurt others when trying to make people laugh. It’s about being funny yet being intelligent, pleasant, and charming.

7. Have a go-to joke.

You need to have a single joke that you can use as your go-to funny story at any given situation. However, you need to be able to tell this joke well and it should be appropriate for everyone. Practice it as much as you can and tell it often to perfect it. When you know how to tell it efficiently, you can make people laugh at any time. That’s how you learn how to be funny.

Scott Weems Ph.D. explains that everyone needs to “have at least one joke in their back pocket, appropriate for all audiences. Practice it often. Perfect it. You’ll be surprised how often it comes in handy.

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