How To Ask For Help With Depression: 8 Tips To Reach Out

how to ask for help with depression

8. Join a support group

Even when you are taking medication, things can get worse at times. Ask your therapist to refer to a support group where different people with depression come together to share their challenges and progress.

A support group is a great platform to talk about depression with people who are experiencing the same thing and provide mutual support. This can help you stay on the path of recovery and get better even when you may not feel like it.

Don’t Think, Just Ask

In an article, Dr. Chris Iliades, MD explains, “Asking for help with depression takes courage, but acknowledging your condition and finding ways to cope with the symptoms will help you regain control. Depression is not something you can tackle on your own, but the good news is that you don’t have to. There are many people who can help you cope with your depression – from doctors and mental health professionals to friends and loved ones. They can help you get better. All you need to do is ask.

According to Chris, here are a few other ways you can seek help with depression from your friends and family:

  • Ask them to listen when you need to talk
  • Ask them to give you company when you feel alone and lonely
  • Ask them to remind you to take care of yourself, like eating and sleeping properly
  • Ask them to prevent you from taking alcohol or drugs 
  • Ask them to to help you and be supportive and patient
  • Immediately ask for help if you feel suicidal or want to hurt yourself

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Associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences Vineeth John, MD, believes “Having someone to help keep track of medications and other treatments is just one of the important roles a family member or close friend can play.

How To Ask For Help With Depression: 8 Tips To Reach Out

Depression Is Treatable

Seeking help does not make you look weak. You can implement a number of self-help strategies to cope with your depression. But you also need to get help with depression, go for therapy, and take medications for complete recovery.

How To Ask For Help With Depression: 8 Tips To Reach Out

If you ask someone for help, they will not feel burdened. If a friend asked you to help them with their depression what would you do? Your friends and family would feel the same way. Our loved ones would be glad we asked for help and they would love to help us. Your loved ones would love to help you.

Do not be ashamed about reaching out for help with depression. Asking for help is the strongest thing you can do right now.

Don’t isolate yourself. Go ahead and talk to someone you trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with relatives who seem insensitive to my depression?

Accept that some people will not understand or that they might be struggling too. Educate yourself about your condition, seek support elsewhere, and let go of toxic relationships.

Why do some people refuse to take anxiety and depression medicine?

There are several reasons that make people refuse treatment and medication for mental health, including denial, embarrassment, myths about mental health, and lack of awareness.

Can you fall into a depression or feel depressed without having clinical depression?

Depression is a complex psychological disorder that can develop over time and get triggered by stressful life events. Reasons for depression can be genetic or situational.

Why do I feel so depressed after I left a toxic relationship?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after a breakup, but if you suspect you are developing depression, then contact a mental health professional to understand your situation better.

How to Ask for Help With Depression: 8 Ways To Reach Out & Start Recovering
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How To Ask For Help With Depression: 8 Tips To Reach Out
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