Seven Ways To Deal With Depression

There was a time in my life when I was depressed.

The love of my life had just left me to marry someone else and it pierced through me like a dagger. It left me really sad, helpless, and lonely. I started living on my own and not caring about anything. I stayed home all day and had no interest in anything. So, here’s what depression means to me and how I dealt with it.

To be honest, depression can make you feel lonely and helpless. Well, you aren’t. Most of the people suffering from depression rely on therapy and medication without getting the desired result.

There’s a lot that you can do yourself to improve your condition. Changing my daily routine, dietary habits, and a lot of other things helped me in coping with such a menace. And I’m sure they’ll help you too.

Create A Routine

I was really depressed until one day, I decided that enough is enough. I created a proper routine for myself that helped me in getting into a lot of activities to divert my mind. This routine included a lot of physical activities and a lot of other stuff I was interested in. Trust me, doing this really helps a lot.

Set Some Goals

One thing that is really notorious about depression is that a person in depression doesn’t have any goals or expectations in life. This makes it really hard to cope with such a menace. If you just decide to do something productive with your life, you’ll have no time to be depressed. You just need to do what you love and set some realistic goals regarding the same. You’ll notice a lot of difference in your condition after doing this.

Exercise Regularly

I kid you not if you just get enough willpower and determination and make a habit of working out or just exercising for thirty to forty-five minutes daily, you will win against the demon called depression.

Just take out thirty to forty-five minutes out of your daily life and do whatever physical work you want to do during that time. Add this to your daily routine and experience the change you’ve always wanted to go through.

Stop Eating Junk And Start Eating Healthy

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a properly structured and planned healthy diet keeps every unwanted thing away. Now, you can consult a dietitian for this or you can search on the internet for the best balanced and healthy diet for you according to your weight and height.

Trust me, this was one of the biggest catalysts in my triumph over depression and I still follow a healthy diet plan.

Sleep Well

I’m not just saying this. You must get an ample and sufficient amount of sleep in order to function properly. One thing that happened to me during my depression was sleep deprivation. It is very common in people suffering from depression and the reason behind this is that we think a lot when we are in depression. This makes it hard for us to sleep.

Following the above steps will prevent you from overthinking and you’ll be easily able to get the amount of sleep that you need to cope with depression.

Don’t Let Go Of Your Responsibilities

When you are in depression, it’s normal if you feel that you want to let go of all your responsibilities. This is because at that time it feels like the right thing to do. Well, do whatever you can to prevent this from happening.

Letting go of your responsibilities will only make your condition worse. Trust me, I did let go of my responsibilities and well, I was even more depressed after that as I had a lot of time on my hands to just sit down and… yes, overthink.

Get Into Something New

Now, what might help the most is developing a new hobby. For example, I took up writing and it really helped me a lot. I know it must be challenging for you to develop a new hobby when you’re so uninterested in everything but hey, if I can do it, you for sure can too.

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