9 Ways How Simple Morning Exercise Can Boost Your Productivity

How Simple Morning Exercise Can Boost Your Productivity

Almost every person that calls themselves productive has a morning routine that helps to start the day with the energy needed to accomplish everything. For example, the founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson begins his working day with the morning run because it refreshes him and gives the energy. Starbucks president Michelle Gass wakes up until 5 am to start the morning run due to these very reasons as well. Vogue chief editor Anna Wintour visits the tennis court before 6 am to be in time for work. This list can be continued with many other famous entrepreneurs and talented people who accomplished many things in their life and shared one important condition: a proper start of the day.

Whether it is a morning run, tennis game, or several simple physical exercises, the potential to providing the energy needed for the day is immense. The difference between the exercises is explained by the fact that each of is unique and everyone has a personal rhythm that should be followed. There are many reasons why morning exercises can boost the productivity and we will get to them shortly, but first let’s discover whether you consider yourself as a morning person. Do not dismiss the power of morning exercises just because you are not! The truth is, the essence of these exercises lies within your desire to be productive and you do not actually have to wake up at 4 am. Moreover, after a while, you will develop a morning routine that will work for you and make it much easier to start the day in a proper way. People who are used to performing morning exercises actually say that the first time is the most difficult one but everything tunes out in no time.

Here are nine reasons why simple morning exercise can enhance your productivity for an entire day and also improve your health.

1. Exercise Brings Alertness and Focus

Let us get a little bit scientific to explain this reason. According to many scientific studies, physical exercises are one of the perfect ways to increase blood flow to the brain, which has a lot of positive outcomes. They include improved mental sharpness, which contributes to better time management, decision making, and engagement. These positive results have been already acknowledged by many companies; in fact, some of them that offer leadership development programs instruct the participants to begin the day with an exercise, such as strength training or yoga.

The results from the morning exercises do not require waiting for a long time to develop. Just a few days are actually needed to see how your focus and engagement are changing to become more sharp and efficient. Eventually, the productivity will also be boosted.

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2. Exercise Provides Energy

The last thing that comes to mind of many people in the morning or after a long working day is exercise. It sounds counterproductive because getting rest seems like the obvious choice when you came home from work or woke up to go to the office as soon as you can. In fact, getting exercise, whether in the morning or in the evening is actually a productive thing because it can give you the boost of energy you need to continue your day. Imagine you woke up early and have to leave for work in two hours. It is very likely that what comes to your mind in times like these is “where do I get the energy to go to work? I’d rather sleep for another hour.” That’s just one way to go about it and not the smartest one because exercising actually wakes up the energy inside you by enhancing the ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout the body and brain (again, scientifically supported fact).

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