How You Deal With A Broken Heart Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Deal With Broken Heart Based on Zodiac

How do you handle heartbreak according to your horoscope? Every zodiac sign has its own way of dealing with a broken heart.

Some people pick themselves up in a matter of days; while others may find themselves in a pit of despair, questions for months, even years.

It is obvious that dealing with a broken heart is harder for some signs than others. Others have difficulty with possessive feelings, abandonment, and trust; while the lucky ones learn to adapt quickly.

Read on to find out how each sign deals with a broken heart.

Here Is How You Can Deal With A Broken Heart According To Your Zodiac Sign

1. Taurus

Taurus people vehemently hate change, and always prefer staying in their comfort zone. It takes them quite some time to get used to the fact that they are single.

Their grief is often mixed up with anger at being – as they see it – betrayed. So they need to mourn what is gone and then try to disentangle their intensely muddled feelings. Anger can morph into hatred and that is just as binding an emotion as love.

Taurus dislikes their security being shaken, and although they appear placid, they can harbor dark thoughts that take a long time to eradicate. They need to jolt themselves onto a new forward track.


2. Cancer

Cancer hurts most of all since losing the beloved other feels as if part of their self has gone. They need to toughen up and move on. Since they are inherently distrustful people, being vulnerable in front of someone, and getting their heart broken causes them a lot of pain.

They will constantly look back at their past, and wonder and obsess about what they could have done to prevent the breakup. It takes them a lot of time to process the breakup and move on from it.


3. Scorpio

Scorpio loves intensely – and hates every bit as intensely. Their not-letting-go often involves vengeful thoughts. Of all the signs, mature Scorpio understands that life is a series of deep transformations that are a painful process of deconstructing the past and reconstructing a different future.

Once they grasp that, it all becomes if not easier, then at least endurable.


4. Aquarius

Aquarius can hang around waiting for life to return to normal since they expect the world to adapt to them rather than the other way round. But patience won’t bring back what’s gone, so they need to make the effort to adapt to the changed circumstance of being single and make the most of it.


5. Leo

Leo will be nursing a bruised ego and dented pride, so will be fearful of a repeat experience. Since they are one of the proudest zodiac signs, they will prefer to hold their head up high and move on.

In order to deal with a broken heart, a Leo needs to be brave from in inside.


6. Capricorn

Capricorn will sigh as if being rejected was what they expected and bury themselves in constant doing, overwork, and ambition just to console themselves that they can at least make a success of that.

In doing so, they risk shutting down their earthy magnetism. They should go in for a major pampering regime of massages, spas, beauty treatments. If they keep their animal body happy a new mate will appear as if by magic.


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