13 Things Highly Intelligent People Do Differently


Things Highly Intelligent People Do Differently

What do you think of when you imagine a highly intelligent person? Someone who is super smart and knows a lot about everything. Right? But being highly intelligent has nothing to do with having a high IQ.

Intelligence comes in many forms and most highly intelligent individuals don’t even know how smart they actually are.

Highly intelligent people think, act and behave differently. They approach the world differently and possess certain qualities and habits that make them truly unique.

Do you think you are highly intelligent? Let’s find out.

Here are 13 things highly intelligent people do differently

1. They are always curious

Highly intelligent people are passionately curious about the world around them. They constantly seek answers and are never satisfied with the knowledge they already have. 

Scientists have observed that curious people have a strong urge to explore, discover and seek novelty. Intelligent people never leave any opportunity to learn.

2. They are self-aware

Highly intelligent individuals are exceptionally self-aware and self-reflective. They know their strengths and limitations and are able to change their thoughts, emotions, and eventually actions. 

Researchers have found that developing self-awareness is the first step to developing Emotional Intelligence (EI).

3. They question everything

Highly intelligent people are not blind followers and are highly skeptical. They are independent thinkers who come to their own conclusions after questioning & understanding things. 

Research shows that intelligent individuals focus on questions of “how to do” and if a particular course of action should be pursued to accomplish necessary tasks.

4. They practice empathy

What makes someone truly intelligent is their ability to identify and relate to the thoughts and feelings of others. Highly intelligent people are sensitive to the experiences of others and how their behaviors affect other people. 

Scientists have confirmed that empathy is an important dimension of Emotional intelligence. In fact, decreased empathy is associated with psychopathy.

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5. They have an open mind

Highly intelligent people are open to new and different ideas & information. They approach others’ opinions with objectivity and are willing to admit when they are wrong. 

6. They are adaptable

Highly intelligent people can easily adapt to any situation, condition or new surroundings. Studies reveal that our intelligence helps us learn from experience and adapt to & shape our environment. 

Highly intelligent people can easily change their approaches, behaviors, strategies and directions to reach their goals. 

7. They seek intellectual stimulation

Highly intelligent people don’t sit around their homes watching Netflix. They invest their time reading books, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries. 

They focus more on having meaningful conversations, self-improvement, and introspection to stimulate their minds & challenge themselves.

8. They know how to manage their emotions

Highly intelligent people understand the value of emotions and have better control over their feelings. No matter how difficult a situation may be, they avoid reacting out of anger or frustration and practice self-control. 

Highly intelligent individuals know when to pause.

9. They embrace failure

Highly intelligent people take a lot of risks and with risks, come failures. Instead of being demotivated by mistakes and failures, smart people learn from their mistakes and grow from their failures.

They can admit when they are wrong and use these lessons to get closer to success. 

10. They have a small circle of friends

Highly intelligent individuals only have a handful of relationships that are strong, close, and meaningful. They don’t seek external validation, value solitude and keep their circle small with people they love, care for, and trust. 

11. They are fascinated by new experiences

Highly intelligent people have a childlike wonder and become easily surprised and pleased by novel experiences and beautiful things.

Known as psychological neoteny, research shows that intelligent people, including scientists, retain juvenile characteristics as adults and remain in a state of perpetual novelty-seeking adolescence.

12. They are highly creative 

While not all intelligent people are creative, all creative people are highly intelligent. Creativity is a higher form of intelligence that goes beyond recalling knowledge and expands into creating knowledge. 

This is why highly intelligent people like Einstein, Beethoven & Leonardo da Vinci, created new and valuable ideas & concepts with their imagination and creativity.

13. They are observant

Highly intelligent people talk less and observe more. They observe their surroundings, events, and people closely to gain more information about their environment. They internally monitor attentional processes to improve their behavioral performance.

Highly intelligent individuals critically analyze things to learn more about the world around them.

Here are some other things signs of a highly intelligent individual –

  • They are absent-minded and scatter-brained
  • They get bored easily
  • They doubt and criticize themselves
  • They worry about even the smallest things
  • They daydream most of the time
  • They doodle when uninspired
  • They use curse words creatively
  • They are messy and unorganized
  • They talk to themselves a lot
  • They stay up late at night to think and work
  • They can cope with life challenges in a healthy way
  • They have a strong sense of self

Can you identify these signs of a highly intelligent person in yourself?

While we have a stereotypical image of what an intelligent person may look like, a truly intelligent person is humble, curious and always looking forward to learning new things.

They respect others and themselves and are focused on the bigger picture – understanding the mysteries of life.

Do you think you are highly intelligent? Let us know in the comments below.

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