What Is High Functioning Anxiety Disorder?- Signs, Effects And How To Deal With It

What Is High Functioning Anxiety Disorder

Do you often feel anxious for no reason? Read ‘High Functioning Anxiety Disorder– Signs, Effects And Remedy’ to gain a deeper understanding.

Anxiety is not something we are born with. We acquire it due to several external conditions. Sometimes we fall prey to it, while other times, we subconsciously invite it. But seldom do we realize, that anxiety can also manifest itself in the most unusual ways.

Enters the case of High Functioning Anxiety Disorder. What makes this interesting, is that not only patients are unaware of their suffering, but are also able to unknowingly, yet effectively, deceive people in creating an impression of normalcy.

High Functioning Anxiety Disorder can be defined as “the tendency and practice of undertaking pursuits to avoid exhibiting chronic anxiety traits to the external world.”

To unveil this psychological enigma, we need to dive straight into the tell-tale signs of this mysterious condition that has been overlooked by the mental health communities, until now.

Here are some tell-tale signs you have high functioning anxiety disorder, the ways it affects your health and how to effectively deal with it.

High Functioning Anxiety Disorder

The Signs:

Sign 1: They’re Successful, Yet Restless

Everyone who suffers from social anxiety needs a friend who will

People suffering from high functioning anxiety disorder will come across as successful professionals with a relatively stable career. They always arrive early, meet deadlines, exceed expectations, etc. On the outside this looks absolutely normal, since we all crave professional stability and want to climb the corporate ladder.

But as they say, looks can be deceiving. If you probe deep into their subconscious, you’ll find that they’re doing all this not out of the desire to excel in their career, but out of the fear and anxiety of losing out on their job.

We all subconsciously brood over our financial future and try to avoid mistakes as much as possible, but they are constantly worried about their performances even if they’ve received good, if not the best feedback in their appraisals. No amount of appreciation can relax them into acknowledging and contending with their own efficiency.

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Sign 2: They’re Not In Tune With Their Personal Life

What Is High Functioning Anxiety Disorder?- Signs, Effects And How To Deal With It

We all love enjoying our personal space after the long office hours. But the same cannot be said about people suffering from high functioning anxiety disorder. Since they suppress their anxiety all day, their mind become exhausted from the emotional tension and tends to vent out the toxin.

This results in sudden fits of rage, mood swings, getting annoyed for no reason, depression and lack of interpersonal communication. Their family, their close ones, friends and relatives remain bewildered as to why this person, who’s so successful in their profession tends to go haywire when engaging in their personal sphere.

Little do they know that these behaviors are but defence mechanisms to cope with the immense mental and emotional restraints they impose on their health to make things look normal at their workplace.

Sign 3: They Always Strive For Perfection, But Feel Incomplete Within

Having anxiety and depression is like being scared

High functioning anxiety patients are addicted to delivering things with perfection. While such an attitude is highly appreciated in this era of competitive precision, things fail to work out well when this approach is taken a bit too far.

In this case, the person strives for perfection, but feels imperfect all the time. No matter what they do, how much effort they put in, they always have this nudging sensation of incompleteness. It is as if something is always missing. Now, the world around us manifests in ways we perceive them to be.

So, for these people, their world is always in need of betterment. Be it in the office or personal space, they always hunt of improvement, even if things are going smoothly and in order. The more they feel discontented with things as they are, the more this feeling tends to haunt them.

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