The Happiness Of Living Alone In 10+ Perfect Illustrations

Being single and living alone can be pretty awesome, and these illustrations show why.

This series of illustrations pretty much sums up the joy and magic of living alone and being single. From escaping reality when and whenever you want, to having the bathroom your way from working whenever, wherever to enjoying a party to yourself. Living alone can be too much fun!

These illustrations Created by LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As, is spot on and speaks for many of us.


Scroll on to check these and don’t forget to comment wand share the most relatable ones. You may also want to visit the artists website for more such mind-blowing creations.

#1 Escaping Reality


#2 Working Whenever You Feel Like It


#3 Dancing Like No One Is Watching (Cause No One Is)


#4 Enjoying Some Peace And Quiet


#5 Doing Nothing All Day


#6 Enjoying A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Rain


#7 Being A Little Clumsy


#8 Binge Eating All You Want

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