LOL: 75 Funny Random Things To Say In A Text That Will Crack Up Your Friends!


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75 Funny Random Things To Say In A Text That'll Make Friends Laugh

Feeling bored with your usual texting routine? Want to inject some humor into your conversations? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of funny random things to say in a text that are sure to make your friends LOL. Get ready to level up your texting game!

Humor makes everything better

We all need a good laugh every now and then, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by sharing some funny random things to say in a text or conversation with your friends. 

Whether you want to break the ice with someone new or simply lighten the mood with your closest pals, using funny random things to say in a conversation can go a long way in making everyone feel more relaxed and happy.

funny random things to say in a conversation

Today, I’ll share some of the funniest and most random things you can say to your friends, whether you’re texting, chatting, or hanging out in person.

From puns and one-liners to absurd observations and unexpected comments, these funny random things to say in a text are sure to get a chuckle out of even the most serious of individuals.

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Looking for some random things to tell your friends to make them laugh? Let’s get ready to ROFL.

Funny random things to say in a text

1. “Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.”

2. “I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.”

3. “I tried to make a belt out of watches, but it was a waist of time.”

4. “I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.”

5. “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.”

6. “I’m not short, I’m just concentrated awesome.”

7. “I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving energy.”

8. “Why is the sky blue? That’s a random question just to make you ponder life’s mysteries.”

9. “I’m teaching my goldfish to do backflips. I think he might be onto something!”

10. “Left shoe or right shoe first today? That’s truly a life dilemma we all must face.”

11. “Do you ever wonder if clouds get bored of floating all day and wish they could just take a break on a giant cotton candy?”

12. “I accidentally wore my slippers to work today. It’s safe to say I’m now the office’s newest fashion trendsetter!”

13. “Random question: If animals could talk, which one do you think would be the funniest stand-up comedian?”

14. “You know what they say, ‘Behind every great person is a great WiFi connection!’ So, how’s your internet doing today?”

15. “I just discovered that my spirit animal is a sloth. Turns out, my true talent lies in the art of taking naps!”

Want more funny random things to say in a text to impress your friends? Here we are some more funny random things to say in a conversation or in text.

16. “I have a confession to make. I’m secretly training to become a professional couch potato. Think I have what it takes?”

17. “I just witnessed the most epic battle between my snooze button and my willpower. It’s safe to say the snooze button won… again.”

18. “You won’t believe what happened to me today. I accidentally tried to unlock my front door with the car key. Apparently, my brain is on autopilot!”

19. “You know you’re an adult when getting mail is exciting. I can’t wait to open my electricity bill and feel the pure joy of being broke!”

20. “I recently discovered the secret to time travel. It’s called a ‘snooze button.’ Just be warned, it only works in five-minute intervals.”

21. “Do you ever wonder if dogs secretly judge us for talking to inanimate objects? I swear my dog gives me that look every time I have a conversation with my blender.”

22. “I just found out that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down. So technically, we’re all getting a little bit more beauty sleep every day!”

23. “You know you’re an adult when you get excited about buying new cleaning supplies. Who needs roller coasters when you have a brand new mop?”

24. “I have a brilliant idea! Let’s invent a gym where the treadmill powers a chocolate fountain. I guarantee it’ll be a hit!”

25. “I’ve decided to become a professional napper. I’ll put it on my resume and everything. Think anyone will hire me?”

26. “I just realized that my phone autocorrects ‘I’m serious’ to ‘I’m Sirius’ every time. Guess my phone is a Harry Potter fan!”

27. “I have a confession: I eat ice cream with a fork. It’s all about maintaining that perfect ice cream-to-tongue ratio!”

28. “Just witnessed a squirrel stealing a slice of pizza from a garbage can. I guess even rodents appreciate a good meal!”

29. “I’ve decided to become a professional procrastinator. I’ll start working on it tomorrow, I promise!”

30. “I’ve discovered the ultimate multitasking hack: brushing your teeth while doing squats. It’s called ‘dental fitness’!”

31. “I’ve started a support group for people addicted to puns. It’s called ‘Puns Anonymous.’ Lettuce romaine strong together!”

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Looking for more funny random things to say in a text or say in conversation? We’re not done yet. Keep reading.

funny random things to say in a conversation

Funny random things to say in a conversation

32. “Why do they call it a ‘drive-through’ if you have to stop?”

33. “Why is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word?”

34. “I’m not arguing, I’m just trying to win this debate.”

35. “Do you think cows get jealous when they see other cows with onesies?”

36. “If aliens invaded, I call dibs on being the first human they make contact with.”

37. “Astronauts eat the same meals every single day for years. That’s true commitment to sticking to a diet.”

38. “You should know that I’m walking around right now with not one but two rubber ducks in my pocket.”

39. “Just saw a squirrel doing push-ups in the park. I guess it’s trying to impress the acorn community!”

40. “I’ve decided to start a band called ‘Free Wi-Fi.’ Our music might not be great, but at least everyone will show up for the password!”

41. “I’ve discovered the secret to happiness: eating cake for breakfast. It’s science, trust me!”

42. “I have a confession to make: I still sing in the shower, but now my shampoo bottles form a backup choir!”

43. “I’ve been trying to save money, but it’s just so hard when Amazon is only a click away from my impulse purchases!”

44. “I just had the most intense staring contest with a pigeon. Let’s just say it’s undefeated in the bird world!”

45. “You won’t believe what I found in my fridge today – a container labeled ‘ancient leftovers.’ I think they might have evolved into a new life form!”

46. “I’m pretty sure I have a personal fan club. Every time I open a bag of chips, the air around me gets so excited!”

47. “I’ve been studying quantum physics lately. Well, not really studying, more like staring at the equations until my brain gives up!”

48. “I’ve been training my cat to do yoga. So far, it’s mastered the ‘downward dog’ and ‘nap-asana’ poses!”

49. “I just realized that I’ve been talking to my houseplants more than I talk to humans. At least they don’t interrupt me!”

50. “I’ve invented a new sport called ‘extreme napping.’ It involves falling asleep in the most unexpected places. I’m currently the reigning champion!”

51. “I tried to be an adult today, but it didn’t go so well. I put laundry detergent in the fridge and milk in the washing machine. Oops!”

52. “I just discovered that my cat has been secretly using my laptop to browse funny cat videos. No wonder it always looks so entertained!”

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These are some really funny random things to say in a conversation. However, there’s a lot more funny random things to say in a text or in person to your friends. Read on.

funny random things to say in a conversation

Funny random things to tell your friends

53. “Did you hear about the kidnapping at the playground? He woke up.”

54. “Why don’t skeletons fight each other? They don’t have the guts.”

55. “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.”

56. “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.”

57. “Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two-tired.”

58. “Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because it was feeling crumbly.”

59. “Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.”

60. “Why did the coffee file a police report? Because it got mugged.”

61. “Why don’t ants get sick? They have tiny ant-bodies.”

62. “Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice.”

63. “Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well.”

64. “Why did the duck go to the store? To buy some quackers.”

65. “Why did the elephant bring toilet paper to the party? Because it was a pachyderm picnic.”

66. “Why did the snowman refuse to leave the house? He had a meltdown.”

67. “Why did the lion break up with his girlfriend? She was a cougar.”

68. “I’ve come to the realization that my spirit animal is a sloth riding a turtle. Slow and steady wins the race, right?”

69. “I have a confession: I’ve been training my cat to be a ninja. So far, it excels at stealthily knocking things off tables!”

70. “I tried to make a salad today, but it ended up being more of a performance art piece with 

lettuce and dressing flying everywhere!”

71. “I’ve decided to become a professional bed tester. I’ll be known as the ‘Sultan of Snooze’!”

72. “I’ve been practicing my interpretive dance skills. Currently, my best moves are ‘the tangled headphone cords’ and ‘the stubbed toe shuffle’!”

73. “I’ve started a movement to bring back the fanny pack. Who needs pockets when you can wear a stylish accessory that screams ‘fashion icon’?”

74. “I just realized that ‘studying’ is just ‘student’ and ‘dying’ mashed together. Coincidence? I think not!”

75. “I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is just a series of failed attempts at adulting. At least I’m consistent!”

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When using these  funny random things to tell your friends, remember, the goal is to bring a smile to the recipient’s face, so don’t be afraid to embrace your inner comedian and let your imagination run wild with these funny and random text messages. 

Laugh out loud with your friends

Making your friends laugh with funny random things to say in a text or conversation can be a great way to bring joy and humor into your interactions.

From witty one-liners to puns and absurd observations, there are plenty of hilarious random things to tell your friends you can use to break the ice, lighten the mood, or simply entertain your friends. 

So, the next time you’re feeling the need to inject some humor into your conversations, try out some of these funny random things to say and watch as your friends crack up with laughter.

Happy texting and spreading laughter!

funny random things to say in a conversation

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