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If You Can Find The ‘T’ Within 10 Seconds, Then You’re Gifted

Find The T

Personality and psychology tests are popular for a reason; they can reveal things about your personality that you might not have known about! If you are someone who prides themselves on their focus, then this Brain puzzle is the perfect litmus test for you. All you have to do is find the T!

Key Points:

  • Researchers believe that when you are told what not to look for, it can strongly improve your visual searches.
  • Initially knowing what to ignore can slow down visual search but practicing the art of ignoring distractions can drastically improve performance.
  • In 100 trials, the participants who learnt what to ignore, turned out to be the most efficient ones of the lot.
  • Researchers believe that all this depends on a person’s ability to pay attention to something.

Yes, you heard it right! If you can find the T within 10 seconds, then you’re a gifted individual! If you believe that your focus and concentration are unparalleled, then this should be a very easy gifted personality test for you. Take a look at this image, and see how long it takes for you to find the ‘T’.

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We can give you a little clue to make it a bit easier for you to solve this optical illusion ‘T’ test: The T will only be in blue or green, and not red. Check it out and if you can crack this within 10 seconds, then you’re truly special.

Can you Find the T?

find the T
If You Can Find The 'T' Within 10 Seconds, Then You're Gifted

What is this test all about?

This test was created by a team at John Hopkins University, where a few researchers found that when you know what NOT to look for, you automatically find what you are looking for. This test proved that if human beings are given the time and opportunity to learn what to ignore, they tend to search far more efficiently and quickly.

Corbin A. Cunningham, the lead author of this study says that people who are good at ignoring useless and distracting information, are normally better at visual search performances, which is a very very important skill to have for professional searchers, such as airport baggage checkers and radiologists.

So, have you found it? If yes, then great job! And if you haven’t, then it’s perfectly okay. Check out the below image to see where the ‘T’ is.


If You Can Find The 'T' Within 10 Seconds, Then You're Gifted
If You Can Find The 'T' Within 10 Seconds, Then You're Gifted

Apart from this test, another test was conducted where participants were asked to locate the letters ‘B’ and ‘F’ in an assortment of colors. Sometimes they were told that ‘B’ and ‘F’ won’t be a specific color, and sometimes they weren’t told anything.

Researchers found that when the participants were informed which colors to ignore, it initially made their reaction time slower. However, with a little bit of time, patience, and practice their focus and concentration improved and they were able to detect the special letters more quickly, compared to the participants who weren’t given any hints whatsoever about the colors.

Find The T internal
If You Can Find The 'T' Within 10 Seconds, Then You're Gifted

The bottom line is, the more information you’re able to ignore and do away with, the faster you’ll be able to find what you are looking for. Your power to ignore can decide your power to pay attention to what really matters.

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Co-author Howard Egeth says that the main motive of this fun test was to focus on the importance of suppressing competing stimuli, and see how the human brain copes and thinks. So the conclusion is that when human beings are given the opportunity and most importantly, time to learn what to ignore before starting something, their minds work in a much faster way.

So how long did it take for you to find it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! And don’t forget to share this gifted personality test with your family and friends, and see how long they take to solve this brain puzzle.

Find The T pin
If You Can Find The 'T' Within 10 Seconds, Then You're Gifted

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