Can You Predict Which Cup Will Fill First? Solve This Tricky Puzzle To Prove Your Intelligence


Which Cup Will Fill First Among The 4 Cups? Tricky Puzzle

In this puzzle, you have to predict which cup will fill first in just 10 seconds. It may sound easy at first, but it’s trickier than it looks!

Get ready to put your thinking cap on and see if you can solve this puzzle. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s find out!

These fun games will allow you to think outside the box and be on your feet in any difficult situation.

Your challenge is to predict which of the four cups will fill up first in just 10 seconds. The solution might not be as straightforward as it seems, as each cups’ size, shape, and position play a crucial role in determining the flow of water through the pipes.

They are placed differently and in different positions. The tanks are labeled with numbers 4, 5. 7, and 9 respectively. Get ready to put your logic and problem-solving skills to the test with this puzzle. Can you figure out which tank will fill up first?

Question: Which Cup Will Get Filled First?

Take a look at the image below which features four coffee cups connected to a single main pot.

Your task is to identify which coffee cup will fill up first by starting at the position of the main pot. This requires careful observation as the cups have different sizes and positions, and are connected to each other in a unique way.

Can you find it?

Which Cup Will Fill First Answers

Are you wondering what is the answer to which cup will fill first? Then check out the answer image and the proper explanation is given below to check whether you guessed the correct answer or not.

So are you ready?

Scroll below for the answer!

The correct answer to the puzzle is cup number 5. By examining the interconnected pipes, you may notice that all pipes leading to the other three cups are sealed, except for the pipe leading to cup number 5.

This allows water to flow exclusively to cup number 5, making it the first one to fill up. It is important to pay close attention to details when solving puzzles like this one.

Which Cup Will Fill First Among The 4 Cups answer

Congratulations if you were able to solve it!

So did you find this interesting? Share fun puzzles like this with your friends to test their IQ and see if they’ll be able to find the answer on their own.

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