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Readers of Mind Journal love optical illusion tests for they get to know themselves better. So, here is another one for you that is designed to reveal your character based on what you see first. Gear up for some more self-awareness!  

Optical illusion tests amuse everyone. It’s great fun trying to figure out a hidden image inside a single-image stereogram. Visual deception due to the tricky arrangement of images or colours influence people’s perception. And it reveals a great deal of information about your personality, character and how your brain is working. 

In this optical illusion test, there are 5 images. Take a look at each one and note down what you see first. Once done, scroll down to read what the first thing you see in each picture reveals about you. 

Please pay attention to the first picture in this post as you will see the remaining 4 pictures after a while. Also, be spontaneous and don’t think too seriously. Else you will lose the accuracy in the psychological portrait of your character.

Are you ready?

Take a look at optical illusion images below:


What You See First In These Images Reveals Your Character


What You See First In These Images Reveals Your Character


optical illusion image


optical illusion test


What You See First In These Images Reveals Your Character

What’s The First Thing that You Saw?

1. A lion or an exotic bird?

If you see a lion first, then –

You love to take a deep dive into things and cannot sleep until you reach the root of them.
You are brave and strong enough to face your fears.
Can take risks and love adventures.
You are a natural leader.

If you see the exotic bird first, then

You are an imaginative, intuitive, and righteous person.
Also, light-headed and at times irresponsible too.
But you are driven by the desire to make the world a better place to live.
You are a creative personality and hate to follow pre-established patterns.

2. A rabbit or a duck

Seeing a rabbit first means
You make a decision only after carefully weighing the pros and cons. Although you are logical, you are not cold or sensitive 

If you see a duck first then –

You are driven by emotional impulses so you make decisions without thinking twice. You are prone to next-level mood swings!

3. A bird or two crocodiles

If you see bird first then –

You are frank and sociable and ready to compromise quite often.
That said, you do have your own opinion, but give others the right of way. 

If you see two crocodiles first, then

You are a control freak and love to stay updated about everything happening around you. And highly likely to hold a position of a leader or a manager. When you are asked to be in charge of an event or a project, you are sure to deliver the best results. 

4. A dog’s snout or a dog’s leg

People who analyse the picture from left to right are likely to see a dog’s snout.

This signals your logical thinking skills and the ability for consistent analysis of reality. 

People who analyse the picture from right to left are likely to see a dog’s leg.

It means you are open to more than one interpretation when working on something or making a decision. So, when it comes to problem-solving, you can come up with creative ideas. 

5. A Wolverine or two batman

Seeing Wolverine is the sign you are a big fan of Marvel.
You love watching Tony Stark and Captain America and admire their great qualities. 

If you see batman first then

No doubt! You are a fan of DC and Gotham City.
You adore the Dark Knight and evildoers.

Are the results spot on?
Let us know in the comments below.

Share the optical illusion test with your friends and have fun 🙂

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