7 Signs Of A Female Narcissist

Signs of Female Narcissist

2. Does not take “NO” easily.

One of the central traits in narcissism is an inflated sense of self.

Break it down a little and you’ll find a need to always “feel right” and “be right”.

This means that when a female narcissist hears a no, she will not take to it kindly. It could in fact be considered a direct attack on her self-esteem, which is shaky, whether she admits to it or not.

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3. Flirts with even people she does not like.

This aspect sets female narcissists apart from their other same gender counterparts.

Simply because most women wouldn’t like flirting with people they are not drawn towards. For a female narcissist though, this could be a way to get things done her way given the context.  

4. Apologizing is difficult.

For the same reason that making peace with a “no” is difficult for a female narcissist, apologizing is difficult as well.

The need to always be right is a powerful one. As an extension of this, assuming responsibility for what they may not have done right is difficult. So if you know a woman who exhibits the repeated behavior of becoming aggressive or withdrawn when you point out something justified, you could be dealing with a female narcissist. 

5. Lack of empathy for people around.

Because narcissism as a trait revolves around self-centered behavior, female narcissists find it challenging to make space for anyone else’s opinions other than their own.

Female narcissists, not very differently from male narcissists, are usually inflexible people who are concerned with the buck stopping at them. The ‘alpha’ quality of their behavior makes them aggressive and unwilling to listen and empathize.

People around them are likely to feel unheard and sidelined. 

6. Manipulates more than negotiates.

One of the classic tasks of adulthood is to negotiate with and in the world, context people live in. In a narcissistic scenario though, negotiation is inaccessible because of the fragile ego state of the narcissistic person.

Negotiation often demands a certain amount of stepping back and give and forth. Because of the inherent self-centeredness of a female narcissist, manipulation is the quickest go-to. This ensures she can have her way and the unsuspecting folk might not even be aware that they have been manipulated!

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7. Sees everything through the lens of competition.

The alpha-ness of female narcissism results in an attitude that looks at everything through competition-tinted glasses.

Now, this is often different from the leadership/authority context that male narcissists go by. Because of the way women are socialized, it could come in the form of passive-aggression and if you’re not watching well, as manipulation even.

The attempt to be alpha could be more covert than overt, and in this the female narcissist may even end up deceiving herself.

It is important to remember that narcissism can’t always be spotted on the go. It is also true that not all forms of narcissism are unhealthy.

A certain amount of self-importance can actually aid people’s growth and awareness.

Having said that, anything in excess can assume a certain “darkness”. It is to tune in and see what rings true for you, apart from seeking out a psychological diagnosis if a given context demands so.

signs of a female narcissist
Female Narcissist
Signs Female Narcissist
Signs of Female Narcissist pin

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    I love them, as bad as it sounds I dated one and I never felt more connected to another human being in my life, she was toxic and sometimes brought the worst out in me a but she made me feel better than anyone ever has my whole life, and I bb will always owe her for that!

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