Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Dating A Guy You Really Like

Mistakes Avoid When Dating Guy You Really Like

What do you do when you REALLY like a guy? How do you flirt, keep him interested, and show him the engaging parts of your personality? What are the mistakes to avoid when dating a guy you really like?

In this video you’re going to discover what you SHOULD NEVER do (and why) when you start dating a guy you REALLY like.

It’s easy to get caught up in the beginning–with all the feel-good butterflies and positive vibes in the air, who wouldn’t get a little swept away?

But that’s exactly why it’s so important to be AWARE of what you’re doing in the beginning!

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Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Dating A Guy You Really Like


Avoid making these critical mistakes when you start falling in love with him

Imagine this scenario. You met a guy at a work event a few weeks ago. He’s funny, cool, and asked you lots of questions about yourself. He really made you think things were going really well, and then he asked for your number. He started texting you. The dude clearly likes you.

And then you’re at this point where, wow, this guy’s really into me and I’m really into him. You start envisioning yourself together, what it’d be like to introduce him to your parents, how much better and cooler this dude is than your ex. You start to feel the warm and fuzzies.

But the warm and fuzzies are not necessarily about him. They’re about the idea of him and you together.

You’re falling in love with the idea of love, which is a big no-no.

Don’t get too excited and don’t get too eager.

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You think you know him, but you don’t know shit about him. The dude might kick dogs. He might chew tobacco. He might even be a Giants fan. You don’t know yet. You know nothing yet.

Now, you might say, “Adam, you’re wrong. I do know this guy.”

But you don’t. I mean, remember that last guy you got involved with? Yeah, that guy…

Didn’t work out so well, did it?


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So if you find yourself falling in love with the idea of love, take a step back mentally.

From this point forward, you are not allowed to think of the future with a guy until you’ve created a present with him.

In my opinion, you really need six months in a committed relationship with someone before you even start thinking about any type of real future with them. Because if you start thinking of that future ahead of that, you are setting yourself up for potential heartbreak. Just see where it goes.

The first month you start dating a guy, he’s a stranger.

Do you remember when your mom told you not to talk to strangers?

Well, I’m here to tell you not to fall in love with a stranger.

Then for the next two months after that, he gets upgraded to an acquaintance.

He’s in your orbit and that’s great, but he doesn’t make a massive impact in your life quite yet.

Then finally for the next three months after that, he can become a good friend.

This is where you can see if you actually like the real person behind all the dopamine and norepinephrine and all that stuff that went into your initial feelings for the guy.

Become friends with him. See if you actually enjoy spending time with that person before really investing all of your emotions in him.

Then after those six months, you can start falling in love with the idea of the relationship and, of course, falling in love with him. Fantastic.

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Now, I know it’s not easy to stop love from happening. I know it’s not easy to hold back your emotions. The best thing you can do is maintain an incredible life, maintain all those things that are going great in your life. And if you don’t have great things going on in your life, keep working to make that happen.

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  1. Ahh the illusion of control and the formation of rules to try and mitigate the anxiety. Yeah that kills it off for me personally, once it moves away from it’s natural course… It’s kind of frustrating to be honest because it generally ends because of that apprehensive, need to control feelings approach itself rather than anything else. So it can never get to the finding out if it’s real stage, it becomes a psychological obstacle course. Yes-but games, if you really loved me… all of that messed up over-analysis of something that just is what it is two people who like each other… Why isn’t he jumping through the hoop? Why do you need me to? Just see where it goes and enjoy it?

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