To The Stranger You Fall In Love Instantly

To The Stranger You Fall In Love Instantly


It’s odd when you meet someone for a brief period, and all of a sudden your life is
never the same afterwards. You won’t probably get to uncover the reason why in
an unexpected place or situation, there is a person who’s going to accidentally
step on your foot and have a great conversation with you from there on wards.
The strangeness of actually being close to someone you meet at the park who
compliments your clothes or quickly fall in love with someone you adore who
read books at train cars.

There are these sparks that flow underneath your skin after you talk to them, which is
something you never felt with anyone before. Feelings that make you clumsy and
unable to finish your dinner as you wait for their message. Not to mention the
paranoia that follows whether you gave the wrong name or number when you
haven’t heard from them after few hours.

But, think about it, isn’t it incredible that you can announce to yourself that you fell
in love with a stranger under one minute? It sounds crazy, but maybe love works
in mysterious ways. Maybe that is why people who fell in love abroad had so
much success rate on finding the right one for them, maybe it’s because their
times are so limited that they have a perfect chance only to show the good
sides of them.

It can blow your mind when you realize that life can be like a movie too. The world finds
it incredible to put a new person that brings color in your story just when
everything seems to be fading.

It is amazing when you get to learn that strangers aren’t so scary after all. In fact, they
are capable of making you smile when they approach you or make you nervous as
soon as they start hitting a conversation with you. In this age full of small
talks, there is still a chance that you can come across with someone you don’t
know who’s very much interested in history, politics, pop-culture, or even
technology. It’s good knowing that you can still trust someone you have no idea
about where they come from and what make up their story.

So go out more. Be connected with your environment. Explore the outside world. You will
be surprised to experience the possibility of meeting a stranger who’s going to
make a big difference in your life.

Say thank you to the strangers you fall in love instantly because if it isn’t for them,
your life will be the same old dull tale that you’re tired of living. Appreciate them because they restore your faith in humanity. And even if you don’t get to have a significant role to play in their lives, still be grateful that somehow they provoke a good thought in your mind and make you smile sweetly, because not everyone can make you do that anymore.

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo is a 22 year old millennial who's always thankful every day that he is given a chance to write. He relates his life lessons through his writing in hopes to reach people and connect with them. He believes that regardless of our differences in culture, language, and religion -- we all have a common denominator when it comes to emotions. It is his goal to make us all feel as if we're all one in this vast universe. AwardsClass Valedictorian of 2010View Author posts