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Every Strong Woman Should Keep These 5 Friends In Her Life

Why every strong woman should keep these 5 friends in her life?

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Last week when I met my friend Beth at a tea-parlour, I couldn’t get an inkling of her recent divorce. We had met after a long time, stealing time from our busy schedule. She managed time in between her work and picking up her toddler from school to meet me. We talked about life and things seemed to be perfectly smooth for her.

‘So, how is Stuart doing?’ I asked her without even understanding that his presence was missing from Beth’s narrative.

‘Oh. I guess he is okay.’ Beth sounded a little different for the first time. But the words struck me.

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‘What do you mean by ‘I guess?’ For a moment, things didn’t seem right.

‘Well. I don’t know, to be honest. He didn’t keep in touch after our divorce,’ Beth turned her head away. ‘But since he’s the one who wanted it, I guess he must be okay.’

The acceptance, the moving on and yet trying to enjoy life, making others happy overwhelmed me. I have always known Beth as a strong woman.

That day, I could see her stronger. When I asked her, how could she cope up with everything so well, she chuckled and said, life taught her.

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She talked about her family and her friends. ‘You are an inspiration for me too,’ she complimented me. ‘It’s only because of my friends I have grown, I have learnt and I can give support to those who need me.’

We all have had friends, good and bad. Friends play a significant role in making us what we are. This is perhaps the reason, we often get to hear this advice from elders that we should choose our friends wisely.

Friendship has various equations when it comes to men and women. sexes from various parts of the spectrum have their own way of defining friendship, have their own way of bonding.

So, if you are a strong woman yourself, or if you know any strong woman, then, let me tell you that they too have friends who keep them strong.


Here are 5 types of friends who keep the strength of a woman, alive.

(1) The Human Root:

Have you ever noticed the root of a big tree?

It keeps the tree rooted to the ground so that the tree can spread its branches, the tree can give shelter to living beings and flower.

A strong woman needs her Human Root too. This Human Root helps her rooted to the ground.

A friend who is a Human Root keeps on showing her that the world has not fallen apart, that there is always the soil beneath her. When one seems to lose everything in life, this friend is the one who supports her, not by sympathy but by empathy, by optimism, by restoring the lost faith in oneself.

This friend helps her to efface the negativities, makes her understand to let go of things and people which or who create negative vibes. Every ‘strong, independent woman’ needs her Human Root.


(2) The Intellectual Hulk:

A strong woman is one who has been wronged and has successfully come out of it, not as a victim, but as a stronger and more independent person, well aware of her rights.

Apart from the very basic rights of equal pay, women have been subjugated at various levels all over the world. Accepting this torture and dying psychologically or physically has never helped anyone.

Sometimes, all of us feel that a little compromise might be the right option but allowing this helps this ‘little’ to grow into something ‘big’. The Intellectual Hulk comes to the rescue. This friend is the one who is conscious of human rights, who knows the exact ways to deal with things and who knows that we need to voice out our grievances.

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Emilia Gordon
Born and brought up in Kansas, Emilia is a writer and a social activist.She enjoys travelling and meeting new people
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