The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

friends women need in her life

There are certain kinds of friends every woman needs in her life, to keep her grounded, happy, cheerful, and understood. Friends like these will stand by you and make you feel seen and heard, even when you don’t feel the same yourself.

Last week when I met my friend Beth at a tea-parlor, I couldn’t get an inkling of her recent divorce. We had met after a long time, stealing time from our busy schedules. She managed time in between her work and picking up her toddler from school to meet me. We talked about life and things seemed to be perfectly smooth for her.

‘So, how is Stuart doing?’ I asked her without even understanding that his presence was missing from Beth’s narrative.

‘Oh. I guess he is okay.’ Beth sounded a little different for the first time. But the words struck me.

‘What do you mean by ‘I guess?’ For a moment, things didn’t seem right.

‘Well. I don’t know, to be honest. He didn’t keep in touch after our divorce,’ Beth turned her head away. ‘But since he’s the one who wanted it, I guess he must be okay.’

The acceptance, the moving on and yet trying to enjoy life, making others happy overwhelmed me. I have always known Beth as a strong woman.

That day, I could see her stronger. When I asked her, how could she cope up with everything so well, she chuckled and said, life taught her.

She talked about her family and her friends. ‘You are an inspiration for me too,’ she complimented me. ‘It’s only because of my friends I have grown, I have learned and I can give support to those who need me.’

We all have had friends, good and bad. Friends play a significant role in making us who we are. This is perhaps the reason, we often get to hear this advice from elders that we should choose our friends wisely.

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Friendship has various equations when it comes to men and women. Sexes from various parts of the spectrum have their own way of defining friendship, have their own way of bonding.

So, want to know more about which kind of friends you definitely need to have in your life?

Here Are The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

1. The One Who Knows How To Have Fun.

Every once in a while, you need to break some rules and have some fun, and you need an amazing and adventurous partner-in-crime to make that happen. She is one of those friends that every woman needs in her life when it comes to getting out of her funk and have some good, old-fashioned fun. She is someone who will not let you stew in your sadness, and will push you to get out of it and have the time of your life.

When life gets too serious and monotonous, they are the ones who make sure that you are laughing and smiling your way through. Life is supposed to be fun and serious in equal measure, with her bringing in the fun. Every woman needs someone in their lives who believes laughter is the best medicine.

2. The One Who Never Lets You Lie To Yourself.

Every woman needs a friend in her life who will never let her lie to herself, and betray her own, personal beliefs. You might get so enveloped with life, and what everyone expects you to do, you end up betraying yourself and your wishes. It is then that your friend comes to your rescue and makes you understand that it’s your life and you have the right to do whatever makes you happy.

Many times, you might not know what you need to do to make the most of your life or you might not know that you are self-sabotaging yourself. You need a friend who will know you well enough to look through all the walls and veils and tell you what you need to do to truly be yourself. Having a brutally honest friend who knows you inside out is a true blessing.

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