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10 Signs You Are An ESTP Personality Type

Signs ESTP Personality Type

ESTP is the four-letter code of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The ESTP (The Persuader) personality type includes the traits of Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), and Perceiving (P).

People with the ESTP personality type tend to be quite adventurous and are nothing short of thrill-seekers who are always looking to pump up the energy wherever they go. They are always brimming with amazing ideas, and are very good at analyzing problems and then coming up with the perfect plan and solution to defuse them.

What does ESTP mean?

The ESTP personality type really enjoys spending time with others (Extraverted), always goes for solid facts rather than ideas (Sensing), relies on reason and logic (Thinking), and would any day behave spontaneously and impulsively than have an organized and planned approach (Perceiving).

ESTPs are known as the Persuader because of their optimistic, convincing, and active attitude towards life. There’s nothing they can’t persuade you to do.

Here Are 10 Signs You Are An ESTP Personality Type

Signs ESTP Personality Type infographics
10 Signs You Are An ESTP Personality Type

1. Realistic and sensible.

The ESTP personality type is an extremely sensible and realistic one, who is always looking for practicality wherever they go. Half-baked and arbitrary ideas are not their cup of tea, and the only way they would ever be interested in something is if it is put to good use. The moment they sense that the ideas are never going to become a reality, they prefer to leave and not waste anymore of their time on it.

2. Direct and bold.

ESTPs are always full of energy and new ideas and are always looking to shatter the glass ceiling and push their boundaries. Coming up with unique ideas and discovering new things give them a high that seldom anything else can. Whatever is on their mind, they say it directly as they don’t have time to play mind games with others. All they care about are facts, not assumptions and what-ifs.

3. Impulsive and impatient.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the ESTP personality type is that they are exceptionally impulsive. They are so hung up with their ideas that they rush headlong into things, without thinking about it beforehand. Their tendency of taking risks left, right and center leads to undesirable consequences, many times. This stems from their inherent impatient nature, and their inability to wait for some time and then do something. The moment they think of an idea, it is at that very moment they choose to act on it.

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4. Unstructured and one-dimensional.

Whenever ESTPs come across an opportunity, be it solving a problem, or setting up something new, or simply just having fun, they tend to forget everything else and focus on doing it. They don’t think about rules, regulations, or even the risks associated with it. At the end of the day, they might achieve what they set out to, but it also can create extra problems for them.

They are always so focused on the destination, that they end up ignoring the due process and the journey. ESTPs fail to understand that something will work only when all the pieces fit together perfectly, and will never work if they don’t.

5. Intelligent and ingenious.

Their pragmatism and bold thinking is a deadly combination when it comes to coming up with original ideas. They have a gifted mind and imagination, and whatever they come up with, blows everybody away. Always experimenting and playing with different ideas, they have an innate ability to put things together like no one else. If you are looking for a creative and effective plan, then ESTPs are the ones for you. Any day.

6. Social and outgoing.

Because they are natural leaders, they tend to be very outgoing and social when it comes to it. Their extroverted nature makes sure that they thrive in social settings and social interactions, and have absolutely no difficulty in being the life of the party. The interesting thing is ESTPs don’t plan on being like this, their natural charisma and dynamic personality does half the job for them.

7. Obstinate and insensitive.

If there is one thing that ESTPs hate, it is when they are forced inside a box. Strictly following rules and regulations, being constantly lectured, and expected to follow the safe path – these are just some of the things that they truly despise, and which brings out their defiant side. Doing boring and run-of-the-mill jobs are not for them. Another side-effect of their obstinate nature is their insensitivity. When they are in that stubborn zone, they don’t care at all how their actions are making the other person feel.

That’s why emotional situations and uncomfortable circumstances tend to annoy them to no end. ESTPs are extremely bad at detecting and understanding others’ emotions and feelings.

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