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Empath Tips: 6 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded and Centered

Empath Tips: 6 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded and Centered

What Empaths can do to move forward and tread lightly at the same time in life. Here are empath tips to help them keep grounded and centered.

6 Empath tips you can use today

1.  So much energy….needs an outlet.

I want you to pause and think about what you are doing to really relieve your stress.  My husband used to say it just radiated off me.  Being a teacher was hard.  I would pick up on everything.  If I didn’t go directly to the gym after work, I would bring all that “stuff” into the house.  You know what I mean.  The stories here in the archives on this blog about what I dealt with, well it was not easy.  So maybe the gym isn’t your thing, but what to do with all that stuff that isn’t yours?

2. Yoga…helped me harness my own power.

I’m not saying you have to do yoga, but you have to shed the other feelings that are not yours.  So go on a walk-in nature, stop by a park, get out of the car, take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass.  Say to yourself that you are releasing what does not serve you back into the earth.  Then move on from there.  It does no good to bring it home.

Empath Tips: 6 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded and Centered

3. Lies. Energy vampires.

Okay, this one gets a bit tricky.  If you catch someone in a lie and trust me you will, have or do daily, that itch, you know the one, that itch doesn’t always have to be scratched. So how do we make peace with knowing we caught someone in a lie, and then moving on? As difficult as it is, that’s their karma or behavior that they will later have to answer to. Will we be around to see the destruction? Possibly.  But do we need to be there?  No.

We already know that it probably isn’t going to end well.  So have a secret word or phrase that you utter like “Interesting.” Or “Is that so?” or even Namaste.  And just let it be.  Say the same thing every time so that it becomes like washing your hands of it.  Then really and truly, go wash your hands as soon as you can.  It’s done.  You don’t own that problem.

4. Rest when you can.

If you know you have a large gathering coming up, take some time to meditate or rest.  Get off social media.  Schedule downtime.  Seriously and truly rest your brain waves.

5. Go visit some animals and laugh.

Spend some time with a friend who has animals and lets you just chill.  Laugh with the friend and soak up the love of the animals.  It will recharge you.  If animals are not your thing, take a journal outside and write under the clouds.

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6. Water…get to it.

If you are still needing one more way to cleanse your soul, find a stream, pond, ocean or somewhere you can walk in the water, listen to it and just enjoy the way it feels and sounds.  Add a water feature to your office to relax you or put on some music with water in the background.  It will help you focus and reclaim your energy.

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I hope you enjoyed all the empath tips in this article. Feel free to check out my 4 Weeks to Wellness program as well.

Written by Aimee H

Empath Tips: 6 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded and Centered
Empath Tips: 6 Things You Can Do To Stay Grounded and Centered

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