How to Be An Emotionally Strong Woman in Relationships


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emotionally strong woman in relationship

Every relationship goes through some worst trials and being emotionally strong is crucial to get through the storms of a relationship. An emotionally strong woman has a sense of self-worth and knows the boundary line of empathy and practicality. That is why they are able to overcome their emotional weakness to keep their relationship strong.

Do you want to be an emotionally strong woman in relationships? Of course, you do!

Being an emotionally strong woman in all aspects of our life is the goal, after all. But it can be easier said than done, being an emotionally strong woman in relationships, and often difficult because we don’t know what exactly will keep us the strong, independent, and desirable women that we are going into a relationship with.

Here Are 5 Things To Strive For If You Want To Be An Emotionally Strong Woman In Relationships

5 clear goals that are there for you to reach for.

1. Be Yourself

emotionally strong
How To Be An Emotionally Strong Woman In Relationships

First and foremost, in relationships, in work, in friendships, in life, be yourself.

I know that you might think that people won’t like the person you are. I know that you might believe that the person you are can’t succeed at work. I know that you find it hard to believe that anyone could ever be attracted to you. All those things are things that you tell yourself but that aren’t necessarily true. Who you are has gotten you to where you are today with the friends and the life you have.

Why is it important to be yourself if you want to be an emotionally strong woman in relationships? Because how can you be an emotionally strong woman if you are trying to be someone you are not.

How can you stay strong knowing that you aren’t being authentic, that keeping up this pretense is increasingly difficult and ultimately you are going to be found out in the end? I would imagine that would only cause you anxiety.

So be yourself, always, in a relationship. If your person falls in love with who you are, you can feel confident in their love for you and that will give you emotional strength.

2. Don’t Ignore Red Flags.

There is nothing that can cause more insecurity than ignoring red flags. What do I mean by red flags? Red flags are things that you see that should signal you to stop moving forward in your relationship. Red flags are things that are often ignored.

Examples of red flags are: having an ex he is always talking about, regularly drinking too much, employment inconsistencies, being unkind to you, and such.

So why would ignoring red flags make you not be emotionally strong in a relationship? Because you would know, deep down, that there are things that are, or will be, fundamentally wrong with this relationship. And that deep down knowledge, knowing that it’s there and that you are ignoring it, or worse, trying to fix it, will only make you feel insecure and anxious.

If you see a red flag, run. Run as fast as you can so that you can find someone who is flying only green flags. He is out there!

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3. Don’t Get Clingy.

There is nothing like clinginess to lead to feelings of not being emotionally strong in a relationship.

Clinginess is usually the result of your person pulling away for some reason. Where before they used to always be there, now, for whatever reason, they aren’t. And when that happens, we become clingy.

Unfortunately, clinginess gets you nowhere. When a guy feels you are like you need too much, they will more likely than not pull away, even if things are good. No one likes someone who ‘needs’ them in an extreme way.

Not being clingy is especially important if your person is pulling away. If your person is pulling away and you sense it and just cling harder, your self-esteem will plummet. You will start to blame yourself for what is happening and cling more and your person will move further away, and maybe even leave, and you will be left a shell of yourself. Not emotionally strong at all.

So, if you are feeling clingy, ask yourself why. If it’s because your partner is pulling away, ask them why. If you are clingy because of an issue around abandonment or some such, talk to your person about it.

Communication is a key way to be an emotionally strong woman in a relationship. Being clingy is not.

4. Don’t Give Up Your Life.

For many women, when they get involved with someone, they give up their own lives. They turn their backs on their friends and their hobbies and the things that make them ‘them.’

I remember once, at a family reunion, I was reading the Bible, just because I had never read it before. My sister told my daughter that there had to be a guy involved because I would never do anything new unless there was a guy involved.

And if there was I guy involved I would change to be just like them. Hearing that didn’t make me feel good but it was true. I do tend to turn myself into a pretzel to be what a guy would want and often become less of myself. And it has never served me.

So, if you want to be an emotionally strong woman in a relationship, stay yourself. Be with your friends. Do those things that bring you joy. These things will make you strong, and a better partner!

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5. Speak Up.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that communication is the key to success in any relationship. That if there are issues that need to be addressed or compliments that need to be given, everyone should speak up.

I am not saying to be unkind. I am saying don’t let issues get swept under the rug. Don’t assume that your husband knows what you want for your birthday. Don’t go to bed angry, sure that things will be fine in the morning. It is essential that to be an emotionally strong woman in a relationship, we speak up for what we want so that we can get what we want and be happy.

It is on us. No one can read our minds. And problems that aren’t addressed right away can fester until they are very destructive. And don’t forget, on the flip side, to tell your person everything that they are doing that makes you happy. If you do, you will most likely just get more of it.

Being an emotionally strong woman in a relationship is the best way to have it be a successful one. Being a strong woman is very attractive to a man but you will also find that it can make you feel really good about yourself.

If you are who you are, you don’t ignore red flags or get clingy, if you keep your life and speak up for what you want, you will believe that you deserve love and happiness and you won’t be willing to settle for anything less!

Good for you for seeking to understand. Now go forth, be emotionally strong, and make it happen!

You can do it!

If you have made it this far you must really be feeling insecure in a relationship. Let me help you, NOW, the pain gets worse! Email me at [email protected], or click here, and let’s get started.

Written By Mitzi Bockmann
Originally Appeared In Let Your Dreams Begin
Emotionally Strong Woman In Relationships pin
How To Be An Emotionally Strong Woman In Relationships
emotionally strong woman in relationship pin
How To Be An Emotionally Strong Woman In Relationships

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