7 Signs of People Who Crave Love And How To Stop It

Signs People Crave Love Stop It

5. They act as martyrs

Altruism is one of the most common traits of people who crave love. They are often disinterested in their own emotional and physical well being and have a selfless concern for making the other person happy. Hence, they never shy away from making sacrifices even if it comes at the cost of their own happiness. Relationship martyrs constantly make sacrifices which leads to chronic unhappiness. Yet they never speak up or share their true feelings due to their fear that the relationship might end. According to ExploringYourMind, “They feel so thankful someone loves them that they’ll make all kinds of sacrifices to please them.

Yes, love and relationships do require making sacrifices and compromises at times. But it never means that you avoid your own needs and well being for that to occur. You have the right to be happy too, not just your partner. Relationships require mutual sacrifice and respect.

6. They have trust issues

People who have emotional hunger are often unable to trust the person they love. Although they do want to trust their partners, their insecurities and fears keep them from doing so. This leads to persistent suspicion in the relationship which adversely affects their emotional connection. As they constantly expect their partners to betray, hurt or abandon them, that is what they experience in reality. In a way, they manifest their own thoughts and feelings. Their fear of emotional pain and desperation to avoid it can make them develop a negative perspective about everything.

7. They tolerate abuse

People who constantly crave love are highly likely to tolerate abuse. The thing is, abuse is not always physical. It doesn’t always leave bruises. Emotional and mental abuse can be as damaging as physical and sexual abuse. Sadly, these individuals believe that accepting abuse and toxic behavior will make the other person love them. But it can only weaken the emotional bond.They can’t tell the difference between a disagreement or conflict and an abusive situation. They might get angry over nothing but also accept physical and mental attacks,” explains ExploringYourMind.

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Do not allow the lack of affection in your life to accept toxic or narcissistic behavior. No matter how broken or empty you may feel inside, you should never accept any kind of abuse.

Emotional hunger & self-love

Nobody likes heartbreaks. But when you crave love, you set yourself up for just that. Emotional hunger can need an intense craving for love that can make you emotionally needy and cloud your judgments. For most us, love feels like a driving force. We want to love others and we want to be loved by others. We want to be appreciated and valued. However, when we have low self-esteem and poor sense of self worth, we can intensely crave love from others, instead of giving love to ourselves. We seek validation from others instead of being content with internal validation.

You crave love when you are unable to understand yourself. When you are unable to love yourself. When you are unable to heal your emotional wounds that you’ve been carrying since your childhood. Desperately seeking love from others is a sign that you need to practice self-love. It is only by appreciating your strengths and embracing your shortcomings  you can truly stop craving love. By overcoming your emotional hunger, you will realize that your happiness lies within you and you don’t need to crave love from others to feel fulfilled and satisfied in life.

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How to stop craving love

If you want to stop craving love and fill the void inside you, then the first thing you need to start doing is love yourself. Here are a few ways for you to get started with self-love:

1. Seek what makes you happy

Identify the things that you love and invest more time in enjoying them. It can be a hobby, reading, exercising, watching movies, eating good food or anything that makes you feel happy. If you don’t have any specific interests, then you may make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do and start with those.

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