50 Deep Questions That Will Bring You And Your Partner Closer

Deep Questions

Questions For Knowing Each Other More Deeply

When you have been with someone for many years, things can seem a little less interesting than before. The excitement and eagerness may get dialed down a bit, as you gradually start getting used to each other and settle down. Asking each other a few interesting and deep questions can help bring that spark back, and also make sure that things never get boring.

1. What do you plan to do after you retire?

2. How does your dream home look like – a huge 3 storied mansion in the suburbs, or a minimalistic apartment in the city?

3. Do you suffer from any phobias?

4. Do you think women and men can simply be platonic friends without any sexual or romantic attachments whatsoever?

5. What is the one thing you will never tolerate in a relationship?

6. What are your dream destinations, that you want to travel to at least once before dying?

7. If you wanted to donate to a charity, which cause would be your first pick?

8. Which time of the year makes you the happiest?

9. What is the best advice you have gotten in your life?

10. If money was no object, how would you live your life?

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Questions For Understanding Each Other More

When your relationship is steadily gaining momentum and is progressing into serious territory, it is important to know what both of your values are. It’s okay to have different opinions, and different viewpoints, but after a point, it’s crucial to be on the same page regarding certain things. These questions can help both of you know each other on a much deeper level, and also help you understand your similarities and dissimilarities.

1. Do you like children, and do you see yourself having children in the future?

2. Have you ever been in a live-in relationship?

3. What do you think is more important in the long run – love, happiness, or money?

4. If you could have any job in the world, what would you choose as a career?

5. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Physically or emotionally?

6. Do you feel happy when you are surrounded by people or do you feel happy when you get to spend time by yourself?

7. Are spirituality and religion important to you? If yes, how much, and if no, why?

8. What is your biggest achievement to date, according to you?

9. Do you have anything in your past that you still feel ashamed of today?

10. Do you believe in the institution of marriage, and do you see yourself getting married in the future?

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Ask each other these 50 deep questions, if you are looking to have meaningful conversations with each other. Some of these deep questions might seem intimidating and personal, but trust each other and open up your heart and soul. It is only when you know yourself and your partner inside out, will you be able to build a strong and healthy relationship.

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50 Deep Questions That Will Bring You And Your Partner Closer
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50 Deep Questions That Will Bring You And Your Partner Closer
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