Dear Empaths: 4 Types of Narcissists You May Be Attracting

Dear Empaths: 4 Types of Narcissists You May Be Attracting

The types of narcissists, empaths attract:

What is it about narcissists that are so irresistibly attractive?

Like moths drawn to flames, us empaths seem to have a penchant for flying head-first into dangerous friendships and soul-sucking relationships that leave us feeling exhausted and unhinged. And yet, over and over again many of us fall into the same trap, often missing the vital life lessons being presented.

Almost every week Sol and I receive emails inquiring about the dynamic between empaths and narcissists. Having been burned by a number of different types of narcissists myself, I know just how easy it is to fall into the heavy gravitational pull of such people. Like black holes, narcissists eat away at your emotions, physical health, and sanity, profoundly manipulating and messing up your perceptions and sensibilities.

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Why is it that empaths and narcissists – two diametrically opposed types of people – feel an almost magnetic pull towards each other?

Dear Empaths: 4 Types of Narcissists You May Be Attracting
Dear Empaths: 4 Types of Narcissists You May Be Attracting

There are many theories, but at the heart of it, I believe that it is Life’s way of restoring balance.

For example, let’s examine your typical empath. By nature, empaths are deeply caring, compassionate people. The empath’s purpose in life is to facilitate healing in others, yet due to their intense sensitivity, empaths often struggle to create healthy boundaries for themselves, giving in to martyrdom, victimhood, co-dependency, and chronic self-sacrifice. Now, let’s examine your typical narcissist.

Due to various traumas, core wounds, and conditionings, narcissists hide behind an idealized self-image which is expressed as being highly charming and attractive, yet deeply uncaring, indifferent, self-centered and cruel. Put empaths and narcissists together? Both come in contact with their “inverted/reverse” selves, and both are forced to learn, grow and heal as a result of such an experience (although this doesn’t always happen immediately, but through trial and error).

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  1. Romi Schneider

    I am in the process of divorcing a narcissist husband who inflicted pain in my life for 20 years and I can tell you this “ run” as fast as you can from this type of people. They only bring pain into the equation!

  2. i dont a few people here are saying or implying that narcissists can change …..if they really did change, then perhaps they were never even narcissists to begin with..

    i think these people dont understand what narcissists really are.. not every selfish and manipulative person is a narcissist

    how can someone who doesnt even want to change… can change????
    to bring about a change in yourself you need to ‘feel’ something…..guilt or dissatisfaction with yourself or something at least… only then you would want to change yourself….. but narcissists are incapable of feelings and emotions…… how is it even possible for them to change???????

    1. Absolutely! I agree @empath…there is zero accountability, constant mind games twisting the blame eventually back on to whoever confronts them and by the end of the conversation we feel guilt and shame like we are the problem and not good enough.

  3. Im sorry, i meant a narcissist does not have the ability to self reflect.
    I should have proof read.

  4. I was raised by a narcissist , and believe me they don’t change. They will make you believe they did. But once they used and abused you, the mask comes out . It ‘s all about them, you are only important as long as you play a role in their scheme.With no remorse, total refusal to admit guilt or mistakes, I am sorry to admit , but the only real solution is to stay away from them or that poison will kill you.

  5. I am now 64 years of age and can finally say that after spending almost 50 years fighting with, running away from and moving almost 200 miles away from my family member narcissist, I have realised that I need not have done any of the above. All I needed to do was simply cut her out of my life. At the time though all I could think of was killing myself. Killing her. And hiding from her toxic blatant lies ….manipulation of any real truth within her web and the damage I could see happening to children in her care.

  6. Mind, I believe, is the most powerful organ implanted by nature in our body to keep us breathing. I have been into these mental gymnastics of psychology from college days. As I have been in and out of depression all my life. Few years back, I was reading a learned Professor’s mind blowing book on the situation of humanity, in which he says that there never was, or ever will be a perfect world. Yet a progressive world is very much possible and a practical thing. In other words, what I gathered was that there never will be peace in our lives, but this does not mean we must stop striving for peace. Being an optimistic person, needless to say we influence each other when we spend time with each other. It is quite possible that an empath may become a narcissist and vice versa over the passage of time, just to take revenge from the other. And the consequence of revenge is the death of life! After taking our revenge we spend, in the words of the famous social psychoanalyst Dr. E. Fromm, an unlived life.

  7. Well, my twin flame is a Vulnerable Narcissist. Since the experience of being with twin flame is altogether both strenous and joyful, it became much difficult for me to deal with him.
    When i first saw him i realised he is a part of me and vise versa. He gave me a direction, for i always knew there existed an another except the mind & the body, and that is the soul for that day i felt my soul. He is a person who is extremely vulnerable but even after his negligence and ignorance towards everything in life, he felt the same.
    But the problem begun as when we come in contact with our twin flame the environment moves upside down and within a fraction of seconds so many unexpected problems come in between. I can say that both the repulsive & attractive forces act at the same time. And he being a VN complicated things much more.
    I knew that he is my soul, he is not my soul-mate but a part of my soul. Yes, being an empath i did face a lot of challenges, i felt suffocated & needed some air. He one the other hand dint communicate at all. It was really hard.
    But what helped me through it was the feeling of completeness, which i shared with him. I knew that if i increase the positivity of my soul he will be benefitted as we are one.
    So i turned towards meditation, i am a hindu so we have a glorious history comprised of yoga. Basically it was a self healing.
    It gave me patience, wisdom and perseverance. Gradually as i healed, he healed too.
    Yes i do agree with the above mentioned way that is to understand your needs and desires etc. I did that too. And now we are a happy couple.

  8. I married a man a believed would protect me and love me no matter what. He had charm, energy, self-confidence, super social skills and more. I admired him and believed his every word until… we had children. The dynamics changed. My demands were on the new baby. He became cold, withdrawn and moody. He spent more time away from home and I became more desperate. Despite this we had two more children. We moved to be closer to my parents. I began to realise something was not ok with his behaviour and I began to lose trust in his ability to look after us. I knew I needed to become more self-dependant so I got a degree and a safe job should I need to leave him. I then discovered through academic reading that I had married a narcissist. I nearly ran for the hills but didn’t due to special events. It is not easy living with someone who makes up imaginary scenarios to make himself feel good. But I know his m.o. I have learned how to duck and dive, swerve and swoop. He knows there is something not right with him and he tries to make an effort but his reserves are limited. I know how to control him with just enough room to avoid conflict. However, I can’t say my life is a happy one it just is what it is. We have some good times but mostly my life is lonely. So my advise to all is if you discover your partner has NPD RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. He/she will suck the life out of you.

  9. There is research that shows different brain development. So a physical thing pre – determins. And then if environment is good less exhibited. Bad environment. Can lead to full blown psychopaths. They sent a serious of un labbelled brain scans of prosion in prison for different category’s of crime. The surgeon they went to sorted into 5 piles of similar brain patterns and these correlated to the crime groups. In discovering this a family member recommended he was scanned and they for the first time discussed openly what he was like to deal with very nacassitic. And that his aunt had killed her husband – sure enough he had the same brain pattern. Yes everyone deserved to be loved. And arguably nacasisstic behaviour is not a choice and often enhanced in bad childhood experiences. For me i could of been a narcasist or empath im happy im the latter. And im sending love a strength to all empaths currently in the dark place I know can be created in these connects.

  10. I have encountered many narcissistic men in my life, especially my last boyfriend who was a Guru. I never even realized this was a thing but have been reading more about it recently. He was the wounded narcissistic, the first one mostly and we met on a spiritual dating site then he decided he would be my teacher*. That never ended. All the time we were together he made comments like we were a couple (this was a long distance relationship) he couldn’t stop “teaching” me cuz apparently I was not spiritual enough for him. He would stop taking to me if I ever challenged him for being the complete hypocrite that he so clearly was. All of the spiritual double speak had me so confused and my self esteem plummeted. Finally in the end he ended up leaving me for a woman that he met when he came to visit me, I was hosting him as a Kriya yoga guru and holding healing sessions at my house and I was arranging spiritual gatherings for him. She has money and I feel he saw bigger fish he could fry. He never loved me and in the end he told me I just wasn’t good enough. Right after that I had a major breakthrough about some past pre verbal abuse I had experienced and had to do some major work on acceptance and self love but everything simply shifted after that. Not loving myself fully had attracted this person into my life to show me how much I needed to love myself. I could never have stayed with him had I really loved myself fully first. It didn’t take long to recover and eventually feel real peace for the first time in my life! It was painful and confusing to go through but the real gem was the gold I found within. Now I know my worth and feel completely invulnerable to narcissistic behavior from others like this. They San be tricky to spot but if you are not valued and listened to and able to communicate with trust and respect, walk away, especially if something feels “off” and confusing. Love to all on their journey <3

    1. Yes the Narcassist comes in many disguises. Interesting to find out the esoteric community seems to have a number of thes Chiron(Wounded Healers) amongst us. I have experienced a similar situation over a number of years and have come out the other end much stronger. Thank you so much for sharing. Big love xx

  11. I have spent the last 4 1/2 years with a narcissist. Everything you all have written is what I have been through. I always thought I had the ‘problem’. I reached a turning point last week, when a client of mine told me (after I told her of my latest ‘incident’) that my partner is a narcissist……..What a revelation!!! It’s like I know something about him that he doesn’t…..I love it!!!!
    Now I feel I have some control back over myself, my emotions and how I choose to respond.
    I have taken a huge step back and am really watching this person and his behaviour before me for the first time.
    Thank God we don’t live together, so I have taken my own space back and spend time on my own as much as possible.
    I don’t see a future with this person, but I am OK with that, because I know that he doesn’t deserve to have me.
    I am taking my time as to when to leaving.
    I will know when the time is right.
    This whole experience has been a huge life lesson for ME…..he sought me out because I am an empath AND emotionally vulnerable, and he was 9 months into being separated from his wife……..he needed me to build him (ego) up again, which I did, but at my own emotional expense.
    We were BOTH damaged souls….ME the over giver and fixer (I have read other articles as to why I am like that, because of lack of emotional support from my own parents and I think my Mother was abit narcissistic too, thus having a very difficult relationship with her).
    HE is damaged because of hurt and ‘unbalanced parenting, no excuse though, HE is just a BULLY!!!
    Out of all of this HE has helped ME fix ME, with his bad attitude.
    I have helped him by stroking his ego to the point that he does not ‘need’ me anymore.
    My job is done as far as I am concerned.
    He is not ‘fixed’ because he does not want to be, and that is fine with me, because I am a better, stronger, happier person out of all of this because I will still go through life ‘helping’ people but I now understand HOW to keep enough emotional space between ME and THEM that I will NEVER allow anyone to emotionally drain me ever again.

  12. Regarding the discussion above… Yes, narcissists , very very deep down, are often sad, wounded souls. The observant, compassionate, empathic part of me sees and understands that. Yes, it would be awesome if they could see that and “gain some self-awareness”. Maybe open themselves up so they could receive healing in that deep, wounded place! But that’s the thing. The nature of serious narcissism is to NOT let that happen, at any cost. A narcissist has so thoroughly cultivated his sophisticated, deep and downright vicious defense of the false self– the false self that covers that hurt soul buried deeply within– that any dangerous person not feeding and propping up the false self, if they can’t be completely avoided or controlled, MUST BE DESTROYED. Remember, defense is life or death! For anyone attempting to reach this wounded, defended-to-the-death place– no matter how compassionately and kindly motivated– there will be destruction. Whether covert and highly sophisticated, or overt and obvious, you will feel the vicious offense as he defends that false-self covered deep place. There is no tinkering around the edges with compassion. If you truly were in a relationship with a pathological narcissist, you would know this.

  13. I’m having trouble cutting free from a narcissist. We was a childhood friend but then we had a brief relationship. From the start I knew it was trouble because he was hard work. Everything was about him, his issues, he never apologized when he hurt me when he started seeing someone else. I never made active contact with him again after that, that was 5 months ago and yet I’m still obsessing over why he hurt me. This has never happened to me before. What makes it worse, is just when I think I’m over it, he shows up at my work, behaves like nothing happened and I have to start healing all over again. Its driving me insane, I just want it all to stop.

  14. I’ve always knew my husband to be narcissistic. I never realized, until reading this article, that there’s different categories of narcissism. He has an element of all of these categories. His biggest thing is gaslighting. He is prone to trying to mentally manipulate me. When I call him out on it he is in total and complete denial. He continues to impress upon me that the problem is me and that I have a skewed perception that I need to change and make myself better, as if I’m sick. He makes everything about him. I need some tools/resources on how to cope and live with this. Because, I’ll be damned if I’m getting another divorce and starting my life over again… Help!

    1. Wow sounds like your me talking about my husband. I have come a long way with him and would love to share but my phone is about to die. Therapy helps , for both parties individual and couples therapy, and sometimes it takes a few tries to find a good therapist. It also help to do a lot of reading on the topic. You can find a lot of support out there. Build yourself up and stay strong no matter what he says and you take away all power he has over you

    2. I just broke off my engagement of 2 years because I knew personally that I couldn’t move forward if I couldn’t find a balance in our relationship which I struggled to do. I tried couples therapy. I tried retreats and working on myself. I tried distancing myself. I tried getting closer with him. I tried everything I could to make it work and his anger and narcissism didn’t go away. He told me it’s my fault our relationship is this way and that it is my fault I am not understanding of his anger and that I should be on meds to stop being crazy. I gave myself one year to work on and exhaust all efforts to make it work. My one year evaluation has ended yesterday. The past couple of weeks I have been mentioning that I will be staying at my dads if our present fight wasn’t worked out, and to get the idea in his head that I’m thinking of ending things. My year came up yesterday, and we just so happened to be in another disagreement about me needing to work on myself to get to the bottom of my holdup with moving forward and I need to be more “understanding” when I lost my identity and confidence and security during the process of being the most understanding and patient woman. Yesterday I put on my big girl pants and packed up and left. Though this may not be the path you want, and I understand, nothing should ever take away from what you deserve in this one life you have. You deserve to have someone tell you how impressed they are with how Intune you are. You deserve someone who will be fascinated with you for being YOU. I stopped being certain about who I was tomorrow, and although I feel guilty for leaving, and tears have been cried, it feels FREEING to not make his emotions my responsibility now.

    3. Concerned wife…please rethink your needs. He will do this to you until you are physically sick and he has taken everything from you, then he will leave. Please think about yourself…and the possibility of leavinh, starting over is soooo much netter than living with someone that makes you crazy, then calls you crazy. Please…ive been there, i did not get married a second time to get divorced…but the nsture of this disease is to destroy you…in many cases, people are do distraught about not wanting to go through the end of yet another relationship, that they get to the.point of suicide. Read books about narcissism, they will give you ideas about what to do.

  15. My exboyfriend was caring for me until I presented my own needs it was crazy he couldnt really empathize with me he put all the guilt on me without selfreflection I wonder really how he could hide this lack of empathy or how I could not recognize it before???

  16. I’m getting tired of articles that paint people as abusers and victims. Honestly, narcissists have been hurt and are behaving in the way that they are in order to protect themselves form further pain. Their path is to cycle out of those protective matrices in order to feel the pain they became so calloused against so that it no longer controls their lives. Empaths are often painted as a breed of folks who are victims to the energies around them. As an empath, I have learned that I am not affected by anything that my soul has not invited. I am not being targeted by narcissists in order to be torn apart. I am meeting my soul in every human. My vulnerability and honesty, mixed with compassion allows me to connect with everyone soul to soul in this cosmic dance. We are not victims, we are angels, who are here to guide lost souls to themselves. That being said, the above article is a great map for understanding some of the lost souls we might be presented with for guidance. But distancing ourselves? We only need to do that if we forget our own connection to spirit and get entangled in the story of another.

    1. Thank you Divya. It’s true. and thank you for approaching peace in the matter. As an empath, I can find all the mentioned qualities of the narcissist lurking within me. I know them all as suffering from my own experiences with victimization and it’s illusory “protective” stance. It’s just the unresolved result of a traumatic emotional experience, confused into mirroring the behavior as the inner empath chokes in calamity of identification away from Love. We’re all empaths. Some of us are feeling really hurt (however it may have played out) and are homeless in the heart. There is no supporting/Loving another, healthily, truly, if there is no home or peace in the [potentially resolute] heart.

    2. Well said except for the painting part. It’s not a “paint job” it’s real, they do go out of their way to hurt physically and mentally and yes a lot of it has to do with being hurt and learning to protect themselves but in reality it’s not an excuse! Everyone has a story some just choose to turn the pages others never read.

    3. are u even an empath????
      n hav u been a victim of a narcissist????
      no victim of a narcissist ll talk the way u r talking…..

      u talk like a spiritually awakened person.. but if u really are one.. den y are u getting tired of such articles? dont u want pple to be aware about dey can protect themselves sooner or later… should we empaths keep sacrificing ourselves for narcissists.. who dont even feel a thing????

      i dont think dat u even understand d fact dat not all empaths are born spiritually awakened.. like u “seem” to be.. to hav a connection with deir spirits n know about it since birth..its a process takes time.. n dose who hav not yet been awakened.. should know about this…. knowledge is a powerful tool………….

      u just keep talking about trying to help narcissists.. n wat about empaths???

      i am an empath.. n i ll never wish dis on someone else.. even if i know dat our souls made a contract before even taking birth.. even when i know dat d experience helped me grow so strong..even wen i understand y all dat happened……………………………

      n most of all i know dat I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF BEFORE TAKING CARE OF OTHERS… so should everyone else.. n if such articles help pple take care of demselves den y do dey irritate u?

      i m not saying dat u r supporting narcissists.. but u r really being insensitive to d needs of empaths

    4. I’m not sure you have ever really encountered a narcissist. It is admirable that you think narcissists are damaged people, and that’s why they are behaving that way. But I tell you this……….my narcissist has no feelings, no empathy, and seems to go through life causing as much damage to me as he can, while behaving like an angel in public with those he is trying to impress. I am left a wreck of a person after years of sexual, emotional, financial, and mental abuse. I have little to no self confidence left, and it’s due to all the game playing, gaslighting, and manipulation I’ve endured while others think he’s quite the catch. I’m in therapy trying to salvage some self esteem and the will to get completely away from him and rebuild my life. This experience has changed me in ways I can barely comprehend, and you’re going on about “lost souls”. I don’t think my narcissist has a soul.

    5. Divya, you have probably never related closely to a narcissist. They are real.

      Having said that, our human ego believes that all problems have solutions. The solution to the narcissist’s problem, I think, is actually less about feeding their ego, and more about analysis of the reasons of narcissism, and the possible ways of dealing with it, or preventing it from happening altogether. In this case, less of heart and more of mind might be the better option.

  17. Thank you for writing this article. Being empathtic myself, my ex husband was drawn to the best part of me and he tried to destroy it. I rebuilt my life and the divorce has made me a better mother.

  18. Thank you for writing this article. Writings about the dynamic between empaths and narcissists really interests me, as I identify as an empath and have felt the attraction to narcissistic personalities from time to time (either in a romantic or platonic relationship). What really interests me though is that, in most of the writings I have come across about the empath- narcissist dynamic, the general take home message is that empaths need to find ways to protect themselves from narcissistic personalities. While this is an important message, it seems to be the only message that keeps cropping up. What about the narcissistic personality, surely it’s as important for them to understand and identify this dynamic as it is for an empath to identify and understand it? There are two people contributing to the dynamic and both need to protect themselves, and both need to be equipped with enough self awareness to understand what each bring to the relationship (both good and bad). Just my thoughts as I think it’s important for both parties to be protected in any relationship.

    1. The reason is the true narcissist is profoundly destructive. These articles aren’t talking about someone who just likes to look in the mirror. These people destroy lives, they seek out individuals that are suited for annihilation. It’s hard to imagine, and seems trite if you’ve never experienced this horror. But these articles, repeating the same stuff, saves lives. People come spinning out of these relationships completely traumatized. I hope it never happens to you.

    2. I’m sorry if it sounded like I wasn’t understanding of the damages and trauma that an empath experiences as a result of the abuse they receive from a narcissist. I’m sorry but I wasn’t trying to trivialise this in any way as it is a very real struggle. But what I was trying to say is that a narcissist is very damaged and they clearly need some support of their own to understand what damage they can cause to others…improving their self awareness can’t be a bad thing surely? Like I said please don’t think I’m trivialising the realness of this issue, I’m just saying that surely the narcissist needs help in their own way too?

      1. “Improving their self awareness can’t be a bad thing surely? ”

        Tash, self awareness is the one thing they are protecting themselves from.

        Where they do not allow in even themselves, would they allow in anyone else, even if it’s an empath?

    3. tash.. i understand wat u r trying to say.. but u dont know narcissists.. dey dont feel a thing.. and if an empath cannot bring about any change in dem.. empaths who are called ‘healers’……one of the most compassionate pple in dis world….. den it must b for a reason

    4. i wud hav talked d same way u r talking .. as would hav every empath here.. if dey had not gone through wat dey went through at d hands of a narcissist…. dey give us post traumatic stress disorder.. we empaths might even start turning into narcissists ourselves.. so huge is deir impact on us… dey distance us from ourselves.. can u imagine how horrible dat can b…. der is no greater loss in dis world than losing urself

    5. Tash i completely understand your thought process. An empath does not have the ability to self reflect. In their eyes, it is always…ALWAYS the fault of the other person…whatever it is, changes with the manipulative patterns of a narcissist. I agree that the ideal treatment would happen to both parties….however, in order for that to happen, both parties must realize their own self projections. An empath is desperately trying to project love, compassion and empathy to their beloved narcissist, while a narcissist absolutely cannot think of themselves as anything but the victim. They project what they do, their evil deeds, onto the empath…and too many times, even therapists that are not trained in narcissism, get sucked into the manipulations Of the narcissist, thetefore damaging the self esteem of the empath even more, and solidifying the shame that the narcissist has been projecting onto his empath all along. I would not advise any couples type of therapy involving a narcissist. Get away, go no contact, and go find a therapist that specializes in narcissism for yourself. I am sorry, but the professionals of the narcissistic community find little hope for helping a narcissistic personality …too many times it simply gives him more tools with which to hurt others with. Have you encountered that in your research between empath and narcissists? Because we are not simply talking terms here….these are people. The empath should always…ALWAYS be at the center of the treatment.
      I was married to a malignant narcissist for 13 years. He does not care for anyone but him. After bringing attention to him the fact that i had just found out about his molestation of our daughter, not one iotta of caring for anyone or anything came out of him. I can tell you things he said throughout our marriage that would have red flagged me if only i had awareness of psychopathic behavior and the role of narcissism within that umbrella at the time. He asked me once about, “you know, that empty feeling you get when you wake up, that emptiness in your gut”, i played along to try to understand, but no, i didnt have any idea what emptiness he was referring to. Then, through intense research, i found that the statement he made is a common theme.
      I have to go, but i hope ive helped you gain a bit more knowledge.

  19. You MUST love yourself. Put distance between yourself and the narcissist as much as possible. Expect nothing from a narcissist. Do nice things for yourself every day. Pat yourself on the back. Do this until the narcissist cracks or you gather the courage to leave.

  20. Ask me. Only after breaking free from manipulate narcissist personalities, I realised my beauty as an empath. Howsoever difficult a situation a beautiful heart always comes out of it. Always.

  21. I’m curious to know if narcissism can be a “family” thing? I know a mother/daughter and I’m pretty sure they fit the malignant and amorous categories. I’ve watched them both in action for about 10 yrs now and I can’t stand to be around either one anymore and have actually put my foot down with the mom. The daughter was never my friend: I’m an empath and I sensed her evilness the second I met her. So I’m curious to know if you’re born with it or if it’s something you learn?

    1. i have read dat narcissistic parents might end up turning their kids into narcissists too… but i dont know whether this happens in every case or not

    2. In the case of my ex, it was the abuse of his mother that made him feel the need to defend his wounded self. And it was she who modeled the tools of how to make a false self, manage impressions and manipulate others to defend it. Except he took to heights of sophistication she could never reach. It’s definitely learned. Developmentally, its origins lie in an inability to develop an integrated view of the self (good and bad all rolled together in the same person) and of others, developed in a variety of ways.

    3. Just so many factors. You are not born that way, age three is the age we are suppose to gain our morals. Depends who gets a hold of our clean slate, whether be a parent, guardian, or any rolen model available & ready to write on our walls in an early age, just depends if it’s positive or negative. Negatives bring about the narcissist when not carefully taught. how do I know this? Well I used to be one, and it’s not nice when the tables do turn. Being in the “empath” position, i can trully say I was not the victim all along, the narcissist was, due to their rough childhood who never had the positive guides. They eventually learn the hard way once they get that rude awakening. But the good news is you survive if you refuse to play into the victim game. These things just do not happened to us because we were targets. We all have our sides & need to realize that it may be happening to us because of something negative we may have done to someone else. We reap what we sow, No matter what. No one deserves to be misguided so guide the narcissist because you never know the impact or ripple effect they surely need.

    4. corina.. u used to b a narcissist.. n now u r an empath?????
      really? i didnt know dat was even possible

      maybe u wer not a narcissist.. u just had narcissistic tendencies.. it happens wen we hv been in close company of narcissists for too long

      i mean to say.. dat narcissists need to b able to feel something in order to bring about a change in themselves.. but dats d thing.. dey do not feel.. no feelings………………. so how s it possible for dem to change?

  22. Do you know why your soul-mirror does not reflect as clearly as it might? Because rust has begun to cover it. It needs to be cleaned.

    Rumi ?

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