Your Daily Predictions for Saturday 18 January 2020

What are the stars saying about your day? Our accurately calculated daily predictions and readings are updated regularly to give you the guidance you need. Our daily horoscopes offer advice and warnings about career, wealth, love, health and others which can help you to navigate effectively through the ups and downs of the day with our smart tips for each zodiac sign.

So go ahead and read the daily prediction for your zodiac sign to make the most of today.


General Daily Predictions:

Today, the Moon, from Scorpio, forms a hexagon with Jupiter, in Capricorn, and a triangle with each Venus and Neptune, both in Pisces.

Also today, Mercury’s square with Uranus becomes accurate.

So, this will be a good day, overall.

Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Sagittarius will probably be the less lucky one.


Daily Predictions for Aries:

All work and business matters receive beneficial influences, today. Long term planning also receives the favour of the stars. This is also an auspicious day for managing your finances.


Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Social life receives beneficial energies, today. Online socialisation, even more so. It’s also a good day for promoting your social media and web-pages. Love, too, receives some help. Long distance relationships, even more so.


Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Work receives very supportive influences, today. Jobs of health, as well as accountants and all those who manage other people’s money receive even better energies. Furthermore, your own health seems strong and self-healing even stronger.


Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Love life seems rather pleasant and lucky, today. Finding a new love is also possible. Social life, too receives mostly pleasant energies. Probably not as strongly as love life, but still strong enough.


Daily Predictions for Leo:

Health receives quite good and healing energies, today. Of course, do take a good care, if you are facing any problems there, but expect good developments. Also, work and money matters receive some help.


Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Love and social life receive very pleasant energies, today. Some good luck, too, and maybe some new, interesting people may enter your life. Furthermore, socialisation and having fun can promote your work and projects, too.


Daily Predictions for Libra:

Money receives quite good and supportive energies, today. Finding solutions in problems, there, overcoming obstacles and things like those can happen. Also, work receives quite good energies.


Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

This is a good day for promoting yourself and your services. Social and love life, too, receive some help. In most cases, though, you should take the initiative to force these influence to manifest.


Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Money receives quite beneficial influences, today. Investing your assets and long term financial planning, even more so. Also, family can play a significant role in your day. If there are problems there, expect good developments. If not, bonding deeper is possible.


Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

All your projects receive supportive energies, today. Work-related ones, of course, but even more so your personal ones. Also, social life seems pleasant. Furthermore, this is a good day for advertising and, also, for jobs of this kind.


Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

Career matters receive much support, today. This is a beneficial day for those who are planning to change their place of working, or to move their business in a new environment. Money, too, receives some good energies.


Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Studies of all kinds receive support, today. Researches and all similar activities, too. Furthermore, socialisation can be quite pleasant, supportive and inspiring. Finding people to support you in your projects is possible.


Astrology and Magic:

All magic is strong, today. Beautification, healing and good luck, even more so.

Every day brings some new opportunities and challenges that can give our lives new meaning. So make sure you never miss our daily horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you. By knowing about your day in advance, you can make informed decisions and keep yourself out of harm’s way. Navigate your life towards the best opportunities with our daily readings.

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