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Cool Hacks To Keep Your Confidence Levels Up During Your Periods

Cool Hacks To Keep Your Confidence Levels Up During Your Periods

Cool Hacks To Keep Your Confidence Levels Up During Your Periods

When you have your first period, it comes as a shock and can usually get a bit messy and embarrassing. But the worst part comes when you become aware that it is going to come back again. Well, it is how nature has created us. But we have the power to deal with it confidently and can make it just a normal part of our lives. We cannot let periods deflate our confidence level.

These are some of the ways in which you can take care of yourself and make sure that periods do not affect you in any significant way: –

A. Period Symptoms

1. Making A Chart

The best way to deal with periods is to prepare for it beforehand. Keep a chart and make a mark of the significant period-based days – when it’s going to start, the day when the flow is heaviest, the duration and the final day. Record your pre-period symptoms. You can use phone apps or you can start by keeping a chart once you get symptoms like headaches and tender breasts. Preparing will keep you confident when your period arrives.

2. Carrying The Necessities

When you are charting your period days properly, you will be able to estimate when your periods are starting and the heaviest days. Be prepared with all the necessities. For lighter days, you can wear tampons or even period panties (Check out and go through the day easily. But when the flow is heavy, it is best to get long pads with wings and then put on period panties along with that. Try to carry an extra pair of pants or underwear so that you can handle period flow during inconvenient moments.

3. Comfortable Clothes

Loose clothes are the best kind clothes to wear during your period days. It doesn’t tighten up around your body and so, you can still feel quite at ease, especially with your internal body fluctuations taking place. Don’t wear any kind of restrictive clothing during the first few days when the period is starting. That’s when your body hormones go wild.

4. Keep painkillers near your hand

Cramps, headaches, and backaches are some of the common problems associated with periods. Sometimes, they can get out of your tolerance level. Keep painkillers near you all the time. If you are having any kind of PMS-related pains, then take an NSAID like naproxen or ibuprofen. There are other painkillers available too, which are specifically made for period pains.

5. Keep Your Vitamins Up

Period pain can be associated with a lack of vitamins. During period pain, we need enough supplements and nutrients to keep ourselves fit. These supplements can help to relieve our cramps too. Some of these supplements are:



Fish Oil



Zinc Sulphate

Vitamin B1

6. Heating Pads

When your pain is almost unbearable, then you can go for heating pads. These are easy to fit and can relieve your pain. However, you can’t always use one, especially when you are in school or at work. So, it is best if you use adhesive heating pads. You can wear it underneath your clothes. It will stick to your body and keep your pains to a minimal level.

B. Caring for your body

1. Drink Water

Periods can take a lot away from your body. It can also result in bloating. Drink a lot of water to minimize bloating. If you drink about 2.2 liters of water per day or about 9 cups of water, then your body will be able to tackle periods better. Carry a water bottle when you are outside.

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2. Stay Away From Junk Food

During your periods, it is important that you go for a healthy diet. You need all kinds of nutrition to keep your body active and re-energized while such a major event is taking place within it. Try to eat a lot of vegetables like carrots, fresh fruits, and if you really want it, go for a fresh fruit smoothie. Make sure that your food has a low sugar content as sugar can make these symptoms worse. Tobacco and alcohol will make it worse too.

3. Sleep properly

Your body gets into a lot of stress during periods. Much of its energy and vital nutrients are drained and it becomes weak. Sleep for at least seven hours during your periods. Your body needs the rest to get revitalized every morning and be ready to take on the entire day without a problem.

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4. A Warm Lavender Bath

A warm bath will relieve menstrual cramps and also uplift your mood. But if you add some lavender oil in it, then it will do wonders. Lavender oil helps your body to relax and sends happy endorphins through your blood stream. Get lavender oil and spread its essence when you are taking a bath. Come out content and in high spirits.

C. Try To Increase Your Endorphin Levels

1. Staying Fit

Endorphins are the happy hormones that will keep your mood light and keep your pain in check. Exercise helps increase endorphin release. It diminishes the cramps and gives you a major mood boost. But don’t exert yourself – go for light exercises like biking or yoga.

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