Tech Neck: 5 Signs Your Gadgets Could Be Hurting Your Neck


Alarming Tech Neck Symptoms To Look Out For

In the present-day digital era, “tech neck” has become one of our most common modern complaints as a result of the constant usage of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

You may have experienced the discomfort and strain around your neck and shoulders that comes from bending over these devices for hours on end.

But don’t be disheartened; with some simple exercises and changes in behavior, you can banish tech neck forever and welcome relief as well as better posture into your life.

What Is Tech Neck?

Tech neck (also known as text or computer neck) refers to an ache in your shoulders or upper back which arises due to long-term use of electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets etc.

When we bend forward towards screens it overstretches muscles and bones in our throats thus causing pain mostly at the base near skull coupled with tightness or even headache.

5 Tech Neck Symptoms To Look Out For

  • Chronic soreness/stiffness at either side of the throat
  • Painful shoulder tension
  • Headaches (especially located where head meets neck)
  • Restricted mobility around one’s own cervical spine
  • Arm/finger tingling or numbness.

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How To Fix Tech Neck? 8 Tech Neck Exercises

1. Watch Your Posture

The first thing you need to do when dealing with tech neck is correcting your posture. Try keeping device eye level so that less pressure will be applied on both sides of your throat area. Don’t slump down nor lean too forward.

2. Take A Rest

Every half hour approximately take time out for yourself, either sit up straight stretching body parts along spine especially those near shoulders region thereby releasing any built up stress within them due continuous sitting position while staring down into phone screen restlessly.

3. Neck Stretches

Integrate basic everyday activities like gentle stretches into routine aimed at relaxing taught muscles in this particular body part.

What about trying slow jerks from left side all way round towards right then repeating same process only backwards? Ensure holding each for 15-30 seconds.

4. Roll Your Shoulders

One of the tech neck exercises you can do is rolling your shoulders back and forth in a circular motion. It helps relax shoulder muscles which may be tightened due to long hours sitting in front of gadgets.

5. Tuck In Chin

Stand straight or sit up, then gently bring chin down so that it touches chest while keeping spine elongated behind. Stay still for few seconds before releasing hold which can be repeated several times consecutively.

6. Stretch Upper Back

This involves clasping hands together right before extending arms fully outwards till they become parallel with ground level; rounding back while pushing away from oneself using hands as well as bringing neck closer towards chest bone. Wait for 15-30 seconds.

7. Strength Training

To get rid of tech neck one needs work on exercises meant to strengthen various muscle groups responsible for supporting good body posture i.e. upper back, shoulders etc. Examples include rowing machines at gymnasiums or home gyms among others.

8. Ergonomic Setup

Ensure ergonomics at your workplace by buying suitable chair having lumbar support if need be so as not to strain lower part of spine; adjust computer monitor height such that topmost edge is aligned with eyes plus purchase accessories such as laptop stands.

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Tech neck is a very common problem these days but it doesn’t have to be. Just adding short workouts into our everyday routines and being conscious of our physical posture can alleviate pain and discomfort.

Remember if you’re wondering how to fix tech neck, take breaks frequently stretch regularly and be mindful when you’re sitting or standing at desks etc. because small actions over a long period are what lead us towards success against tech neck.

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