23 Beautiful Ways Confidence Changes Your Life

Ways Confidence Changes Your Life

Confidence is an amazing quality that can make our lives better instantly. It’s a simple shift in your mindset that can open up a whole new world of endless possibilities.

Confidence works.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you that I’m it’s the biggest advocate, simply because it’s the answer to a whole heap of questions, such as “How do I get past this fear?”, “What if it all goes wrong?” and “How do I know I’m ready?”. Often though, you only really notice the difference confidence makes when you experience it, even in a fleeting moment.

Here are 23 surprising ways that confidence changes your life.

23 Beautiful Ways Confidence Changes Your Life

1. You smile more.

I smile a lot. I reckon I’d have a serious shot at a medal if smiling was an event at the Olympics. Fact is, it’s so much easier to smile genuinely when you feel free to be yourself and are confident enough to know that you’re enough. A smile that comes from a place of ease and confidence goes a really long way.

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2. You get to ask for what you need.

Asking for what you need can be scarier than an extinction-level asteroid made of spiders because it means someone might say no and it means that rejection’s in the air. But with confidence, rejection loses its power to diminish you or make you less than. It’s just a thing that happened. So the pressure’s off; it’s okay to ask for what you need.

3. You get a fresh perspective.

Real confidence is knowing that you’re enough in this very moment, a sense that tends to shake loose some of the crap we sometimes keep close. It’s not all about you, it’s not all about what’s happening to you, it’s about what you get to do now.

23 Beautiful Ways Confidence Changes Your Life
23 Beautiful Ways Confidence Changes Your Life

4. Decisions ain’t so scary.

If you’ve ever pondered over a decision, doubted which way to go or gone round in circles second-guessing your options, a little confidence might just help. Confidence means being able to choose your behaviour with implicit trust in that behaviour, regardless of what might happen. You get to make a good choice without the pressure of it being the “right” one, and you know you can always make another one.

5. You become more trustworthy.

The more naturally confident you are, the fewer walls and pretences you need to hide behind. We human beings are hardwired to sense whether someone’s genuine or not, so the more natural and confident you are, the more inclined others will be to trust you.

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6. Your expertise is really seen.

Holding back your skills and expertise is commonplace in people who don’t value or trust those skills and expertise. It’s through the application of expertise without the need for validation that you build an amazing reputation, so confidence cracks open your expertise as nothing else can.

7. You procrastinate less.

Procrastinating is comfortable and familiar like wearing your favourite underwear. The difference is, slipping into your favourite knickers or boxers makes you feel good, whereas slipping into procrastination makes you feel less than. You procrastinate because you crave the comfort of the familiar and because taking action means breaking the status quo and straying out of your comfort zone.

Confidence cuts through those urges of self-protection and allows you to get stuck in.

8. You become more attractive.

As a single guy, meeting someone who’s comfortable in their own skin, is generous with who they are and knows what matters to them is pretty damn hot. Arrogance and hubris remain as unattractive as drunken dock-worker with syphilis, but confidence brings with it a sense of wholeness and a willingness to be seen, and that’s always attractive; compelling even.

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