Children Inherit These 7 Things ONLY From Their Fathers

Children Inherit These 7 Things ONLY From Their Fathers

Several traits are genetically transmitted from parents to offspring but there are certain things children only inherit from their fathers.

Every time a child is born, grandparents and relatives from both the sides get in a competition about his/her features. “She has his mother’s eyes”, “He has got the family jawline”, so on and so forth.

Personally I am blind to these similarities. Babies are squishy, red, delicate things who are to be handled with care. How can you compare that tiny face with that of a grown man and say yes, he looks like his father?

Anyway, the apparent facial features (or lack thereof) might be a contestable topic between the mother and the father, but there are some things which can only be inherited from the father.

The genes of the father have a lot to say on whether a child will inherit a certain history of family diseases or not and the likewise.

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Here is a list of things which are always influenced by the paternal side of the family, without any exceptions.

1.  Heart related problem

There is a certain Gene which is always passed on from the father to the son. The interesting thing about this piece of inherited DNA is that it can raise the risk of a heart attack by 50%.

This generation is responsible for stopping or limiting inflammation in the body. This means that arteries get clogged up much more easily.

This deadly gene is the haplogroup I Y chromosome, and has been found to pass on from the father to the male offspring without any failure in every case.

So if your father has had health troubles it would be a good idea to check if you two had this little chromosome in common.

2.  Height

It has been forever contested whether a child has inherited his mother’s height or the father’s. Many people just assume that it is an average of the two.

Although it is true that the height of the offspring is thanks to a mixture of gene sequences from both the parents, in some cases a father’s gene might have a bigger impact than the mother.

More than 700 gene sequences combine together to determine the height of the child. Variation in any one of these can affect the height up to an inch.

And 1 inch is definitely significant difference. It has been shown that in some cases the father’s gene might have some variation which can greatly impact the child’s height.

3.  Mental health issues

Mental problems are known to run in the family. But the chances of the child inheriting a mental disorder from his/her father increases greatly with the age of the father.

Suppose someone who’s older than the most at the time they became a father, are suffering from some mental health issue like schizophrenia or ADHD.

Their DNA would have mutated with age and as a result their sperm will be carrying this mutated DNA with these problems encrypted in it already.

As opposed to that, older mothers cannot pass on late acquired diseases to their children. This is because the sperms are being produced in the human body constantly, whereas the eggs are a limited amount, intact since birth.

No change in the DNA at a later age can have an impact on the eggs, unlike the sperms. However, women who have pregnancy later in their life are prone to have children with autism or some other genetic disease.

4.  Dental problems

This is one case which I can vouch for personally. My father has horrible teeth. The enamel is much prone to corrosion and he’s had so many visits to the dentist that we’ve lost count.

And guess who was right on his heels for those visits because she herself had horrible teeth? I think you get the idea. Moral of the story- Men, if you have bad teeth make sure your children start flossing at an early age.

This is because the male genes are a lot more dominant than the female’s when it comes to the teeth. This includes size of the teeth, shape of the jaw and everything else.

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