Wisdom Passed Down: 15 Heartfelt Advice From Dad To Guide You Through Life

15 positively influential advices from fathers

In our lives, the best advice from dads play a significant role in shaping who we become. Join us as we celebrate Father’s Day 2023, and explore the timeless lessons that stay with us forever.

My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.  ―Clarence Budington Kelland

It’s said that anyone can father a child but being a dad is a life changing experience. A father’s contribution to the life of a child is often so underestimated that he might end up feeling cornered.

Heartfelt Advice From Dad To Guide You
Best Advice From Dad To Guide You

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But nobody can take the place of our dad. He is our strength. He is our pillar. He is our hero, our inspiration.

Father’s day is here. It’s time we shower our dads with the infinite love and adoration we nurture in our heart for them.

We are so accustomed to advices but it is in sudden moments of life that we recall, Yes, Dad, did tell me that! And boy, are they helpful!

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We posted on Facebook and Instagram and asked our readers to share with us some life lessons from their fathers and these are absolutely beautiful lines which will even inspire you.

Here you go! These are a few inspiring and best fatherly advice from your dads which have touched our souls.

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15 Best Advice From Dad To Guide You Through Life

1. Time will heal…

fathers advice 2

2. Love with all your heart!

fathers advice 5

3. Be independent!

fathers advice 1

4. Struggle and persistence is the key!

fathers advice 3

5. Never trust anyone blindly!

fathers advice 4

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6. Advice from father’s is the best advice!

Never ask for advice from any of your friends, none of them care, I’m here for that
Rotondwa Rendani Nevhutalu

7. The Power of Compassion!

Bones all look alike when we are dead. Treat everybody like you want to be treated.
Barbara Bauer

8. Kindness and Reflection!

My Dad said my greatest strength was compassion and generosity and to be careful it did not become my greatest weakness. To remember that I was important, too, and that I need to keep myself in my own top tier.
– Sherri Price Bruen

9. Empowering Future Women: Strong, Independent, and Smart!

Always be kind and never forget to look back.

Don’t be scared to doubt yourself when making your decision. Doubting can make up your mind and remember that decisions can change our lives.

Father like me can make you cry a couple or even hundreds of times but when the first man whom you loved the most break your heart I will not hesitate to make my princess smile again for she is the first gift that I loved from the first woman I love the most.

Be a strong, independent and smart woman in the future. We’re not here for you forever to catch your back and wipe your tears.
– Belle Flor

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10. Find joy in doing the simple things!

Do what makes you happy as long as it is pleasing in the sight of the Lord.
– Gemmer Love Balusan Sacupayo

11. Reaching Destinations with Steadiness and Patience!

Growing up, I saw my father’s say and live this- “when you move slowly but surefootedly, you will eventually reach your destination.

When I reached middle age; I got to understand this perfectly.
Ikenna Onwuekwe

12. Embracing life’s unexpected journey

If things go as per our plan , be happy , if they don’t work out as per our plan , be the most happiest”, because everything happens for a good cause.

13. Confront challenges!

Running away from your problems is a race you’ll never win. You cannot heal what you refuse to face.
–  lmogk12

14. Value everyone in your life!

Treat every individual equally no matter how much money they earn or what their status is, everyone is important and all play a part in our society.

My dad was a very well respected CEO who always had time for anyone no matter who they were. Rest in Peace Dad.

15. The real path to success is being a good person!

Be a good human being and work hard. Rest will follow.

To all the super dads out there have a happy father’s day!!!! 

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