When You Give A Dad A Daughter


When You Give A Dad A Daughter

When you are give a dad a daughter, what you’re giving him is someone he’ll love unconditionally.

No matter how many mistakes she makes.

When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re really giving him is another woman to love in his life.

Someone he’ll protect and look after every day of his life.

When you give a dad a daughter, you’re giving him the motivation to want to do more.

Someone who gives him another reason to get up in the morning.

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When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re really giving him is the ability to love someone in a new way he’s never known how.

Someone who has opened even the deepest chambers of his heart.

When you give a dad a daughter, you’re giving him someone he’ll never want to say no to.

You’re giving him someone who has a piece of his heart and has him wrapped around her finger the day she’s born.

When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re giving him is a lesson on the importance of dresses and makeup and designer labels.

You give him a first look at how complicated and expensive raising a girl really is.

When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re really giving him is the want and need to be an example to follow in what she should expect of others.

He’ll set the template for how she’ll be treated and what she’ll look for in every man.

When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re really giving him is someone he believes in more than anyone.

Someone he needs to build up because he knows the world will try and knock her down.

When you give a dad a daughter, what you’re really giving him is someone he wants to be a role model for.

Someone he wants to make proud. Because without even trying she makes him proud to be a father.

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When you give a dad a daughter, you teach him about sensitivity.

Someone who can melt his heart with just one look.

When you give a dad a daughter, you give him the best gift he couldn’t even think to ask for.

Because it isn’t until you see her and fall in love immediately do you realize the bond between you two is far more than any words can even explain.

When you give a dad a daughter, you give him the greatest joy when he hears her say the word “dad.”

Written By Kirsten Corley
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When You Give A Dad A Daughter

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  1. René Færch Avatar

    Just beautifully explained for everyone to understand what it means to be a parent, and i dont even have children yet. Thanks for your beautiful inspiration

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