What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

“The eyes are the window to your soul” – This saying has never been truer, as your eye color can genuinely say a lot about your personality.

Human anatomy has always amused me – how different organs carry out different functions yet in a coordinated manner. Human eyes are an important and interesting organ. It’s wonderful how doctors can tell if one is ill simply by inspecting the patients’ eyes. Now, here is something more baffling.

According to recent research, eye color says a lot about your intelligence and personality. Your eyes literally speak volumes about you.

Like fingerprints of two people can never be the same, the eye color and iris pattern are unique for every person. Some eyes are considered sexiest of all. Let’s find out what different eye colors has to say about different personality types (as per researchers).

Here Is What Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

1. Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes are kind, loyal, serious, and practical. Often attractive and adorable, they love making new friends. They are often devoted to the special person in their lives.

They like spreading smiles and oh yes… they are also known to be the best kissers. They have a strong sense of commitment and are more practical and also self-sufficient.

2. Green Eyes

They are highly intelligent people and are often very unpredictable. They have unlimited patience, are slow to anger, and have great emotional restraint. They are creative and can concentrate even in highly distracting environments.

They are generally attractive, passionate and they tend to have long-term relationships. They like freedom, and they are also the happiest of all eye colors.

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3. Hazel Eyes

Adventure lovers, people with hazel eyes are the risk-takers. They are determined and innovative, and you aren’t going to get bored around one of these people. They are profound thinkers.

They know their limits and are responsible yet sometimes they have a serious selfish streak. Needless to say, they are the most courageous.

4. Blue Eyes

The most sincere and sentimental, people with blue eyes are intelligent and have a great devotion to noble causes.

They can be moody at times but they generally have bright and joyful natures. They have great stamina and love fitness.

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5. Violet Eyes

Most imaginative and creative of all, people with violet eyes are often perfectionists. They are packed with self-esteem and they possess a lot of charisma.

6. Gray Eyes

They are uncertain people. They are quiet and self-effacing. They are thought to be conformists.

They tend to be courageous but obstinate. They are selfish and always wait for opportunities.

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7. Black Eyes

People with black eyes tend to be hot-tempered, they get angry easily. They love adventure and danger is their favorite game. They are mysterious in nature, creative, imaginative but still secretive.

They command respect, exhibit pride and dignity but are pretentious. They have very dynamic characteristics.

So there you go! These are all the eye colors, and what they say about a person’s personality. Let us know in the comments below which eye color do you have!

This Is What Your Eye Color Says about You
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