The Color Shade You Are Drawn To Tells Something About Your Personality

Color Shade You Are Drawn To Tells Something About Your Personality

Picking the color shade you are most allured by gives you deeper insight into your psyche and natural instincts. 

Take a look at all the colors in the gradient below and go with your gut — which one draws you in the most? Once you decide, keep reading through the pages until you find the color you have chosen.

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!

Did you pick a shade of orange?

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!

People drawn to orange enjoy the flamboyant and appreciate attention. They are warm people, looking to stay balanced (because its a mix of red and yellow), but they’re looking for new opportunities.

They appreciate their home base but enjoy exploring new horizons. You like the warmth of home, but also excitement! Orange can also signify nervousness and agitation — the flip side to the excitement.

ONE:  Orange is a very warm color, but you don’t want to get burned. If there’s an adventure that you’ve been thinking of trying, I’d suggest pursuing it. You’re adventurous and free-spirited, but you’ve got your wits about you. Your future looks bright if you don’t try to fly too close to the sun.

TWO:  Careful of getting burned. Dark orange can symbolize distrust and deceit. Maybe there’s someone in your life that brings a lot of fun and joy (which you like), but there’s just something about them that you don’t trust. Be very careful that they aren’t leading you down a dangerous path. You can have fun without going too far.

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THREE: There’s something about your health that has been worrying you. This orange color shade symbolizes vitality and wellness. You’re being cautious, but your joy of life has started to fade because the worries are burdening you down. Don’t give up your love of fun and adventure, but until your health worries subside, keep calm and take time to care for yourself first.

FOUR: You really do love fun and adventure, but lately something has been dimming the fire that ignites you. You’re craving calm and serenity — and you deserve it! The stress and worries that have been on your mind are sure to decrease if you continue to seek a calm path. Now is not the time to rock the boat. Get yourself centered first.

Did you pick a shade of yellow?

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!1

Yellow clearly means happiness, joy, sunshine, but did you also know it’s a sign of intellect and health?

It’s definitely a bold, outrageous color, but why do you think cowards are called “yellow-bellied?” It’s also a major symbol for health — yellowing of skin and eyes is certainly not a positive sign. Yellow can also suggest instability.

Yellow is one of the most dynamic colors in the rainbow and is much more complex than its first impressions. If you choose your shade assuming that yellow only portends happiness, I’m afraid you’ll have to rethink that.

ONE: You’ve got confidence — whether you know it or not. By choosing a more golden hue, it’s clear that you’re motivated to reach success and that you’ve got your eye on the prize. Though obstacles get in the way, and there are moments (maybe even days?) where you feel discouraged, stay focused. You’ve got enough a can-do spirit that the success is going to come.

TWO:  There’s an important secret that has been weighing heavy on you, and it’s really dimming your inner light. Get that secret off your chest as soon as possible. It will free you up to achieve the goals that you’ve been working so hard for!

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THREE: Drawn to this color shade means you probably feel like you’ve been operating at half of your full capabilities, or maybe something is a little “off.” You’re longing for calm, tranquility — maybe a vacation by the sea or in a nice bed and breakfast. It’s alright to rest, but check in with yourself, and possibly with a doctor, when you start to feel too tired. You might just need a simple rest, but it’s always worth checking with a professional.

FOUR: Make sure that you don’t surround yourself with people who might try to drain your energy and determination from you. There are definitely “energy vampires” out there. If you feel your motivation and joy leaving or waning lately, look at some external sources that might need to be cut loose. Conversely, if you’re feeling a little bored in your life right now, it’s time to try that thing you always wanted to do, but have never yet dared.

Did you pick a shade of green?

Green’s most obvious symbolism is that it represents greed, envy, jealousy. Surely picking green means that you’re materialistic?

Perhaps — but not necessarily! Green is also a symbol of nature, fertility, and balance. It takes frenetic, joyous yellow, and combines it with serene, calming blue to create a color that can be well-leveled and harmonious.

Green also tells us to “go” and is the symbol of new things, rebirth, and growth.

ONE: Generally, you are content with where you are in life. Are there things you don’t have that you’d like? Absolutely. The good news is that everything is balanced enough in your life that those things are achievable. You’re well-adjusted enough that you can afford to take a risk. Don’t let the cowardly yellow in your green hold you back from getting what you want. A little more drive will suit you well.

TWO: You are seeking something fresh and new. Maybe that’s a young life like a baby, grandchild, puppy, or kitten. If your current lifestyle doesn’t afford that, try a new plant, hobby, or class to reinvigorate you. Maybe you’re looking to find the new you?If you’ve been meaning to lose weight, know that your subconscious mind is telling you that that’s what will truly make you happy. If it’s not weight, find that thing about you that you want to improve. Even if it seems hard right now, everything else will fall into place once you’ve figured that out.

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THREE: You are seeking that proverbial olive branch. You crave peace! Generally, you are a very harmonious person, but there’s a person — or place — that is throwing off your balance. If you already know what that is, spend as much energy as possible cutting that out of your life, but be careful not to neglect the things in life that bring you joy and serenity. Once that negative thorn in your side is gone, you’ll begin to realign.

FOUR: You’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are. Even if you aren’t as far along as you’d hope to be, you know how hard you’ve fought to even get there. Whether it’s professional or in your health, you’ve been driven, and perhaps you’ve sacrificed too much to get there. Start taking steps to appreciate the smaller things in life. By beginning to simplify here and there, you’ll start to see that you’re able to focus a little more clearly on those goals.

Did you choose a shade of red?

shade of red

Red, boiled down to its simplest form, is passion!

Though that passion can be through the sensual or erotic, red is also the color of danger, fire, and blood. It can symbolize war — which may not be a bad thing for you. These can be incredibly positive things for some people, though negative for others.

Red is also a sign of high visibility. Being drawn to red suggests urgent needs.

ONE: If you were immediately drawn to this color shade, then you are seeking excitement, energy, and a boost to the metabolism! That excitement is a major part of who you are, but proceed with caution. You have a tendency to act on impulse and the repercussions are often an afterthought. Don’t lose your vigor, but it’s time to prioritize the aspect you’ve been hurting as a result — whether that’s your wallet, health, or relationships.

TWO: You’re deeply in love…with loving people. Perhaps this color shade drew you in because you are craving a certain amount of vitality, or life, that is missing. You’re missing a passion that has maybe faded away. It’s up to you to light the fire again by being the one to express your feelings. This doesn’t even have to be romantic love, but it’s definitely time to bring another life into yours.

THREE: Has anyone told you that were acting passive-aggressive? There’s something on your mind, and perhaps it fills you with fury. It’s time to express it immediately so that you can live your full potential. Don’t let those feelings simmer inside. They will only intensify until you burst and your objective will be completely lost. When you do express those hidden feelings, be sure to do it calmly — you don’t want to be accused of being angry, so work on balancing honesty with politeness. The two can exist together.

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FOUR: You are prepared for battle, and the good news is you’re going to win — no matter the cost. Whether it’s at your job, among family, a legal battle, or you’re struggling with your health, you have the determination and you are going to win this war. The goal is to remain steady and not lose your cool. Wear this color shade with pride. Blood has been shed, but an end is near.

Did you choose a shade of black or white?

color shade

If you think black symbolizes bad and white symbolizes good, think again. There’s way more to it than that.

Black denotes authority, power, elegance, formality. It’s a symbol of grief, but it can also be a comfort. It also pairs well with other colors.

Whereas white does suggest virginity, purity, and holiness, it can also portend coldness and has ties to hospitals and illness.

ONE: The great thing about this black color shade is that it pairs well with other colors. You are a powerful, staunch, regal person. Maybe you have a tendency to appreciate the more mysterious, darker things in life, but you still have a formality to you — you like stability. If maybe you’ve been feeling a little too bored or even unsurprised in life, it’s time to meet someone new. Finding someone who is drawn in by red or yellow will add some much-needed energy to your life.

TWO: Graying sometimes has a negative connotation in Western society. It’s losing brightness, vigor, and radiance — but it doesn’t have to be like that. Learn to appreciate that you are classy, elegant and stabilized. If you’re not known as a “wild one” or heralded for your spontaneity, take that as a compliment. View your tendency towards gray with pride knowing that people look up to you.

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THREE: Eastern cultures often view white as a symbol of death, whereas Western cultures see it as a sign of life. Perhaps you spend too much time pondering subjects such as mortality, and the meaning of your life. Perhaps you aren’t even sure what you want to do with your life yet. Spend less time worrying. If there’s a subject that’s been on your mind lately, it’s time to get it off your mind. Stop thinking and start doing.

FOUR: You are longing for the ultimate simplicity. You enjoy clean surfaces, white walls, and purity. You are an important person in so many people’s lives for these very qualities, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. You could end up cold and isolated if you don’t let a touch of other people’s color into your life. Besides, how many colors go well with white? Life will be better with a little variety.

Did you choose a shade of blue?

shades of blue

Sure, blue is a symbol of tranquility, calm, and depth, but it also symbolizes the sky and sea — blue is a color of adventure.

Blue, generally considered a masculine and strong color, also symbolizes sincerity, trust, wisdom and the calm.

Whereas red is a symbol of war, blue is a color associated with more rational lines of argument.

ONE: You are looking for a pillar of strength, resolution, and power. Perhaps you’ve been looking for that support externally, but it’s in you. You are naturally inclined to go to one of the strongest colors on the color gradient. That peace is within you, but if you feel more like you’re on a tumultuous sea of waves, then find ways of turning inward to find that peace. Perhaps embracing meditation, therapy, prayer, or just finding alone time will help you discover that innate inner calm.

TWO: Calm and tranquility are positive things, but like a raging ocean, the calmness can envelope you and turn into lethargy and depression. There’s nothing wrong with a quiet, stable life, but it can quickly lead to boredom. If you’ve fallen into a routine that’s comfortable, there’s no time like the present to try something completely new and different. It will wake you up, and that nest of peace will still be there within you.

THREE: Light blue represents health and security. If something has been agitating you lately, it’s okay to slow down. You’re not a lazy person, you just know your own limits and boundaries. Embrace the calm in your life so that you can heal your other problems. What some people might see as boring, for you, it’s just the intelligent thing to maintain your innate tranquility.

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FOUR: You’ve been wanting an adventure for quite some time if you are drawn to this color shade. You don’t have to backpack through the mountains or set out on safari for this adventure, either. If you’ve been wanting to go on a certain vacation for a long time, it’s time to start prioritizing that trip — it will bring balance to your life and re-energize you.

Did you choose a shade of pink?


Pink is most commonly associated with the feminine, but that’s way too much of a surface assumption.

A person who embraces pink is embracing passion, love, adventure, and joy — though the lighter the pink, the more calm and tranquil the feeling.

ONE: If you are attracted to this color shade, it indicates you are looking for more love. You’re a happy, positive person and grateful for what you have, but you know you want more. You may or may not be looking for romantic love, even just extra attention from strangers or gratitude from coworkers will help satisfy that void. The problem is that you can’t just wait for that affection. Pink is a shade of the audacious and ambitious red! You have to make the first moves.

TWO:  This color shade drew you because you are seeking increased positivity and tranquility. You’re looking for peace and childlike innocence that may be gone. It’s time to face that the world isn’t going to be perfect, but you can help make it that way. Go out and do something positive for someone today. You’ll see the benefits immediately, and it will make them want to do the same. Be the positivity you want in the world, but accept that you can’t change everything.

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THREE:  Drawn to this color shade means the respect you are craving is on its way. You appreciate joy, but you’re seeking to be treated with nobility and respect. If there is someone in your life whose immaturity is keeping you from fulfilling all you’re capable of, it’s time to let them know. If they don’t respect your opinion, then cut them loose. You know you are royalty at heart, and you can’t let them hold you back.

FOUR:  People probably describe you as one of the most fun people they know. You have a zest for life and aren’t afraid to take risks. The only downside is that sometimes people don’t take you seriously. The important thing is separating when you are at play from when you are at work. To hesitate when being assertive and speaking your mind. You’re lighthearted, but not flippant.

Did you choose a shade of purple?


Purple is one of the most well-balanced colors, combining the stability of blue with the drive of red. No wonder purple represents power, luxury, and ambition.

Purple represents wealth and extravagance but also lures in creative, mystic types interested in magic. The darker the purple, however, the more gloom and unrest are suggested.

Purple, or violet, is one of the colors to least often occur in nature. It’s unique and independent — a color all unto itself.

ONE: Picking a lighter shade of purple suggests that you are seeking the opportunity to go off alone and focus on your passion — likely it is a creative passion. You are seeking the spirituality that comes from solitude, and you’re craving an opportunity to be wistful and contemplative. You know what’s best for you as the confident person you are. Don’t think of alone time as “lonely.” Think of it as recharging.

TWO: It’s time to get rid of that longing feeling however you can. You are a nostalgic, daydreaming type. You tend toward romanticism and love to idealize situations, but sometimes you do more thinking than actual doing. You appreciate your alone time, so take that time and really, really concentrate on what you want. Purple is a mix of red and blue, so concentrate on that red and finally take the action to get it.

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THREE: You know how great you are and that you deserve respect. I agree that you’ve earned it, and it’s probable that other people see how much you want it. When people see how eager you are for respect, they’ll resist wanting to give it to you. Humble yourself a little bit so that people don’t see you as “haughty.” The respect will come from people when they see that you respect them in kind.

FOUR: If you choose this color shade, it means incredible strength is an asset for sure. People look to you as a pillar of nobility. Perhaps you are busy keeping too many people afloat and they are tearing you down. Don’t lose your strength, but also take time for yourself to experience more joy. Don’t feel bad about shirking a responsibility here and there if it means you can re-energize. People are depending on you, to be sure — but you’ve also got to take care of yourself first

color shade
 Color Shade You Are Drawn To Tells Something About Your Personality Pin

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