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The Color Shade You Are Drawn To Tells Something About Your Personality

Picking the color shade you are most allured by gives you deeper insight into your psyche and natural instincts. 

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Take a look at all the colors in the gradient below and go with your gut — which one draws you in the most? Once you decide, keep reading through the pages until you find the color you have chosen.

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!

Did you pick a shade of orange?

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!

People drawn to orange enjoy the flamboyant and appreciate attention. They are warm people, looking to stay balanced (because its a mix of red and yellow), but they’re looking for new opportunities.

They appreciate their home base but enjoy exploring new horizons. You like the warmth of home, but also excitement! Orange can also signify nervousness and agitation — the flip side to the excitement.

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ONE:  Orange is a very warm color, but you don’t want to get burned. If there’s an adventure that you’ve been thinking of trying, I’d suggest pursuing it. You’re adventurous and free-spirited, but you’ve got your wits about you. Your future looks bright if you don’t try to fly too close to the sun.

TWO:  Careful of getting burned. Dark orange can symbolize distrust and deceit. Maybe there’s someone in your life that brings a lot of fun and joy (which you like), but there’s just something about them that you don’t trust. Be very careful that they aren’t leading you down a dangerous path. You can have fun without going too far.

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THREE: There’s something about your health that has been worrying you. This orange color shade symbolizes vitality and wellness. You’re being cautious, but your joy of life has started to fade because the worries are burdening you down. Don’t give up your love of fun and adventure, but until your health worries subside, keep calm and take time to care for yourself first.

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FOUR: You really do love fun and adventure, but lately something has been dimming the fire that ignites you. You’re craving calm and serenity — and you deserve it! The stress and worries that have been on your mind are sure to decrease if you continue to seek a calm path. Now is not the time to rock the boat. Get yourself centered first.

Did you pick a shade of yellow?

They Say The Color You’re Drawn To Predicts Your Future. Mine Was So True, It’s Crazy!1

Yellow clearly means happiness, joy, sunshine, but did you also know it’s a sign of intellect and health?

It’s definitely a bold, outrageous color, but why do you think cowards are called “yellow-bellied?” It’s also a major symbol for health — yellowing of skin and eyes is certainly not a positive sign. Yellow can also suggest instability.

Yellow is one of the most dynamic colors in the rainbow and is much more complex than its first impressions. If you choose your shade assuming that yellow only portends happiness, I’m afraid you’ll have to rethink that.

ONE: You’ve got confidence — whether you know it or not. By choosing a more golden hue, it’s clear that you’re motivated to reach success and that you’ve got your eye on the prize. Though obstacles get in the way, and there are moments (maybe even days?) where you feel discouraged, stay focused. You’ve got enough a can-do spirit that the success is going to come.

TWO:  There’s an important secret that has been weighing heavy on you, and it’s really dimming your inner light. Get that secret off your chest as soon as possible. It will free you up to achieve the goals that you’ve been working so hard for!

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THREE: Drawn to this color shade means you probably feel like you’ve been operating at half of your full capabilities, or maybe something is a little “off.” You’re longing for calm, tranquility — maybe a vacation by the sea or in a nice bed and breakfast. It’s alright to rest, but check in with yourself, and possibly with a doctor, when you start to feel too tired. You might just need a simple rest, but it’s always worth checking with a professional.

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