The Reason Each Zodiac Cheats In A Relationship


cheats in a relationship

Cheating is a personal choice, but what makes someone choose to cheat? Let’s ask the stars and find out why are the signs most likely to cheat!

Cheating in relationships is one of the worst and most heartbreaking things out there, and people who are cheated on by their partners know just how painful it is to go through this.

But when it comes to cheating, everyone has their own reasons to do it, and sometimes astrology can reveal accurately why are the signs most likely to cheat in their relationships.

Every zodiac sign has its own reasons for cheating in their relationship. Read on to know more about zodiac signs cheating! 

Why Are The Signs Most Likely To Cheat?

Let’s discover what makes each zodiac most likely to cheat.

1. Aries

relationship aries

The Known Guilty Pleasurers; usually cheats for fun.

Aries cheating is just like an adventure for the thrills. Meeting new people, they will jump into cheating on their partners and not even feel sorry for it.

They make it look like it’s the victim’s fault. They will blame their partners and roam around free of guilt. The regret is zero for them.

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2. Taurus

relationship taurus

The True Lover; usually cheats because they are truly in love.

The headstrong bull is one of the rarest of signs who will cheat and if they do, that means you no longer exist in their lives.

Taurus gives their everything in the relationship and when this loyal zodiac cheats, that means they are truly in love with that person. However, they might or might not regret it in due course of time.

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3. Gemini

relationship gemini

The Polygamous Lover; usually cheats with someone in close proximity.

In the ‘She cheated on me with my brother’ or ‘he cheated on me with my best friend’ squad, Gemini will go for someone in your close circles.

In a gathering, these zodiac cheaters are usually found flirting around with others and embarrassing you in front of your peers.

Don’t worry, you will probably catch them in the act too. If you leave them, they will feel upset and demand that you are not doing the right thing.

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4. Cancer

relationship cancer

The Terrible Cheater; Usually cheats to find the person who will complete them.

Cancer is bad at cheating. They get caught pretty soon. This zodiac cheats because they are always looking for true love and the perfect one who will complete them. This is the reason they betray their existing partners.

What bothers them is that they know cheating will hurt their partner. This becomes the cause of their regret.

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5. Leo

relationship leo

The Lazy Cheater; Usually don’t cheat at all.

The lion hates complications in life and avoids cheating at all costs. It’s not only loyalty but also their dislike for drama and toxicity that makes them stay away from cheating. Leos enjoys a happy and peaceful long-term relationship with their partners.

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6. Virgo

relationship virgo

The Master-Cheater; usually cheats by lying and taking all precautions.

Excellent liar, the Virgo cheating is a professional act. They can date you and four other people simultaneously without making you feel ignored.

They have all their precautions taken and the cheating is so perfectly designed that you will have a hard time catching them. They cheat because they can!

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7. Libra

relationship libra

The Master of Deceptions; usually cheats by manipulation.

They are masters in deceiving people and can go on cheating with three or more people for years. They are manipulative in nature and have strong backups.

A Libra cheating on their partner would never take responsibility for their actions because they believe everything, good or bad happens for a reason. However, they do realize later that they have messed up things badly.

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8. Scorpio

relationship scorpio

The Rare-Cheater; usually don’t cheat on their partner.

They are passionate lovers; they know how to love and how it hurts to lose their loved ones. Scorpio would rarely cheat. Rather, other signs cheat on their partners after falling in love with the Scorpio. If at all a Scorpio cheats, they would be honest about it.

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9. Sagittarius

relationship sagittarius

The Playboy; usually cheats because they consider it as a game.

For a wild Sagittarius cheating in their relationship, love is a game. They are flirts and always have more than one partner.

They fall in love with someone other than their partner very easily and can move from one partner to another within weeks. They do feel regret at times.

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10. Capricorn

relationship capricorn

The Physical-Cheater; usually cheats on physical terms.

A Capricorn cheating on their partner does so solely for physical pleasure. The Capricorn enjoys cheating and is also an expert at it. They are not bothered about their actions.

It’s hard to catch them cheating and once caught, they would have enough alibis to justify their action or become apologetic. Mostly, they cheat physically while loving their partner.

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11. Aquarius

relationship aquarius

The Emotional Cheater; usually cheats because they love trying out new things.

The Aquarius is always moving from one person to another, trying out new people. They love exploring emotions and if they are caught cheating, they would not care.

An Aquarius cheating without a care in the world is usually selfish by nature and doesn’t like abiding by traditional moral values.

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12. Pisces

relationship pisces

The Robber of the Cheating Squad; usually cheats and gets away with it.

A Pisces cheating in their relationship is an expert robber. Like professional robbers, they can plan their scheme pretty well and keeps the victim in the dark for a very long time.

While cheating, they will still make the victim feel that they are the only special person in their life.

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Which zodiac sign do you have, and have you ever cheated on your partner? Let us know your thoughts on astrology cheating in the comments down below!

Cheating Secrets Revealed of each Zodiac Sign
The Reason Each Zodiac Cheats In A Relationship
The Reason Each Zodiac Cheats In A Relationship
The Reason Each Zodiac Cheats In A Relationship
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