What It Feels Like To Live With Border Line Personality Disorder

What It Feels Like To Live With Border Line Personality Disorder

Living with a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a medley of emotional turbulence, disruptive behavioural manifestations and relationship instability over many years. 

Bipolar personality disorder can strike at any age and any person. It is typically a pattern of feelings and behaviors combined that create myriad problems for the person in life.

Most sufferers, who suffer from BPD or bipolar personality disorder, do not really realize their condition. This bipolar disorder (often known as Borderline personality disorder) also has several symptoms that are hard to miss.

Most sufferers react inappropriately and show extreme emotional reactions. They also exhibit impulsive behaviors and have a history of unstable relationships.

Patients also have intense mood swings and show impulsive behaviors that can trigger violence. As a result, Most sufferers are unable to finish school or even land themselves in jobs.

They are also unable to adjust to long and stable relationships.

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Borderline personality disorder may strike more women than men and symptoms may vary from person to person.

Here is a list of symptoms seen commonly in the disorder:

10 Common Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Most sufferers have a dysfunctional self image and a distorted sense of self. They are unable to connect the way they actually are and what they exhibit.
  2. There are feelings of extreme isolation and boredom in a patient suffering from BPD. There could be feelings of emptiness and boredom too.
  3. Most BPD patients lack a basic feeling of empathy for the others surrounding them.
  4. With a history of unstable relationships, Most sufferers feel a strong love that is intense to drastic realizations of extreme hate in a short period of time.
  5. Most BPD patients have a consistent fear of rejection and feel that their family and loved ones may abandon them for better people. Sometimes perceived abandonment may lead to extreme hate and dysfunctional behaviour.
  6. A lot of the changeable mood swings often lasts days and months at end and can also be seen only for a few hours in some patients.
  7. Depression and anxiety are critical factors that strike patients. There is a constant worry that loved ones will desert them.
  8. Most sufferers are self destructive and exhibit dangerous behaviors. They could indulge in impulsive and risky driving, drug abuse and alcohol consumption. Many men also indulge in unsafe sex and random sexual encounters.
  9. BPD patients often show extreme hostility and have unstable career goals and plans.
  10. A lot of patients also suffer from a perennial fear psychosis.

One of the ironies of the BPD is that most sufferers of the problem often crave closeness, but they have strong and intense, often unstable emotional responses that often alienates the others and causes long term isolation.

They often display suicidal behaviors and cut themselves up every now and then.  It is often such self destructive behaviors that cause about 4 to 9 per cent of patients to die by suicide every year.

How to live with BPD?

Living with borderline personality disorder can be really stressful. Most find it difficult to acknowledge the fact that their loved one has the condition.

It is often difficult to comprehend and accept the reality. Doctors suggest treatments that can help in the long run. If detected at an early stage, patients can overcome the condition and still manage to live ahead in their lives.

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Most sufferers are stuck with feelings of guilt and sometimes, they instinctually do not trust anyone outside their immediate family.

The condition exacerbates the feelings of a warped self image. Most sufferers feel a dysfunctional identity crisis in the condition.

The personality can be quite wild and reckless. Decisions are taken in stress and there is a never ending cycle of self doubt and lack of motivation.

In many occasions, therapy works. A lot of patients seek counselling and medication and accept their woes. They just let it ride.

Fighting for a regular life can seem an endless quest. But research has shown, sufferers can actually fight their way into living a life where their defenses work best.

BPD can probably not be cured forever but Most sufferers can feel a difference in their lives if they receive love and support along with timely medical advice. BPD does not own its patients, the idea is to own the condition itself!

What It Feels Like To Live With Borderline Personality Disorder
What It Feels Like To Live With Border Line Personality Disorder

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