4 Body Language Signs Of An Inferiority Complex

Body Language Signs Inferiority Complex

No matter what we do, our body language has a way of giving ourselves away. Sure, words are a form of expression. However, body language and facial expressions are also important methods of communication. Some people also display body language of inferiority complex. Even though we may try to hide it, your body language has so many ways of telling other people what you are thinking and feeling.

You don’t always need words to express yourself.  Your body language and facial expressions constantly communicate with those around you.

People who display a body language of inferiority complex have a significant impact socially. Even though we have never learned or studied how to understand body language, we still can interpret body language. This interpretation is, however, unconscious, but it determines how we see others and how we relate to them.

The body language of an inferiority complex person showcases that they don’t love themselves. They tend to behave as though they have a “poor opinion of themselves”. In consequence, when people see or interpret how you see yourself, they usually tend to act accordingly. If you are not quite sure if you have an inferiority complex, here are some signs that might help you understand:

8 Signs of an Inferiority Complex

  1. Having low self-esteem
  2. Being unable to reach your goals or feeling stuck
  3. Giving up easily
  4. Assuming the worst case scenario
  5. Constantly feeling the need to withdraw from social situations
  6. Often feeling down
  7. Experiencing anxiety and depression
  8. Being sensitive to criticism

However, experiencing these signs and symptoms doesn’t necessarily confirm that you have an inferiority complex. In such cases, you can seek professional help to understand whether you have an inferiority complex or not.

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So in order to understand what your body language is giving away, here are a few common gestures or body language of an inferiority complex person.

4 common gestures or body language signs of an inferiority complex

1. Shrinking yourself

Animals make themselves small when they see danger or if they are at a disadvantage. They tend to shrink themselves in order to avoid being seen. Humans also have a similar tendency. But our version is different. It is more like retreating into our safe space or shells. This is a very common body language of someone with an inferiority complex.

It gets manifested by hunching over or the person’s back curves downward, in on itself. It typically occurs while sitting or walking. 

2. Crossing the arms 

People with inferiority complexes often cross their hands in order to create shields that isolate them from others or protect their bodies. This body language is an expression of defensive attitude, self protection, and marking your territory. Crossing your hands in front of your chest implies that you are trying to protect yourself from someone or something that’s more powerful than you.

3. Making small movements

The inferiority complex in you works its way when you feel like you should move quietly so that no one notices you. You think that you don’t want to bother anyone and so you make small movements to go unnoticed. Since people with inferiority complex think that they are inadequate, their first instinct is to assume that their presence makes other people feel uncomfortable. So you try to make sure that people know you because you feel ashamed when you are being acknowledged.

You tend to make small movements, take short steps, make limited hand gestures, and say small sentences. The goal or language of such behavior is to avoid being noticed.

4. Posture

The posture of someone while they sit, stand, walk or any other activity says a lot about their mindset. On the other hand, posture also influences how a person thinks or feels. The more you use the body language of the inferiority complex, the more you feel inferior. 

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